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The Timeline of the Burned-Mane Canon.

Events of Oblivion(3E 433-4E 3)

3E 433

  • The Oblivion Crisis occurs.
    • Uriel Septim VII is killed by a Mythic Dawn agent.
    • Wizard adventurer Anders Auld is carried of by Daedra into an Oblivion Gate never to be seen again, his descendant Morgan Auld takes over as the head of House Auld and takes possession of the twin blades Alpha and Omega.
    • A new hero stands up and greatly aids the Septim dynasty and the Empire.
    • Martin Septim is crowned as the Emperor, though not officially.
    • Martin Septim sacrifices himself in the Imperial City to banish Mehrunes Dagon from Nirn and save the people of the Empire.
    • Martin Septim's death ends the Third Era and begins the Fourth.
    • End of the Septim Dynasty and the destruction of the Amulet of Kings.
  • The Oblivion Crisis comes to an end.
  • The towns of Anticlere and Dwynnen were destroyed during the Daedric Invasion in High Rock.

4E 0

  • The 4th Era begins after the Oblivion Crisis comes to an end.
  • The ruins of Dwynnen become known as Old Dwynen or Dwynnarth.

4E 1

  • The Fighters Guild deal with the Blackwood Companny.
  • The Necromancer Mannimarco wages war on the Mages Guild, almost succeeding before being killed by the new High Wizard.
  • An Elder Scroll is successfully stolen from White-Gold Tower by a member of the Thieves Guild.
  • High Chancellor Ocato unsuccessfully attempts to bring the Empire a new Emperor after the Oblivion Crisis.
  • The Greymarch begins on the Shivering Isles.

4E 2

  • Sinderion delivers a speech to the Alchemical Symposium about Nirnroot.
  • The Black Hand of the Dark Brotherhood are all killed by a traitor, who is then killed by the new Listener.
  • Auroran Crisis occurs.
    • The Hero of Kvatch becomes the 2nd Divine Crusader and defeats Umaril both in the mortal and spiritual planes.

4E 3

  • The Greymarch comes to an end once again.
    • The Hero of Kvatch is crowned as the new Sheogorath and defeats Jyggalag.

Post-Events of Oblivion(4E 4-98)

4E 4

  • Black Marsh breaks off from the Empire.
  • The village of Ione is founded near Pell's Gate, named after Captain Tertius Ione.
  • The Order of the Crows is founded by Sir Gerrick Direnni, last survivor of the Knights of the Raven.

4E 5

  • Baar Dau falls from the sky due to the disappearance of Vivec. Causing the complete destruction of Vivec City.
  • Red Mountain erupts and the Red Year begins.
  • The ruins of Vivec City become known as the Scathing Bay.

4E 6

  • The Argonian Invasion of southern Morrowind, the Accession War, begins.

4E 8

  • Southern Deshaan is captured by the Argonians.
  • The Argonians sack and raize the city of Tear, causing severe casualties to the Dunmeri House Dres.
  • High King Gothryd Deleyn I dies.
  • The title of High King of High Rock becomes vacant.

4E 10

  • High Chancellor Ocato is killed by the Thalmor and their supporters.
  • Chancellor Julius Nerva becomes the new Potentate.
  • Livia Gersen is crowned Empress by Potentate Julius and the Elder Council.

4E 11

  • Empress Livia marries the prominent nobleman and Elder Councilor, Eddar Olin.
  • Deshaan Plains falls to the Argonians.
  • Narsis is sacked by the Argonians.

4E 12

  • The Argonian armies besiege Mournhold after capturing the southern territories of Morrowind and moving into central Morrowind.
    • They sack and then leave the city in ruins.
    • King Helseth Hlaalu is killed by the Argonian army.
  • Daen Seeth is captured by the Argonians.
  • The Head of House Auld, Morgan dies of Ataxia, his son Lord Julien Auld succeeds him and takes possession of Alpha and Omega.

4E 13

  • Dandras Redoran is born in Blacklight, Morrowind.
  • Eddar Olin has his wife assassinated and takes the Ruby Throne for himself.
  • The Olin Incident begins.
    • The Elder Council refuses to acknowledge Eddar Olin as Emperor.
    • Eddar attempts to arrest the councilors to force them to crown him.
    • Most of the councilors resist and flee the Imperial City under the guidance of Julius Nerva.
    • Julius Nerva orders the local Imperial Legion into the capital.
    • Eddar Olin is defeated after a short battle and captured.
    • Eddar is exiled from Cyrodiil.
  • Julius Nerva assumes the role as Potentate once more.
  • Thules the Gibbering is crowned Emperor by Potentate Julius and the Elder Council.

4E 15

  • The region of Stonefalls is taken by the Argonians.
  • The Dunmer retreat into the Eastern and Western Highlands of Morrowind.

4E 16

  • The High King of Skyrim gives Solstheim to the Dunmer as a result of the Red Year.
    • House Redoran takes control of the island and uses it as a staging ground for their defense against the Argonians.
  • Titus Mede marries Arrecina.

4E 17

  • Colovian Warlord, Titus Mede, dissatisfied with the weak-willed Emperor Thules, invades the Imperial City.
    • Titus Mede manages to rally 1000 colovian legionnaires to his cause.
    • The warlord captures the city and has Thules executed against the wishes of the Elder Council.
  • Titus Mede crowns himself Emperor Titus Mede I.
  • The Mede Dynasty is founded by Emperor Titus Mede I.

4E 18

  • The Penitus Oculatus is formed by Emperor Titus I to strengthen his control on Cyrodiil.
  • Attrebus Mede is born to Emperor Titus Mede I and Arrecina Mede.

4E 19

  • House Redoran takes charge of what remains of the Dunmeri army and manage to hold off the Argonians from taking the Morrowind Highlands.
  • The Accession War ends in a stalemate.
    • The Argonians take control of the regions of: Stonefalls, Deshaan Plains, Southern Deshaan and Daen Seeth.

4E 20

  • Dunmer refugees use the Dunmeth Pass to travel into Skyrim, and Refugees' Rest is decreed to be a monument.
  • The Armorer's Challenge is written.

4E 21

  • After not receiving aid from the Empire during the Oblivion Crisis, the Red Year and the Argonian Invasion, Morrowind breaks off from the Empire.
  • House Hlaalu loses their status as a Great House and its members are exiled from Morrowind due to them being big Imperial supporters.
    • House Sadras replaces House Hlaalu as the 5th Great House in the Great Council.
  • Morrowind ends its monarchy after House Hlaalu's exile.
    • Morrowind is now ruled by the Great Council, which is now led by House Redoran.
  • Blacklight becomes the new capital of Morrowind.

4E 22

  • The Thalmor came into power of Summerset Isle. Summerset Isle is renamed to Alinor, but outside the province it is still referred to as Summerset Isle.
  • The Summerset Isles break off from the Empire.

4E 23

  • Annaïg Hoïnart is born.
  • House Redoran oversees efforts to rebuild the ruined coastal settlements of Vvardenfell, including Balmora and Suran.

4E 24

  • Eddar Olin returns to Cyrodiil to attempt to retake the Ruby Throne from Emperor Titus I.
  • Despite having most of Thules' old supporters on his side, Eddar loses the short war and is killed in battle against Titus Mede I.

4E 25

  • Julien Auld dies of a fever, his son Mathias Auld succeeds him as the head of House Auld and with it takes possession of the twin blades Alpha and Omega.
  • Vespasian Mede builds his Hunting Estate at the village of Ione.

4E 29

  • The government of Valenwood is overthrown by the Thalmor sympathizers. The Bosmeri, allied with the Empire, were unprepared. Valenwood becomes a Thalmor territory.
  • The Third Aldmeri Dominion is formed from Valenwood and Alinor.
    • The Dominion severs all ties with the Empire.

4E 30

  • Yanniss Mothril is born to Kinlord Vorian Mothril and his wife, Princess Rinnala Karoodil, in Firsthold.

4E 33

  • As a part of the Thalmor purge of impure Altmer nobility, the children of Marquess Reman Karoodil of Firsthold: Prince Goranthir and Princess Rinnala; are killed.
  • Morgiah Karoodil runs away from Alinor, escaping Thalmor persecution following the death of her children.
  • King Arslan Deleyn III of Glenumbra is crowned the High King of High Rock.
  • The 3rd Sacking of Orsinium begins.
    • High King Arslan Deleyn III united the Breton kingdoms and gathered his Redguard allies and began a crusade to destroy Orsinium.
    • King Durgob gro-Gortwog was unable to get help from Emperor Titus Mede I, who let High Rock and Hammerfell attack Orsinium despite its ongoing process of becoming an Imperial Province.
    • The Orcs were defeated and scattered for a third time, much of their population heading to Skyrim and Hammerfell, where a new Orsinium would be founded decades later.

4E 36

  • The construction of the Black Fortress of the Order of the Crows began in the southern Wrothgarian mountains.

4E 37

  • After reclaiming their lost lands from the Orcs, the Kingdom of Shornhelm splits from the Kingdom of Northpoint, dissolving the Alliance of Rivenspire.

4E 38

  • A great warrior from Windhelm, Vundheim, dies. His son, Deroct, lights a candle above the hearth in his home in his honor. The building later becomes known as Candlehearth Hall.

4E 40

  • Vespasian Mede dies.
  • Prince Attrebus Mede I inherits his uncle's lands in Ione.
  • The Black Fortress is completed.

4E 42

  • The Night of Green Fire occurs. Altmer dissidents fleeing the Dominion are massacred by Thalmor agents in Sentinel.

4E 43

  • Mathias Auld is trampled by fourteen cows whilst on his farm, his son Elyas takes the Lordship of House Auld along with the twin blades Alpha and Omega.

