The Armor of the Snow Prince
The Snow Prince's Armor before Adawulf's corruption of the enchantments.


As strong as Dragonplate.

Current Owner:

Adawulf Sea-Born

Previous Owner:

Sten of Snowhawk


Ancient Falmer


The Armor of the Snow Prince is an armor set that appears in The New Kingdoms canon.

The Theft of Jolgeirr Barrow

This armor was worn by the Snow Prince during the Battle of Moesring. After the Snow Elf defeat, the Nords buried his remains in Jolgeirr Barrow with his armor and spear.

Early in the third era, Grave Robbers broke into the Barrow and stole the armor leaving only the spear and the Snow Prince himself.

Adawulf's Corruption

Eventually, the armor fell in the hands of Sten, the former captain of the Snowhawk Royal Guard. When Sten visited Fort Frostmoth in 4E 226, Adawulf Sea-Born killed him for the armor. When Adawulf wore the armor afterwards, he corrupted it's enchantments and powers with his own, making it entirely different.

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