Leader Arthur Witchbane
Locations Windhelm
Headquarters Templar HQ, Windhelm
Key Members Arthur Witchbane


Nero the Inquisitor

Alaric (former)

Alignment Eastmarch
Enemies Vampires, Lycanthropes,

Necromancers,Daedra followers

Founder Etaret Witchbane
Founding 4E 207

The Templars are a holy force dedicated to Talos, Akatosh, and Stendarr. They show their dedication by cutting down any daedric, or magical threat to Eastmarch. Their order was started by Etaret, but its ways were perfected by Gaius.


The objective of the Templars has been described as simple: use magic and strength to fight magical threats that normal guards cannot defeat. Vampires, lycanthropes, necromancers, and Daedra worshippers are all targets of the Templars.


The Templars would not be effective if they were just normal guards in heavy armor. The Templars are trained constantly to make sure they are fit for duty. They use heavy armor, one handed weaponry, blocking, Restoration, Destruction, and Alteration to fight. They are particularly skilled in healing and sunlight spells.


The Templars are also fitted with some of the best technology the world of Nirn has. From repeater crossbows to Tamrielic Fire, they outfit themselves with technology of their own making and Dwemer tech that has been reverse engineered. A complete list of all advanced technology used by the Templars is listed below.

  • Repeater crossbows
  • Templar Fire
  • Ballistae
  • Cannons
  • Lie sensors
  • Harpooning Spider
  • Steam gun
  • Templar Metal


  • Templar Fire is based on Greek Fire, a weapon that was commonly utilized in ancient naval battles.
  • Templar metal is made of Skyforge steel and Dwemer metal, and made with a secret forging technique, it is slightly stronger than the 'corrupted' ebony used in daedric armors and weapons, and it is much lighter being the same weight as normal steel.
  • Despite the advantages of Templar steel the Templars use it sparingly due to it's scarcity and difficulty to make.
  • Daerch, a Reachman sorcerer, wrote about the Templars in a book known as A Detailed Description of the Military Arms of Gods and Men. In his book, he wrote, "The Templars of Eastmarch are as zealous as the Stormcloak Rebels from the time of Jarl Ulfric, though I do admire their works with technology. Not only have they managed to reverse-engineer Dwemer machinery, but they have the ability to make their own machines that actually work. I would know, of course, I have spoken and fought with several in the past."
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