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Telepathy is an ancient art, a combination of Restoration, Illusion, and Mysticism, that few people in the world know today.

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It was developed by the Aldmer, and taught to the Psijiics, the Dwemer, and the few men that were able to learn it.


Shape Shifting

Few have learned this skill, as it is extremely hard to learn. It enables the person to look however they want to anyone. Only a Mind-Former is able to do this.

An advanced form of this is actually shape-shifting, although only a Master of Telepathy can learn this. It entails forming yourself in one's mind, and then pushing it on yourself so forcefully that you become that creature.


This enables one to control people, or tell them what to do. Adepts and above are able to learn this skill.



An Apprentice at Telepathy can read the thoughts of others, but not influence them.


An Adept at Telepathy can control people's minds, and read their thoughts, directly influencing them.

Marcia, Telemachus Dion, Ra-Jeed,Elana Indoril, and possibly Jorthar are all Adepts.


A Mind-Former has the ability to control large groups at a time, and is able to change their appearance to fit the target's thoughts and fears.

Ariana Morgan, and Lord Dufont are Mind-Formers.


A Master of Telepathy is able to kill people with their minds. They are also able to change their shape at will, and search the thoughts of many people.

This skill gets harder to control when the practitioner becomes a Master, as they have to constantly fight to keep themselves from eavesdropping on the thoughts of others.

Aratius Morgan and Isis Harin are both Master, and both are able to shape-shift.


The Dragon Level is awarded to the most powerful Telepath in the world at the time.

Only Arik Morgan has ever had the Dragon Rank.


  • The Morgan Dynasty is known to have many of the world's most powerful Telepaths in its ranks.