4E 44

4E 45

  • Julia, Emperor Claudius I's future wife, is born.
  • Elanande, future wife of Yanniss Mothril, is born.

4E 48

  • The Umbriel Crisis beings.
    • Umbriel appears in Tamriel, south of Black Marsh.
    • The city attacks Lilmoth.
      • Most of the city's population is killed and turned into undead servants of the floating city.
    • Umbriel flies across Black Marsh, killing everything in its path.
    • Umbriel continues its path towards the ruins of Vivec City, crossing Argonian controlled lands in sourthern Morrowind.
    • Umbriel besieges the Imperial City, but is stopped before Vuhon can emancipate the city from Oblivion.

4E 49

  • Domitian Mede, Emperor Titus Mede's brother, dies mysteriously.
  • Prince Attrebus Mede marries Annaïg Hoïnart.
  • Following the Umbriel Crisis, the Argonians are forced to rebuild their ravaged province.

4E 50

  • Claudius Mede I is born to Prince Attrebus Mede and Annaïg Hoïnart-Mede.
  • The Dunmeri Reconquest War begins.
    • The remaining Dunmer Great Houses seize the opportunity caused by the Umbriel Crisis and invade central Morrowind.
    • House Redoran, now in charge of the Great Council, leads the Dunmeri armies against the Argonians.
    • Severely weakened by the Umbriel crisis, the Argonians lose ground in Morrowind and are forced to retreat.

4E 51

  • House Redoran retakes central Morrowind for the Dunmer, capturing the ruins of Mournhold.
  • Narsis is retaken by the Dunmer army.
    • The former House Hlaalu lands are given to House Sadras.

4E 52

  • The Argonians, under the An-Xileel, reinforce southern Morrowind and stop the Dunmer advance.

4E 53

  • The Dunmeri Reconquest War ends.
    • The Dunmer manage to reconquer the regions of Stonefalls, Deshaan Plains and Daen Seeth.
    • Southern Deshaan remains in Argonian control.

4E 55

  • Marquess Reman Karoodil dies in Firsthold.
  • Yanniss Mothril inherits the title from his grandfather, but is dethroned by the Thalmor due to being an impure Altmer.
  • The Mothril Lineage become landless nobles in Firsthold.

4E 58

  • Sinderion records his findings about nirnroot in his journal.

4E 60

  • Emperor Titus Mede I dies.
  • Attrebus Mede I is crowned Emperor.

4E 62

  • Craetia Mede, Titus Mede I's wife, dies.

4E 65

  • House Redoran Councillor, Brara Morvayn, dies.
  • Lleril Morvayn becomes councillor.

4E 67

  • Antoine Auld succeeds his father Elyas Auld as the head of their house after Elyas's death of natural causes. With his father's demise Antoine also takes possession of Alpha and Omega.

4E 68

  • High King Arslan Deleyn III dies.
  • The title of High King of High Rock becomes vacant.

4E 71

  • Prince Claudius I marries Julia.
  • Hlidara Mothril, aunt of Yanniss Mothril, dies in Cyrodiil.

4E 72

  • Attrebus Mede II is born to Prince Claudius Mede I and Julia.

4E 74

  • Antoine Auld is killed after sustaining a head wound in battle. His younger brother Marcus succeeds him and takes possession of their ancestral swords.

4E 76

  • Balyn Omoran is born to Dram and Morgiah Omoran in Blacklight, Morrowind.

4E 84

  • Flavia, Prince Attrebus Mede II's future wife, is born.

4E 89

  • Marcus Auld dies of natural causes, his son Magnus ascends to the head of House Auld and also takes possession of Alpha and Omega.

4E 90

  • Emperor Attrebus Mede I dies.
  • Claudius Mede I is crowned Emperor.

4E 95

  • House Hlaalu member, Vilur Ulen attempts to assassinate Lleril Morvayn.

4E 98

  • The Void Nights begin.
  • Prince Attrebus Mede II marries Flavia.
  • Torwynd Toreau becomes the new King of Farrun after the death of his father.

Pre-Events of the 1st Great War(4E 99-170)

4E 99

  • The Third Aldmeri Dominion ceases their 70 year-long period of isolation from the Empire.

4E 100

  • The Void Nights end.
  • Flavius Mede is born to Prince Attrebus Mede II and Flavia.

4E 101

  • Mournhold is mostly rebuilt, but Blacklight remains the capital of Morrowind.
    • Not many people move back to Mournhold, due to it being close to Argonian occupied southern Morrowind.

4E 103

  • Edron Auld becomes the Lord of House Auld after his father Magnus dies of natural causes. Edron also takes possession of his family's ancestral swords.

4E 106

  • Livia Hassildor, Prince Flavius' future wife, is born.

4E 108

  • Timoth Hassildor is born.
  • Tristynak Guimard II is crowned King of Evermore after the death of his father.

4E 110

  • Junia Mede is born to Prince Attrebus Mede II and Flavia.
  • Flavia Mede dies in childbirth.
  • The Camlorn War for Independence begins.
    • Duke Marsden Rielle I of Camlorn started a war for independence against the King of Glenumbra.

4E 112

  • Baro Vici, the future husband of Alexia Mede, is born.
  • The Camlorn War for Independence ends with Camlorn victory.
    • Camlorn becomes an independent kingdom once again.
    • The Kingdom of Glenumbra is dissolved.
    • Marsden Rielle is crowned King of Camlorn.
  • Baron Elyas Deleyn of Caecilly founds the Caelyn Family, after siding with Duke Marsden during the Independence War.

4E 113

  • Eadwyre Barynia II becomes the new King of Wayrest after the death of his father.

4E 114

  • Julia, the wife of Emperor Claudius I, dies.

4E 115

  • Coup against the Elsweyr Confederacy takes place.
    • Elsweyr is divided into the kingdoms of Anequina and Pelletine, as extensions of the Aldmeri Dominion.

4E 116

  • Emperor Claudius Mede I dies.
  • Attrebus Mede II is crowned Emperor.
  • Attrebus II refuses to take a new wife as suggested by the Elder Council, still morning the death of Flavia.

4E 118

  • Edron Auld is killed in a hunting accident, his brother Arrian succeeds him and takes possession of Alpha and Omega.

4E 119

  • Idonea, Attrebus Mede II's second wife, is born.

4E 120

  • King Torwynd Toreau dies.
  • Cotter Toreau is crowned the new King of Farrun.

4E 122

  • The Great Collapse of Winterhold occurs.

4E 126

  • Arrian Auld dies of natural causes, his son Lysander becomes the new owner of Alpha and Omega and the new Lord of House Auld.

4E 128

  • Thomas Oris VII becomes the new Duke of Kambria after the death of his father.

4E 129

  • The people of Riften overwhelm the city guard and kill Hosgunn Crossed-Daggers, the "black-hearted" Jarl.

4E 130

  • The Bulwark shows signs of crumbling.
  • Evermore begins to decline in strength thanks to the weak rule of King Tristynak Guimard II.

4E 133

  • Gargrell La Rouche is granted the Duchy of Kambria by the King of Daggerfall after paying him off.
  • House Oris loses their lands and become minor lords.

4E 139

  • Lysander Auld perishes in a suspicious fire, although the death is ruled accidental. His firstborn Primus becomes Lord of House Auld and takes possession of Alpha and Omega, though he does not get a chance to use the magnificent blades during his short reign.

4E 140

  • Joran Nerevar is born to Vivec Nerevar and his wife in Mournhold, Morrowind.
  • Primus Auld dies after "accidentally" ingesting jarrin root, his younger brother Secundas becomes the new Lord of House Auld and master of Alpha and Omega.
  • King Tristynak Guimard II dies.
  • Antoine Guimard III is crowned the new King of Evermore.

4E 141

  • Emperor Attrebus Mede II marries Idonea.

4E 143

  • Empress Idonea Mede becomes pregnant.
  • Emperor Attrebus Mede II dies.
  • Flavius Mede is crowned Emperor

4E 144

  • Alexia Mede is born to Idonea, Attrebus Mede II's widow.
  • Arondil Mothril is born in Skywatch, Summerset Isles.
  • King Marsden Rielle dies.
  • Vulstaed Rielle V is crowned the King of Camlorn.

4E 146

  • Secundas Auld accidentally falls into a river and drowns whilst wearing full steel plate armor. His only nephew Etienne Auld becomes the new Lord of House Auld and owner of Alpha and Omega.

4E 147

  • Rigard Burned-Mane is born in Whiterun, Skyrim.
  • King Eadwyre Barynia II dies.
  • Tristore Barynia IV becomes the new King of Wayrest.

4E 148

  • Lorchel Dark-Wand is born to Gloth and Aradraen Dark-Wand in Falkreath, Skyrim.
  • Titus Mede II is born to Emperor Flavius Mede and his wife, Livia.

4E 150

  • Baro Vici marries Alexia Mede, she adopts his last name.

4E 151

  • Lieci is born in Riverwood, Skyrim.
  • Eloe, the future wife of Prince Titus Mede II, is born.
  • Andre Lariat is born in Shornhelm.

4E 152

  • Kilian Solance I becomes the new King of Northpoint after the death of his father.

4E 154

  • Francine, the future wife of Andre Lariat, is born.
  • Karliah Indoril is born to Dralsi Indoril in Mournhold, Morrowind.

4E 156

  • Ulfric Stormcloak is born to the Jarl of Eastmarch and his wife in Windhelm, Skyrim.
  • King Cotter Toreau dies.
  • Tarmann Toreau is crowned the new King of Farrun.

