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Terlov Richlosivic
Race Breton
Gender Male
Age 26
Status Alive
Factions Felsaad Vanguard
Titles Terlov the Eye
Place of Birth High Rock
Family Unknown
This article is part of the New Kingdoms

Terlov Richlosivic is a Breton member of the Felsaad Vanguard. He appears in The New Kingdoms.


Few people know what Terlov actually looks like, the only surviving being select members of the Vanguard. He always wears his face cover, thus leading to an inability to distinguish his looks. He is bretonic, and has brown eyes. He has a somewhat thicker stature than most other members of the Vanguard. This is because his weapons require accuracy, not physical strain or capabilities, like bows or swords. He is an inventor of sorts, often working on his crossbow. He takes great pride in his work, both on the creation of the crossbow and use of it.


Terlov wears a black leather cuirass with a cloak, hood and face cover. He also has his crossbow, the Richlosivic Special. It has two modes for firing. semi-auto and automatic.The semi automatic mode is for longer, more specific shots. The automatic mode it for more intense combat, allowing rapid fire for taking down a large enemy, or hitting a moving target. A complete list of Terlov's gear is below.

  • Terlov's suit
  • Terlov's face cover
  • Richlosivic Special
  • Hidden crossbow
  • Dagger
  • Dwemer oil
  • Crossbow twine
  • Richlosivic crossbow magazines
  • Extra crossbow bolts
  • Mini crossbow bolts for hidden crossbow


  • Terlov has a gruff Russian accent, even though there are no known people in Tamriel that have a similar accent.
  • He also has one magically enhanced eye, that allows him to see very far when he activates it. This is one factor that makes him an amazing shot, especially when a scope is added. This is where the title 'Terlov the Eye' comes from.
  • He is missing part of his middle finger on his right hand. This is a reference to Jerry Garcia, the lead singer of 'The Grateful Dead'.