The Blackwood Knights
The Blackwood Company, the father of the Blackwood Knights
Leader Namir Azzan and Talen-Jei
Locations Taneth, Hegathe, Rihaad, Lilmoth, Blackrose, Solrest, and Gilane
Headquarters Gilane and Soulrest
Key Members ------------------------------------
  • Abdul Azim
  • Abbas Hafiz
  • Numen Siran
  • Delkash Siran
  • Altair Azzan
  • Talen-Jei
  • Halfdan One-Eye
Alignment Who ever has the most coin
Enemies The Empire, The Dominion, and everyone they get paid to hate
Founder Xiianhuatl of Leyawiin
Founding 3E 335


The Blackwood Knights were created when the Blackwood Company mercenary Xiianhuatl chose to split from the Company. Many followed him, and over the years they became famous mercenaries.

Disappearance in the Fourth Era

In the very first years of the Fourth Era, the knights went into hiding because of a contract gone wrong. Eventually they began taking jobs again around 4E 220. When Namir Azzan joined them, they mysteriously strengthened politically. When Namir became Grandmaster eventually, they captured the Aldmeri-Occupied cities in Hammerfell for themselves, Adawulf Sea-Born, and the Order of Vulcan.

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