4E 159

  • Flavia, Emperor Attrebus Mede II's wife, dies.

4E 162

  • Duke Gargrell La Rouche dies.
  • Crendal La Rouche becomes the new Duke of Kambria.

4E 163

4E 165

  • Commander Dram Omoran of the Redoran Guard is killed by Argonian raiders in southern Morrowind.
  • Azeez-Nassa is born in Helstrom, Argonia.
  • King Antoine Guimard III dies.
  • Antoine Guimard IV is crowned the new King of Evermore.

4E 166

  • Ulfric heads to High Hrothgar to study with the Greybeards.

4E 167

  • Prince Titus Mede II marries Eloe.
  • Gothryd Deleyn III is crowned King of Daggerfall after the death of his father.

4E 168

  • Emperor Flavius Mede dies.
  • Titus Mede II is crowned Emperor.
  • Bodean Suda is born in Taneth, Hammerfell.
  • Gergio Urtius is born to Hasphat and Adraria Urtius in Kvatch, Cyrodiil.
  • Tiberius Lux is born in the Colovian Highlands.
  • Dhaunayne Mothril is born to Yanniss and Elanande Mothril in Firsthold, Alinor.

4E 169

  • Jo'Khar is born in Elsweyr.
  • Etienne Auld dies of natural causes, his eldest son Bastian inherits the Lordship of House Auld as well as Alpha and Omega.
  • Claudius Mede II is born to Emperor Titus Mede II and his wife, Eloe.
  • Timoth Hassildor dies.

4E 170

  • The Raven Rock Ebony Mine shows signs of beginning to dry up.
  • King Vulstaed Rielle V dies.
  • Eldred Rielle III is crowned King of Camlorn.
  • King Gothryd Deleyn II is appointed as High King of High Rock in anticipating of Aldmeri Dominion aggression.

Events of the 1st Great War(4E 171-175)

4E 171

  • The Ambassador of the Aldmeri Dominion orders the Empire to step down from power. The Empire resists, and the Great War between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion begins.
  • Aldmeri Forces led by Lord Naarifin invade Hammerfell and Cyrodiil. The city of Leyawiin falls, and the city of Bravil is besieged.
  • A 2nd Aldmeri Force, led by Lady Arannelya, cross western Cyrodiil and invade Hammerfell. The Redguards in Hammerfell, divided by civil war and disorganized, put up little resistance. The southern coastline falls to the Aldmeri forces as the Imperial Legions in Hammerfell retreat North into the Alik'r Desert.
  • Ulfric Stormcloak leaves High Hrothgar and abandons the Greybeards to join the Legion and fight in the Great War.

4E 172

  • Aldmeri Forces advance into Cyrodiil to capture the Imperial City.
  • In Cyrodiil, the cities of Bravil and Anvil in Cyrodiil both fall to Aldmeri Forces. Naval battles ensues in Lake Rumare surrounding Imperial City and along the Niben River leading to the Rumare.
  • In Hammerfell, the entire southern coastline falls to the Aldmeri Forces with the exception of Helgathe.
    • Iman Suda betrays the city of Taneth to the Aldmeri Dominion.
  • King Tarmann Toreau dies fighting in the Great War.
  • Doramunn Toreau is crowned the new King of Farrun.

4E 173

  • In Cyrodiil, Aldmeri Forces cross the Niben and advance towards Imperial city through the eastern bank surrounding Imperial city from the east, south, and west.
  • In Hammerfell, the siege of Hegathe is broken. Imperial Forces make a stand in Skaven to fight off the advancing Aldmeri soldiers. Skaven falls to the Aldmeri. However, the victorious Aldmeri force is severely weakened by the advance through the desert, and is unable to continue their campaign.
  • Ulfric Stormcloak is captured when his platoon is defeated by the elves. He is tortured by Justiciar Elenwen.
  • Augustus Mede is born to Emperor Titus Mede II and his wife Eloe in the Imperial City, Cyrodiil.
  • Rigard Burned-Mane marries Lieci.

4E 174

  • In Cyrodiil, the Thalmor leadership decides to focus their forces in the Cyrodiil campaign.
  • Imperial City falls to the Aldmeri forces.
  • The Reach and Markarth falls to the Reachmen in The Forsworn Uprising and is ruled as an independent kingdom.
  • Harold Burned-Mane is born to Rigard and Lieci Burned-Mane in Whiterun, Skyrim.
  • Ortius Civello is born in a farm outside the Imperial City, Cyrodiil.
  • Skaal-ti Tailshadow is born in Black Marsh.
  • Livia Hassildor, the grandmother of Emperor Titus Mede II, dies.
  • J'Dhannar is born in Elsweyr.
  • Andre Lariat is crowned King of Shornhelm after the death of his father.

4E 175

  • Rigard and Lieci Burned-Mane head off to war, joining General Jonna's Legion.
  • The Battle of the Red Ring takes place as the Empire embarks on a campaign to retake Imperial City, which fell to the Aldmeri Dominion the previous year. The battle was an Imperial victory, but not without heavy losses.
    • Rigard and Lieci Burned-Mane lose their lives in the battle.
    • King Kilian Solance I dies during the battle.
  • Exhausted from war, the Empire negotiates a peace treaty and signs the White-Gold Concordat with the Aldmeri Dominion, thus ending the war. The terms of the agreements are the surrender of the remaining territory still occupied by Aldmeri Force, and the banning of the worship of Talos. Thus, the Great War ends.
    • The Redguards of Hammerfell refuse to give land to the Dominion and chose to continue their war with the elves.
    • The relationship between the Imperials of Cyrodiil and the Redguard of Hammerfell deteriorated. Although allies during the war, the Empire is forced to renounce Hammerfell as an Imperial province.
  • All the Elder Scrolls housed in the libraries of White-Gold Tower vanish, and are scattered across Tamriel by unknown means.
  • Pietro Solance becomes the new King of Northpoint.

Pre-Events of Skyrim(4E 176-200)

4E 176

  • Ulfric Stormcloak and his militia retake the Reach and Markarth from the Reachmen. The surviving Reachmen flee to the hills of the Reach and became known as the Forsworn.
  • The Markarth Incident happens.
    • Ulfric demands free Talos worship as per his agreement with Jarl Igmund.
    • Ulfric and his militia are arrested by the Legion after the Thalmor pressure them to do so.
  • The Thalmor attack Cloud Ruler Temple, destroying it.
  • The Thalmor start hunt down any surviving Blades.
  • Emperor Titus Mede II founds the Penitus Oculatus to replace the Blades as his personal guards and agents.
  • Wuleen-Zaw is born in Helstrom to Asum-Zaw and his wife Banalz.

4E 177

  • Emperor Titus II conducts a reform of the Imperial Legion, updating the ranks and their tactics.
  • Prince Augustus Mede's future wife is born.

4E 178

  • Caesar Autrus is born to Bacola and Volrina Autrus in Chorrol, Cyrodiil.
  • Naritin Nelthar is born to Nait Nelthar in Skingrad, Cyrodiil.
  • Rips-All-Apart is born in Archon, Black Marsh.
  • Uldk is born in Solstheim.
  • Junia Mede Hassildor dies.
  • Bradon Stentor VI is crowned King of Jehanna after the death of his father.

4E 179

  • Marcus Mede is born to Emperor Titus Mede II and Eloe Mede in the Imperial City, Cyrodiil.
  • Darius Septim is born, as Daric Lariat, to King Andre of Shornhelm in his city in High Rock.
  • The Blades are officially considered extinct.
  • Vittoria Vici is born to Baro and Alexia Vici.
  • Xeraz Kanir is born in northwestern Hammerfell.

4E 180

  • As a follow up to the White-Gold Concordat, the Second Treaty of Stros M'kai is signed, which decrees that Aldmeri occupation forces are to withdraw from Hammerfell.
    • The Hammerfell-Dominion War ends.
  • Alis Nelthar is born in Jehanna, High Rock.
  • Arnor Gray-Dawn is born in Riften, Skyrim.
  • The paranoid Bastian Auld accidentally commits suicide when he falls out of an open window whilst trying to poison his younger brother and heir Derrick.
  • Derrick becomes Lord of House Auld and master of Alpha and Omega.
  • Emeric Auld is born in High Rock.

4E 181

  • Madanach is captured by Jarl Igmund and imprisoned in Cidhna Mine.
  • Raven Rock's ebony mine completely dries up.
  • Roderic Acques is born somewhere in High Rock's wilderness.
  • Baro Vici, Alexia Vici's husband, dies.

4E 182

  • Ulfric's father, the Great Bear of Eastmarch, dies.
    • Ulfric smuggles a eulogy out of prison for to be sent to his father's funeral.
  • Eldrid Red-Spear is born to Yngling and Vori Red-Spear, in Riften.

4E 183

  • Skaal-ti Tailshadow's family is assassinated on the orders of a rival family.
    • The 9 year old Argonian is taken in my a merchant he calls Uncle. They moved to Skyrim.

4E 184

  • Ulfric is released from prison. He heads back to Windhelm.
  • The people of Windhelm make Ulfric the new Jarl of Eastmarch.

4E 185

  • Jo'Khar joins the College of Winterhold as a student.
  • Lord Derrick Auld is murdered by thugs after failing to pay substantial gambling debts. His brother Casimir Auld becomes the new Lord.
  • Rodrik Winterhorn is born in Falkreath.

4E 186

  • Cicero begins keeping personal records of the events he encounters.

4E 187

  • Alisanne Dupre considers reopening the Black Marsh city of Archon as a training facility for the Shadowscales, but never goes through with it.
  • Livia Mede is born to Emperor Titus II and Eloe Mede in the Imperial City, Cyrodiil.

4E 188

  • The Invasion of Wayrest begins.
    • King Tristore Barynia IV opens the ports of Wayrest to anyone coming from the Iliac Bay, bringing in corsairs into the city.
    • The king hires the Corsairs to attack Wayrest to kill the opposition and root out the Dark Brotherhood that had a sanctuary in the city.
    • The Dark Brotherhood's Wayrest Sanctuary is destroyed by the corsairs and nearly all assassins within are killed.
    • During his escape, King Tristore is intercepted by one of the surviving assassins and killed.
  • Joslin Barynia becomes the Queen of Wayrest following her father's death.
  • The city of Bravil erupts into violence as a result of a war between two skooma traffickers.
  • The Lucky Old Lady statue is destroyed.
  • Thormir Nelthar is born in Windhelm, Skyrim.

4E 189

4E 190

4E 191

  • Jo'Khar's family are killed by Morgan.
  • Jo'Khar becomes a vampire.

4E 192

  • Tanan is born in Black Marsh.

4E 193

  • Tycho is born in Riften, Skyrim.

4E 194

  • The Commander of the Redoran Guard steps down.
  • Balyn Omoran is promoted to Commander of the Redoran Guard.
  • Kradien Heric is born in Daggerfall, High Rock.

4E 195

  • Naritin Nelthar marries Alis Nelthar.
  • Valinna Winterhorn is born in Falkreath, Skyrim.
  • S'Rabinna is born in Skyrim.
  • King Eldred Rielle III dies.
  • Marsden Rielle II is crowned King of Camlorn.
  • King Gothryd Deleyn III dies.
  • Arnand Deleyn is crowned the new King of Daggerfall.
  • Duke Crendal La Rouche dies.
  • Perien La Rouche becomes the new Duke of Kambria.

4E 196

  • Jina Nerevar is born to Joran and Elva Nerevar in Mournhold, Morrowind.
  • High King Gothryd Deleyn II dies.
  • The title of High King of High Rock becomes vacant.

4E 197

  • Cassander Auld is born to Emeric Auld and his wife in Shornhelm, High Rock.
    • It is rumored that the boy is actually the son of his elder brother, Beren Auld.
  • Visus Nelthar is born to Naritin and Alis Nelthar.

4E 198

  • Rodwell Auld is born to Emeric Auld and his wife.
  • Lieli Stone is born in Riften, Skyrim.
  • Francois Beaufort is abandoned by his parents in the Riften Orphanage.

4E 199

  • Jannia Hassildor is born to Count Jonothor Hassildor and Countess Isolde Marane Hassildor in Skingrad, Cyrodiil.
  • King Antoine Guimard IV dies.
  • Barnand Guimard is crowned the new King of Evermore.

4E 200

  • Roderic Acques joins a bandit group.
  • Queen Joslin Barynia I dies.
  • Marcel Barynia is crowned the new King of Wayrest.

Events of Skyrim(4E 201-204)

Main article: Harold Burned-Mane

4E 201

  • The Dragon Crisis occurs, Alduin returned to Nirn.
    • The Dragonborn has appeared and has begun fighting the dragons.
    • Alduin is defeated in Sovngarde by the Dragonborn and the Dragon Crisis has ended, though dragons still remain in northern Tamriel.
  • The Blades have been reformed by Delphine and Esbern, they swore to serve the Dragonborn.
  • Harold wields Dragonbane.
  • Paarthurnax has started turning some dragons from their evil ways to the Way of the Voice.
  • Across the Glades He Rode is composed.

4E 202

  • The Harbinger of the Companions, Kodlak Whitemane, dies and Harold takes his place. The Companions find a cure for their Lycanthropy.
  • With the discovery of the Eye of Magnus in Saarthal the status quo of the College of Winterhold has changed, with the Arch-Mage and the Master Wizard dead.
    • The Eye is taken by the Psijic Order for safe keeping.
    • The Dragonborn is the new Arch-Mage and Tolfdir the new Master Wizard.
  • The Thieves Guild of Skyrim makes a comeback. Their old Guildmaster is killed and the Dragonborn takes his place.
    • The guild steals the Left Eye of the Falmer, the gigantic diamond.
    • The Nightingale Trinity is reformed, and the Skeleton Key is returned to the Twilight Sepulcher, reopening the portal to Evergloam.
  • The Emperor's cousin, Vittoria Vici, is murdered at her wedding.
  • Emperor Titus Mede II is killed by the Dark Brotherhood, who were contacted by Amaund Motierre.
    • Titus's death caused a war of succession in Cyrodiil, with his two eldest sons being the biggest contenders for the throne.
    • Despite the Penitus Oculatus destroying their sanctuary in Falkreath the Dark Brotherhood still completed their contract and have once again become feared and respected in all of Tamriel.
  • Claudius Mede II, Titus Mede II's eldest son, is crowned Emperor.
  • Amaund Motierre is killed by the Dark Brotherhood assassin that he hired.
  • The 2nd Great War began with the Dominion attack in Hammerfell, at this time the Skyrim Civil War was still going on.
  • Ulfric Stormcloak marries Aldi.
  • Silver Ore veins are discovered in the Whistling Mine.
  • Damo Auld is born in the Reach.
  • Emeric Auld's wife dies.
  • Dragonbane is given to the Blades by Harold.

4E 203

  • The Stormcloaks won the Civil War in Skyrim, thanks to the help of the Dragonborn.
    • Ulfric Stormcloak is elected High King after a Moot.
    • They allied with the Redguards, mainly the Forebears, against the Dominion, forming the Talos Pact.
  • High Rock joined Hammerfell in the Talos Pact, and sent forces to aid the redguards against the Dominion.
  • The Aldmeri Dominion invaded Cyrodiil.
  • Helgen is starting to be rebuilt into a Stormcloak Fort town.
  • The Dawnguard resurfaces to fight the vampire threat.
    • The Hall of the Vigilant is burned down by the Volkihar vampires.
    • Serana is discovered with an Elder Scroll in an ancient ruin.
    • The Prophecy of the Tyranny of the Sun is stopped and living Snow Elves are discovered in the Forgotten Vale.
    • The Volkihar Clan is destroyed, Lord Harkon is killed and their castle now only inhabited by Valerica.
  • Serana and Harold Burned-Mane get married near the end of the year.
  • Ursine Stormcloak is born to Ulfric and Aldi Stormcloak.
  • Thane Erikur marries Jarl Elisif the Fair.
  • The Stormking Armor set is forged by Oengul War-Anvil, for Ulfric Stormcloak.
  • Elyna Lynielle is born in Jehanna, High Rock.
  • Roderic Acques ditches the bandit life.
  • Argaeus Sildor is born and placed under the care of the Vigil of Stendarr.

4E 204

  • Miraak starts his return to Nirn, beginning with indoctrinating the citizens of Solstheim.
    • The Dragonborn travels to the island to stop him.
    • The Dragonborn defeats Miraak in Apocrypha and Hermaeus Mora kills his former servant.
  • The Ebony mine in Raven Rocks reopens when new ore veins are found.
  • Rigvar Burned-Mane is born to Harold and Serana.
  • The Cult of Ysmir resurfaced in Skyrim, though small at first.
  • The town of Windstad is founded in Hjaalmarch.
  • Winterhold has started being rebuilt, by using the gold from Whistling Mine to fund it.
  • Helgen is fully rebuilt.
  • Harold adopted the various orphans of Skyrim, becoming their guardian.

Pre-Return of the Septim Dynasty(4E 204-213)

4E 204

  • Emperor Claudius II is killed by his younger brother Augustus Mede.
  • Augustus Mede is crowned Emperor.
    • The War of Succession in Cyrodiil ends.
  • Sir Beren Auld is believed to have been killed fighting against Augustus Mede in the name of the deceased Emperor Claudius Mede II.
  • A truce between the Empire, only consisting of Cyrodiil and High Rock at the time, and Stormcloak Skyrim was called.
  • The races of men united against the Dominion.
    • The Empire allies with the Talos Pact.
    • With the help of the Bretons the Redguards were able to hold the line and eventually push the Dominion out of Hammerfell.
    • The Nords sent their forces to Cyrodiil to aid the Empire against the Dominion.

4E 205

  • Orsinium was given Imperial Province status by Augustus, which caused the Orcs to support the Empire and join in the war.
  • The Dunmer, led by House Redoran, joined the conflict on the side of the Empire through an alliance with the Nords, joining the Talos Pact.
  • With the Help of the Nords and the Dunmer the Imperials were able to repel the Dominion advance into Northern Cyrodiil and push them back into Dominion territory.
  • Erikur accomplishes a coup in Solitude, as he had most of the guards on his payroll, and took over as Jarl. He locked Elisif up.
    • Harold Burned-Mane and High King Ulfric bring a platoon of Stormcloaks to aid in taking down Erikur.
    • Erikur is killed by Elisif and she takes back her position as Jarl.
    • Erikur's sister, Gisli becomes Thane after his death.
  • Harold quits the Dark Brotherhood, abandoning them.

4E 206

  • The Empire and the Talos Pact invaded the Aldmeri Dominion and, with the help of local rebels, fought them on their own territories.
  • The Khajiiti rebels are able to free the young Mane from Thalmor captivity, uniting much of the Khajiiti people against the Aldmeri Dominion.
  • Crossbows are rare weapons found only in parts of Skyrim and Morrowind, though they are commonly used by the Dawnguard.
  • Erich is born to Elisif, she claims the child belongs to Erikur.
  • Master Neloth is now a Magister of House Telvanni.
  • Gergio Urtius dies in the 2nd Great War.
  • Harold leaves the Thieves Guild.
    • Karliah Indoril and Brynjolf become Co-Guildmasters.
    • Harold uses a Dragon's soul to bargain his way out of the Nightingale Trinity and is successful in convincing Nocturnal.
  • King Bradon Stentor VI dies.
  • Edgar Stentor is crowned the new King of Jehanna.

4E 207

  • The 2nd Great War ended with a Imperial Victory, after five years of fighting.
    • Augustus ordered the purge of all those affiliated with the Thalmor.
    • The provinces of the Aldmeri Dominion were reinstated as Imperial Provinces, though their freedoms were greatly reduced. Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsweyr were ruled by Imperial Governors. Though officially the Imperial Governor of Elsweyr was but an advisor to the young Mane.
  • Elanande Mothril, wife of Yanniss Mothril, is killed by the Empire during their purge of the Thalmor.
  • Ralof is promoted to Bear-Heart for his service in the 2nd Great War.
  • Strunfaas is forged by Oengul War-Anvil in Windhelm, to replace the High King's broken war axe.
  • Winterhold is twice the size it was in 4E 201, with the rebuilding effort still going strong.
  • The aunt of the late Emperor Titus Mede II, Alexia Vici, dies.
  • Emeric Auld becomes Castellan of Shornhelm.
  • Emeric marries an Imperial woman named Octavia Lux.
  • Lord Casimir Auld dies of natural causes, his youngest son Emeric succeeds him as head of House Auld.
  • Emeric comes into possesion of Alpha and Omega.
  • King Arnand Deleyn of Daggerfall is made High King of High Rock with Imperial support.

4E 208

  • The Emperor declared war on the Talos Pact.
    • The Empire had conquered Hammerfell and Morrowind with ease by allying with local factions. In Hammerfell with the Crowns and in Morrowind with House Hlaalu. Houses Dres and Sadras also flocked to the Empire.
      • King Ennah of Sentinel, the leader of the Crowns, is made High King of Hammerfell.
  • Liesl Burned-Mane was born to Harold and Serana.
  • Addvar Stormcloak is born to Ulfric and Aldi.
  • Iman Suda is killed on the orders of High King Ennah and Emperor Augustus.
  • Harold leaves the Thieves Guild and the Nightingales.
    • To break his contract with Nocturnal he offers her a dragon's soul in exchange for his own.
  • King Pietro Solance dies.
  • Kilian Solance II is crowned the new King of Northpoint.

4E 209

  • Jarl Skald the Elder of the Pale dies.
  • Jarl Sorli the Builder of Hjaalmarch becomes the new Jarl of the Pale.
  • Harold Burned-Mane becomes the new Jarl of Hjaalmarch.
    • The capital of Hjaalmarch Hold is changed to Windstad.
  • Harold leaves the College of Winterhold.
  • Tolfdir becomes the new Arch-Mage, while Sergius Turrianus becomes the new Master Wizard.
  • The Empire and its new Dunmer allies invade Black Marsh. The An-Xileel fought valiantly but once the outer swamps were conquered they surrendered to the Empire.
  • House Telvanni has started to recolonize Vvardenfell, since some of the islands off the coast of the island had become semi-hospitable. Though only House Telvanni was successful in recolonizing since the process of making the land livable required knowledge of magic that only they knew.
    • They had reestablished Sadrith Mora, their former capital on the island.
    • The Telvanni Arch-Magister moves to Sadrith Mora.
  • Fralia Gray-Mane dies.

4E 210

  • Ulfric Stormcloak surrendered after Ysmir, the Dragonborn, advised him to as Skyrim could not stand alone against the full might of the Empire.
  • The Empire now owned all the provinces again, Imperial Governors were put in charge of Black Marsh and Skyrim.
  • After winning both wars Emperor Augustus Mede was able to focus on ruling the Empire.
    • He ruled with an iron fist, was highly agressive and impatient, believed in the greater good and that the ends justify the means. He won the wars, no one could dispute that, but he was a tyrant and even though many were afraid of him there were those that wouldn't stand for it.
  • Harold retires as a Stormblade, however he still retains his rank and affiliation with the Stormcloaks.
  • Ralof is promoted to Stormblade to fill the void left by Harold's retirement from the military.

4E 211

  • A son was born to Emperor Augustus Mede and his wife.
  • Andre Lariat. King of Shornhelm, is killed for condeming the Empire's betrayal of the Talos Pact
  • Daric Lariat becomes the new King of Shornhelm.
  • Daric now wields Flamerend.
  • Jina Nerevar joins the Thieves Guild as well as the Nightingale Trinity after spending some time as Karliah's pupil.

4E 212

  • Daric Lariat claims to be the rightful ruler of the Empire.
    • With the help of a famous Nordic Scholar, Daric was able to prove his ancestor Empress Katariah was a direct decendant of Tiber Septim. That meant Daric Lariat had dragon-blood, and was a member of the Septim Dynasty.
    • With this new revelation many of Emperor Augustus's enemies sided with Daric. The Nords of Skyrim were among the first ones to pledged their allegiance to Daric, because of their hatred of Augustus for betraying them.
  • Ulfric slayed the Imperial Governor of Skyrim and took his throne of High King once again.
  • Jarl Dengeir of Stuhn of Falkreath dies.
  • Siddgeir is reinstated as Jarl of Falkreath. He has matured since he was exiled and has proven himself a decent ruler.

4E 213

  • Daric Lariat started his rebellion against Emperor Augustus Mede after gaining the support of the Nords of Skyrim.
    • The alliance between the Skyrim and Shornhelm formed the Stormcrown Alliance.
  • Vivir Nerevar, the son of Joran Nerevar, is killed in a protest in the Imperial City.
  • Dowager Queen Francine Lariat dies.

Events of Return of the Septim Dynasty(4E 213-215)

Main article: Return of the Septim Dynasty

4E 213

  • Daric Lariat started his conquest of High Rock.
    • Daric captures the city of Northpoint, temporarily replacing it's monarch with one that supported his rebellion until his conquer of High Rock was over.
    • The King of Camlorn pledges fealty to Daric Lariat.
    • Daggerfall falls to Daric with the help of his allies, Ulfric Stormcloak and the Nords.
      • High King Arnand Deleyn is assassinated during the siege by Kastus. He was replaced by his sister, Queen Donella Deleyn II.
      • A group of Penitus Oculatus, led by Ortius Civello, defect during the battle. They later join Daric's forces after he proves to them that he is a descendant of Tiber Septim.
    • The Kings of Jehanna and Farrun pledge fealty to Daric Lariat.
    • Wayrest is captured, the King of Wayrest pledges fealty to Daric and keeps his throne.
    • Evermore is captured by the Stormcrown Alliance, King Barnand is imprisoned for his role in letting the Legion attempt to burn down the city. His cousin's son takes the throne of Evermore.
    • Daric Lariat is crowned High King of High Rock in Shornhelm, by the Primate of High Rock in the light of the Nine.
  • The War for High Rock ends.
  • Marcus Mede was assassinated, by Kastus, in Shornhelm.
  • The Imperial Legion invades Skyrim.
    • They take Falkreath within a few weeks and they march north to Whiterun.
    • The Stormcloaks are busy guarding the eastern border and so Whiterun is besieged.
    • With the help of the Bretons the siege of Whiterun is lifted and the Legion retreats to Falkreath.
    • High King Ulfric leads a force into Falkreath and they eventually free the hold from Imperial control.
    • The Legion invades again from Morrowind heading into the Rift and attacking Riften.
    • The Stormcloaks are able to push back the Legion from the Rift, forcing them to retreat into Morrowind.
  • The Blades split up into two factions. The Dragonguard remained loyal to Harold Burned-Mane and kept Sky Haven Temple as their headquarters. The Blades agreed to follow Caccian Vulpin to High Rock to join Daric Lariat, their base is Wind Talon Temple.
    • The Blades that were travelling to High Rock are ambushed by the Legion and all are killed.
    • The former Penitus agents led by Lieutenant Ortius join Caccian and reform the Blades, with the later as Grandmaster.
  • The Forebears join the Stormcrown Alliance when their leader King Bodean allies with King Daric.
  • Grandmaster Caccian Vulpin dies.
  • Ortius Civello is the new Grandmaster of the Blades.
  • The Forebears declare war on the Crowns and the Empire. The Hammerfell Civil War begins.
    • After six months of fighting it has reached its peak, and the Crowns are winning.
    • Rihad, a Forebears costal city, is captured by the Crown and Imperial forces.
      • During the capture of Rihad by the Crown forces Cirroc, Bodean's eldest son, is killed.
    • The Forebears request aid from High King Daric. He sends an Army led by General Roderic Acques and his Court Wizard Jo'Khar.
    • The Forebears, with the aid of the Bretons, capture Stros M'Kai and enforce an embargo on the island.
    • Bodean contacted the Nelthars to negotiate with them, as they needed Jarrin Root from Stros M'Kai. He wanted them to stop backing the Empire and to aid the Stormcrown Alliance.
      • The Nelthars and the Forebears were able to negotiate and the Nelthars switched sides to the Stormcrown Alliance.
    • High King Daric dispatches the rest of his army, under the command of Commander Etienne, to attack Dragonstar and aid the Forebears in the Civil War.
      • Commander Etienne and his forces were able to ally with Eastern Dawnstar to defeat Western Dawnstar and secure the city under the Stormcrown Alliance.
    • Taneth, the headquarters of the Forebears, is besieged and captured by the Crown-Imperial forces.
      • During the siege King Bodean is captured and used as leverage to get the Forebears defending the city to lay down their weapons. Afterwards the Imperial kill any Forebear that didn't surrender. Bodean and the remaining Forebears were locked up in the city's dungeons.
    • The Forebears, lead by King Bodean's cousin King Cluson of Hegathe, besiege Taneth after gathering their forces in Hegathe and receiving a reinforcements from the Nelthars.
      • Taneth is freed from Crown control and King Bodean breaks out of the dungeons. He aids in freeing the city and kills the Legion General.
  • The Hammerfell Civil War continues.
  • Lorchel Dark-Wand joins the Penitus Oculatus as a Scout.
  • General Glallian Berne is killed by King Bodean Suda in Taneth, Hammerfell.
  • The Argonian Rebellion began.
    • They gathered their forces in Helmstrom then assaulted Thorn and liberated the city from Imperial control.
    • The Argonian Horde attacked Stormhold, siezing the city and leaving no Legionnaire survirors. They then marched towards Archon.

4E 214

  • The Hammerfell Civil War continues.
    • Commander Etienne's forces assaulted West Dragonstar and took the city, giving command of it over to the Council in East Dragonstar.
      • The Council pledged support for High King Daric, so the Bretons continue on their way.
      • The monarch of West Dragonstar is overthrown and the city unites with East Dragonstar.
      • Etienne Geles is promoted to General of the Breton Army, by Daric.
    • With the aid of the Breton Army, led by General Etienne, the Forebears besieged Skaven and took the city.
      • King Hasell of Skaven is deposed after surrendering to King Bodean.
    • Stormcrown forces converge on Sentinel, surrounding the city and blockading the port.
      • House Indoril forces, under the command of Joran Nerevar, aided the Forebears and Bretons in besieging the city. Rebellious citizens in Sentinel gave them the opportunity to assault.
      • Despite heavy casualties Joran and King Bodean make it to the palace and confront High King Ennah.
      • After Ennah was broken out of the control of Q'Taga he sacrified himself to kill a summoned Daedroth that threatened to destroy the palace.
      • With the High King dead the battle was over, with Stormcrown Alliance victory.
    • After freeing Sentinel from Crown control the Forebears manage to free Rihad and Elinhir as well.
  • The Hammerfell Civil War ends with Forebear victory.
  • Q'Taga is killed by Joran Nerevar
  • Bodean Suda is crowned High King of Hammerfell.
  • Jo'Khar begins disrupting the Blackheart's operations in Skyrim.
    • He destroys a few of their caravans and hideouts and delivers some of their plans to Ulfric Stormcloak.
    • With the help of Uldk and his tribe, Jo'Khar destroys their operation in Musafarooke and captures Elvali Ramarys.
    • With J'Dhannar, Elvali Ramarys and Tanan, Jo'Khar attacks Darklight Tower and ends the Blackheart operations there.
      • Tanan is killed by Blackheart Fenrig.
    • The vampire of Darklight tower escape just as the Dawnguard arrive.
    • The Dawnguard capture Jo'Khar and take him to Fort Dawnguard, where he managed to make an alliance with them to take out the Blackheart vampires.
    • Jo'Khar, Elvali, J'Dhannar and Runa Fair-Shield head to Autumnwatch Tower to defeat the vampires.
    • After a gruesome battle they manage to kill Fenrig and his subordinates.
  • Jo'Khar decides to momentarily stop his search for Morgan and rejoins the College of Winterhold.
  • Elvali rejoins the Blackhearts, giving up on her mission to kill Jo'Khar.
  • J'Dhannar joins the Dawnguard.
  • The Imperial Legion continues their invasion of Skyrim.
    • They return to the Rift and battle Ulfric's forces near Riften.
    • The Nords are able to defeat the 12th Legion and once again push them back into Morrowind.
  • The Imperial Legion's invasion of Skyrim ends.
  • The Morrowind Liberation begins.
    • House Redoran, having allied with High King Daric, fights against the Imperials occupying Blacklight and storm the city's palace.
      • They used the opportunity, created by a large part of the 7th Legion moving to southern Morrowind, to get the upper hand on the local garrison.
      • Commander Balyn Omoran kills King Hlaalu Vuvil and the city is freed.
    • The 12th Legion besieges Blacklight after returning from their defeat in Skyrim.
      • House Redoran requested help from High King Ulfric and his Stormcloaks.
      • With the help of the Nords, House Redoran is able to break the siege and end the 12th Legion.
    • News of House Redoran's rebellion spread across Morrowind, the house was officially at war with the Empire and House Hlaalu.
    • House Redoran begins liberating territories in northwestern Morrowind, taking control of them from House Hlaalu and the Empire.
    • House Indoril rose in rebellion against House Hlaalu and the Empire, led by Joran Nerevar.
    • Mournhold is besieged by House Hlaalu's forces.
      • Joran and his army are able to break the siege, but Deres Nerevar, Joran's son, was killed in the process.
    • Joran heads to Hammerfell with half his army, leaving Commander Arekoa in charge of the other half. She launches an attack on the House Sadras controlled city of Necrom.
      • After the Civil War in Hammerfell ends, Joran returns to Morrowind with his army.
      • Arekoa took Necrom, securing the loyalty of House Sadras, and afterwards began heading south to Tear.
    • Arekoa and Joran captured Tear from House Dres with the full might of the Indoril Guard.
    • House Indoril's army marched towards Narsis, where they met the House Redoran army.
      • The two Great Houses fought each other in the outskirts of the city.
      • With Redoran and Indoril busy fighting each other, the Empire and House Hlaalu flanked both of them and routed their armies, winning the battle.
    • After the defeat of both Houses Indoril and Redoran, Daric Lariat decided to intervene in the Morrowind Liberation.
      • He arranged a parley between the two houses and with his help they were able to unite under Joran Nerevar.
    • The combined army of Houses Indoril, Redoran, Sadras marched on Narsis and were able to capture the city form the Empire.
      • King Edras Hlaalu escaped during the battle and headed for Cyrodiil.
    • The Empire is pushed out of Morrowind.
    • Joran Nerevar is crowned King of Morrowind.
  • The Morrowind Liberation ends with Stormcrown victory.
  • The Argonian Rebellion continues
    • The Argonian Horde arrived in Archon, the city fell to them.
    • General Hasphat of the 7th Legion led a force to retake Stormhold from the Argonians, and they did so. Afterwards he received reinforcements from Morrowind.
    • The Argonian Horde head for Blackrose, but realize that their defenses are too strong so they decide to retreat for now.
    • The Horde took back Stormhold from Imperial control, then went to hunt Hasphat's army while they headed to Thorn.
      • They sabotaged the Imperials as much as they could while remaining undetected, even killing some of their soldiers in the dead of night.
    • General Hasphat's army arrive in Thorn and begin besieging the city, while the Horde awaits to ambush them.
      • The Imperials manage to take the city but shortly after the Horde strikes them from the flanks and slaughters many of their soldiers. The General orders a full retreat and Thorn is returned to the Argonians.
    • The Argonian Horde regroups in the inner swamps before setting off for Blackrose once more.
  • Daric meets with Nelthro Kanir and forms an official alliance between the Stormcrown Alliance and the Nelthar Organization, promising them a seat on the Elder Council.
  • Jina Nerevar, while in Shornhelm, was almost assassinated. This prompted her to return to Morrowind alongside Nelthro.
    • The assassination was thought to have either been planned by House Redoran, House Hlaalu or the Empire, but in truth was orchestrated by Naerion Nelthar
  • Jina eventually decided to join the Nelthar Organization, where she chose the Path of Shadows.
  • Arekoa Sarethi is killed by House Hlaalu and the Empire during the battle outside Narsis.
  • King Edras Hlaalu is killed by Emperor Augustus Mede for failing to defeat the House Redoran and House Indoril rebels.
  • Summerset Isles Rebellion begins
    • Led by the commoner Arondil, the Altmer successfully take Skywatch from the Empire.
    • As news spread of the rebellion in Skywatch, revolts start in Firsthold.
      • Led by the former Marquess Yanniss Mothril, the Altmer successfully take Firsthold.
    • Arondil heads to Firsthold, at Yanniss' request, and the two join in an alliance.
      • As part of the alliance, Arondil marries Yanniss' daughter Dhaunayne and joins the Mothril Lineage.
    • Yanniss proclaims for Daric Lariat and joins the Stormcrown Alliance unofficially.
  • The Valenwood Rebellion begins.
    • Led by Celegorn Camoran, his son and his brother, the Bosmer begin a revolt on Falinesti.
      • The Bosmer capture the tree-city and dethrone the Imperial Governor of Valenwood.
    • Celegorn sends a letter to High King Daric and joins the Stormcrown Alliance.
  • Celegorn Camoran is hypnotized by Naerion Nelthar.

4E 215

  • The Emperor's Armor is forged for Daric Lariat.
  • Tazaarfeyn is created by Harold Burned-Mane.
  • After Joran Nerevar's coronation, a meeting of the Grand Council is held in Mournhold.
    • The Grand Council is officially reformed after being disbanded by the Empire.
    • During the meeting it was decided that House Hlaalu would keep their status as a Great House.
    • Furthermore, slavery was banned in Morrowind once more and they officially decided to join Daric Lariat's alliance as a united Morrowind.
  • The War for the Ruby Throne begins
    • Daric and Bodean Suda lead the Redguard and Breton forces into Cyrodiil, besieging Anvil.
      • The Bosmer, under the command of Celegorn Camoran, come to aid the Stormcrown Alliance and together they take the city.
    • Joran Nerevar leads the Dunmer Army into Cyrodiil from the east and besieges Cheydinhal after its Count is found dead, killed by the Legion.
      • They manage to take the city from the 2nd Legion and push back the 8th Legion to the south.
    • Ulfric Stormcloak leads the Nords through the Jerral Mountains and besiege Bruma, taking the city.
      • What remained of the Legion there retreated to Chorrol.
    • The 8th and 10th Legion attack Cheydinhal to try to retake it from the Dunmer but ultimately fail.
    • Daric's force continues to Kvatch and take the city, defeating the 11th Legion.
    • The Dunmer capture Fort Urasek and use it as a base while they wait for Daric to reach the Red Ring.
    • A combined Nord-Dunmer force besieged Chorrol and defeated the Legion and the undead that were infesting the city.
      • During the battle, Ulfric kills the General of the 9th Legion.
    • Daric's force captured Skingrad and freed the Hassildor Dynasty that had been held hostage by the garrisoning Imperials.
    • The combined Stormcrown Alliance army united around the Imperial City and besieged the city.
      • The led a coordinated attack on the west of the city and broke through into the Talos Plaza. There they discovered that Augustus was using Sloads to animate the dead to fight for him.
      • After taking out the Sloads in the Plaza the army spread out and attacked the surrounding Districts.
      • Augustus led a large force into the Elven Gardens and was pushing back the Bretons, nearly killing Daric. However Harold Burned-Mane arrived and had Odahviing burn the undead, turning the tide of the battle.
      • All the forces then converged on Green Emperor Way for one final battle.
      • During the final battle, Daric and Augustus dueled, ultimately resulting in the Emperor's death.
      • The battle soon ended and the war as well.
  • The Stormcrown Alliance won the War for the Ruby Throne.
  • Balyn Omoran is killed by Augustus Mede during the Battle for the Imperial City in the Elven Gardens.
  • Augustus Mede is killed by Daric Lariat during the battle for the Imperial City in Green Emperor Way.
  • The Argonian Rebellion continues
    • The Argonian Horde reaches Blackrose and send agents to infiltrate the city.
      • The agents riled up the citizens and cause a revolt, which allowed the Horde to attack with increased effectiveness.
      • They capture the city and kill any Imperial that doesn't surrender.
    • After taking Blackrose the Horde marched on Lilmoth.
      • They besieged the city and soon captured it.
    • The Horde next marched on Soulrest.
      • The Argonians infiltrated the city from the flood gate that was partially opened.
  • Azeez-Nassa, leader of the An-Xileel, is made King of Argonia.
  • The Orcs of Orsinium receive orders from Emperor Augustus to attack High Rock.
    • They initially targetted Evermore, the closest city to their country, and sacked the countryside as they made their way there.
    • After sacking Evermore and burning half the city to the ground, the Orcs continue on their way to Wayrest.
    • Following Wayrest, the Orcs continued to the Breton capital of Shornhelm.
    • When they were about to attack Shornhelm, the Orcs were attacked by Harold Burned-Mane and his Dragonguard.
      • The Orcs were defeated and repelled from High Rock.
      • After the battle, Harold headed to Cyrodiil to join the fighting there.
  • Yanniss Mothril is crowned King of the Summerset Isles.
  • The Mane is once again leader of the Khajiit people and Elsweyr.
  • Garth Lariat is made High King of High Rock and King of Stornhelm.
  • Celegorn Camoran becomes the King of Valenwood.
  • Garzonk gro-Snat remains as the King of Orsinium.
  • The Blades were reinstated as the bodyguards of the Emperor.
  • The Penitus Oculatus became a spy faction, serving under the Emperor.
  • With the Stormcrown Rebellion over, all the province rulers meet in the Imperial City to sign the 2nd White-Gold Corcordat.
    • As consequence of the meeting, all the provinces rejoined the Empire diplomatically, uniting them under the new Emperor.
      • Though each province was given a lot more autonomy in ruling themselves, the Empire could not interfere in local politics.
    • During the meeting it was decided that Orsinium was remain an Imperial Province, a protectorate of the Empire so that the Redguards and Bretons couldn't destroy it once more.
    • The Elder Council was reformed, though only with 11 seats. One for each province and one for the Nelthars.
    • Each of the 9 Imperial Provinces is required to maintain a standing army, so that they can rebel against the Empire should someone as tyranically as Augustus ever becomes Emperor again.
      • The Stormcloaks remain as the military of Skyrim.
      • The Adamantine Order is created to be the military of High Rock.
  • The Amulet of the Nine is crafted for Daric Lariat.
  • Daric Lariat is crowned as Emperor Darius Septim I in the Imperial City.
  • Darius Septim marries Livia Mede, uniting their two Dynasties and reinforcing Darius' right to rule.
  • Fargoth Camoran is killed by Naerion's assassins.
  • Naerion Nelthar's plot in Valenwood is uncovered and his arrest is ordered.
    • Nelthro Kanir manages to convince the Emperor to give him to the Nelthars.
    • However, Darius also exiles Naerion so he can't legally leave the Nelthar territories in the Jerral Mountains.
    • Celegorn Camoran regains control of his own mind and outlaws the Nelthars in Valenwood, putting a bounty of Naerion's head.

Pre-Back to Roots(4E 215-218)

4E 215

  • The Blades change their colors to red and white.
  • A new Blades headquarters is built in the Imperial City, close to the White-Gold Tower.
  • Ulfric Stormcloak makes a deal with the Dawnguard, buying the schematics to the Steel Crossbow for the Stormcloaks.
  • The Banker's Guild is created by Darius Septim and his advisors.
    • The guild administrates and maintains the Empire's economy.
    • The leader of the guild is the Imperial Treasurer, who is chosen by Darius.
  • The septim currency is overhauled, six different mints are created. All coins have one side with the Imperial Dragon and the motto: The Empire is Law, the Law is Sacred. On the other side of each coin is the likeness of one famous Septim emperor.
    • The ebony septim, which is worth 100 old septims. It bears the likeness of Katariah Septim, as such it is sometimes called an ebony kat.
    • The gold septim, which is worth 50 old septims. It bears the likeness of Tiber Septim, as such it is sometimes called a golden tib.
    • The ivory septim, which is worth 25 old septims. It bears the likeness of Uriel Septim I, as such it is sometimes called an ivory ur.
    • The silver septim, which is worth 10 old septims. It bears the likeness of Pelagius Septim IV, as such it is sometimes called a silver pel.
    • The copper septim, which is worth 5 old septim. It bears the likeness of Kintyra Septim I, as such it is sometimes called a cooper kint.
    • The iron septim, which is worth 1 old septim. It bears the likeness of Morihatha Septim, as such it is sometimes called an iron mori.
  • The Bankers Guild has set up banks in all the major cities on Tamriel, to further help maintain the Empire's economy.
  • High King Garth Lariat founds the Adamantine Order, a unified military for High Rock.
  • Sir Noleon Beauchamp is appointed the first Knight-General of the Adamantine Order.

4E 216

  • The Empire and the Imperial City rebuilt itself after the war that brought the return of the Septim Dynasty.
  • A son is born to Emperor Darius and his wife Livia Mede-Septim, named Marcus Septim.
  • The Morrowind Thieves Guild becomes active once more, with the help of Jina Nerevar.
  • The Elder Council is expanded after a vote, going from 11 seats to 20.
    • 2 seats per province, 1 for Orsinium and 1 for the Nelthars.
  • Queen Donella Deleyn II dies.
  • Duke Perien La Rouche becomes the new King of Daggerfall after the death of his wife, due to their children being too young to rule.
  • Lord Ernand Corgine becomes acting ruler of the Duchy of Kambria.

4E 217

  • The Steel Crossbow becomes a common weapon in Skyrim and the weapon began to appear in parts of High Rock, Hammerfell and Cyrodiil, though rarely.
  • Jarl Vignar Gray-Mane dies. His nephew, Avulstein Gray-Mane is the new Jarl of Whiterun.
  • The Cyrodillic Thieves Guild becomes active once more.
  • Jina Nerevar marries Jax Redoran.

4E 218

  • A large fortress called Kalsheeg has been built in the Jerall mountains. It belongs to the Nelthar Clan, who have a good amount of land in those mountains.
  • Musafarooke was attacked by adventurers and Uldk was killed by one of them. His son Riksh becomes the new chief and leads his people north to Bleakcoast cave, where they settle permanently.
  • Emperor Darius I reforms the Elder Council, restoring it to the same size as before Emperor Augustus Mede dissolved it.
    • The Elder Council consists of members appointed by royalty from the various provinces, usually consisting of power nobles or wealthy merchants.
    • The distribution of members from each province depends on the population and power of the province.
    • There are 60 elder councilors:
      • 10 from Cyrodiil (1 of which is a reserved seat for the Nelthars);
      • 7 from High Rock, Hammerfell and Elsweyr, each;
      • 6 from Skyrim, Valenwood and Morrowind, each;
      • 5 from Black Marsh and the Summerset Isles, each;
      • 1 from Orsinium.
    • The councilors must elect among them, one to serve as High Chancellor.
      • The High Chancellor serves as mediator and cannot vote, leaving 59 voting members.
    • Votes are decided by simple majority, 30 votes.
  • Three attempts are made on Jina Nerevar's life in the Imperial City, by unknown individuals.

Events of Back to Roots(4E 218-219)

Main article: Back to Roots

4E 218

  • High King Ulfric Stormcloak gives an ultimatum to Jarl Laila Law-Giver to deal with the Thieves Guild or have him tear the city apart in order to catch the thieves.
  • The Hunt for the Thieves Guild begins
    • Kradien Heric steals from Jarl Laila, propting her to assign Thane Mjoll Grimlion to the hunt to assist Maven Black-Briar.
    • Mjoll plans a secret raid on the Ratways to find the Thieves Guild.
      • The raid fails because corrupt guards informed on her to Maven, who had Mjoll and her guards ambushed.
    • Suspecting corruption in the guards, Mjoll assigns Arnor Gray-Dawn to investigate the other guards and Maven.
    • Following an argument between Jarl Laila and Maven, she gives Mjoll full authority over the hunt for the Thieves Guild, having Maven answer to her now.
    • Maven begins to turn Saerlund Law-Giver against his family by starting a secret relationship with him.
    • Maven has thieves kidnapp Mjoll's family and keep them as prisoners after she finds out about the Thane's investigation into her.
    • Arnor and his partner infiltrate the Black-Briar Lodge and found some incriminating papers tying Maven to the guild.
    • Maven used Mjoll's family to get back all the evidence that was taken from her lodge, blackmailing the Thane.
    • Because she became a hinderence to the investigation, Mjoll quit her position as leader of the taskforce.
    • Francois Beaufort was able to convince Jarl Laila to appoint him the new Captain of the Guard, demoting Eldrid Red-Spear.
    • Francois ordered Arnor and Abbard to infiltrate the Ratways in disguise and find the Guild's hideout.
    • Laila confronted Maven about her relationship with her son, Saerlund, and ordered her to stop.
    • Maven, seeing that Laila was turning against her, performed the Black Sacrament.
    • The Dark Brotherhood assassin, Aventus Arentino, assassinated Jarl Laila and planted evidence to frame her son, Harrald.
    • Harrald is imprisoned for his mother's murder.
    • Saerlund is made the de-facto Jarl, with Maven Black-Briar as his chief advisor.
    • Francois runs into Aventus Arentino and figures out that he killed Jarl Laila.
    • Maven orders Maul to kill Francois by drowning him in Lake Honrich.
    • Lieli Stone rescues Francois before he drowns.
    • Francois escapes Riften and goes into hiding in Windhelm.
    • Tobias the Black is made the new Captain of the Guard.
    • Tobias frames Abbard and has him imprisoned.
    • Arnor and Lieli join forces and escape Riften, heading to Windhelm to seek Ulfric's aid.
  • Jarl Laila Law-Giver is killed in Riften, Skyrim.
  • Saerlund Law-Giver is made the new Jarl of the Rift.
  • Jina Nerevar is kidnapped by bandits in the Reach.
  • Jina and Nelthro start their journey to undermine the Thieves' Guilds of Morrowind and Cyrodiil, to aid the Skyrim Guild.
    • They travel to Tear and discover the guild's hideout there.
    • They infiltrate the hideout and steal information, then send it to the guild in Riften for them to use.
    • After escaping from a private investigator they head to Cyrodiil.
    • The two head to the Imperial City, where the Nelthars have taken control of the local guild.
    • Jina infiltrates the guild, gaining entry after completing a job for them with Nelthro's aid.
    • She steals information from the guild, which leads them to a lead in Anvil.
  • The Nelthar lands in the Jerall Mountain are turned into the Viscounty of Kaniros by Emperor Darius Septim at the request of Naritin Nelthar.
  • Naerion Nelthar is appointed the 1st Viscount of Kaniros.

The lawful guards were able to convince Ulfric to aid them, who sent a platoon under Sofie to Riften. Maven had the city locked down in anticipation of the Stormcloak attack. While Sofie fired arrows on the guards atop the north wall Francois and the guards sneaked into the city through Honeyside. Francois and Arnor held the guards off as Lieli went to open the gates for the Stormcloaks. Mjoll saved Lieli's life then helped her open the gates. The Stormcloaks and the guards had a full on battle inside the city as they made their way to the Keep. During the confusion two thieves were sent to assassinate the lawful guards, they poisoned Francois and Lieli but Francois was able to get Ingrun to make an antidote for them. Maul went after Ingrun and clashed with Arnor and Francois, dying in the process. The thieves guild abandoned Maven and cut ties with her as the Stormcloaks imprisoned her and Saerlund. Tobias and the remaining guards left Riften during the commotion. After a few days of Martial law the guards were able to prove Harrald's innocence and he took over as Jarl, and so the Stormcloaks left Riften. The Thieves Guild has been working to ensure their survival and that Maven remains in jail while the guards try to find evidence in order to lock her up for good.

The guards were able to find the incriminating evidence to lock Maven up. Francois and Lieli went to find Maven's bank records to find the Dark Brotherhood's payment, along the way they were ambushed by Tobias and the Blackguards, his new mercenary group. The two guards were able to kill Tobias and his mercenaries and returned to Riften safely. The Thieves Guild decided to help the guards, behind the scenes, with the investigation and discovered that one of Maven's servants was used as the sacrifice for the Black Sacrament. A group of thieves travelled to the Black-Briar Lodge to confront Maven's Shadow about the location of the body. Sapphire, Kradien and Eyjne fought against Shadow and the other mercenaries and were able to get the location off him before killing him. They travelled to where Shadow said it would be and found the skeleton. After that they drew a map of the location and left it for the guards to find. Arnor and Abbard searched for the location where the ritual was performed, they had already searched Maven's Manor, her Lodge and her Meadery but had forgotten to search her warehouse. They headed to the Docks and searched it. Abbard found a secret trapdoor that led to a secret basement under the warehouse. There they discovered where the Black Sacrament was conducted. After gathering all the evidence they brought Maven to her trial. Anuriel, the Jarl's steward was secretly working for Maven and together they were undermining almost all the evidence gathered. However Saerlund had witnessed the two talking and he testified that Anuriel was corrupt. After the revelation the trial continued and Jarl Harrald sentenced Maven to live the rest of her days in prison.

Saerlund was found innocent of the conspiracy and was released, he took Anuriel's place as the Jarl steward. Anuriel was imprisoned. Maven then reached out to Francois and told him the Thieves Guild's secrets, including their location, in a deal to move her to Sibbi's cell. Francois then mobilized the guards and they set out to raid the guild. They easily made their way to the Flagon and fought against the thieves. Dirge, Delvin and Etienne were killing during the fight and Vex, Tonilia, Vekel, Thrynn and Garthar were captured. The guards then made their way to the Cistern. The thieves knew that the secret exit through the cemetery was compromised, but they remembered another exit...Mercer's secret tunnel in the Vault. Karliah led the thieves out while Brynjolf and two others ran interference on the guards. During their fight with the guards Brynjolf used his Nightingale power to make Mjoll and Lieli start fighting. Just before Mjoll killed Lieli Francois shot an Icy Spear through Brynjolf's chest, killing him and breaking the spell. Karliah was able to get a good number of thieves out of the Cistern and to Mercer's old house. They then split up and left Riften.

Three months have passed and the Thieves Guilds of Cyrodiil and Morrowind were both raided, effectively destroying those guilds. More members of the Skyrim Thieves Guild were captured and the High King officially proclaimed the guild destroyed. However a small group of thieves were able to stay in hiding and alluded the guards. Karliah has come out of hiding to gather them up for a heist that will bring the Thieves Guild back to its roots.

Important Plot Points

  • After the Stormcloaks took Riften Saerlund and Maven were detained and Harrald gained the Jarldom of the Rift once he was proven innocent of Laila's murder.
  • Maven was locked up for the rest of her days.
  • Anuriel was charged with corruption and imprisoned, Saerlund took her place as steward after he was proven innocent.
  • The three Thieves Guilds (Skyrim, Morrowind and Cyrodiil) were destroyed. Very few members escaped death or capture.
  • Brynjolf, Delvin, Dirge, Maul, Etienne and others were killed during the guards' raid on the Flagon/Cistern.
  • Karliah, Jina, Kradien, J'Zarr and Eyjne manage to steal the Cowl of Nocturnal. J'Zarr and Kradien join Jina as Nightingales, reforming the Trinity. Karliah becomes the Gray Fox and has her identity stricken from history. The thieves guild is starting to be rebuilt, in the shadows.
  • Nelganis Nelthar is born to Naerion and an unknown woman.

Pre-Plight of the Reachmen(4E 219-223)

Maven Black-Briar dies in prison. The Black-Briar family is now lead by Hemming, Maven's son. Without strong leadership, like Maven's, the family begins to lose power and status in Riften. While still one of the wealthiest families in Skyrim, due solely to their brewery business, their name no longer holds the same prestige as when Maven was leading them.

A new pirate group has started to become infamous after having sacked a costal village in Hammerfell under Captain Basil.

Twins are born to Emperor Darius and his wife, named Messalina and Severina.

The Thieves Guild has been mostly rebuilt, with its influence spanning Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, Skyrim and High Rock.

Despite the deaths of Tobias and many of the Blackguard members the faction of corrupt guards turned mercenaries still exists in Skyrim. Unlike the Companions they don't mind getting their hands dirty and do almost any job for money.

In the shadows, the Blackheart Privateers slowly begin returning to their operations in the Iliac Bay, and used proxies via bandits and pirates to remain well-supplied.

Events of Plight of the Reachmen(4E 223-224)

Ever since the death of Madanach, the King in Rags, the Forsworn have gone into hiding to avoid getting wiped out. They were without leadership and as a result they were no match for the Stormcloaks once they had defeated the Legion and reunified Skyrim. Most people thought the Forsworn were no more, gone forever from the face of Nirn. However, 22 years have passed since the death of their King. The Forsworn have breed a new generation of angry Reachmen that want their land back and they have started to once again cause terror in the Reach. For now they have only attacked caravans and bands of travelers, leaving no survivors. Most people in Markarth think it is just a group of bandits that it attacking people in the Reach, however some people know better. They know the storm that is looming on the horizon.

Relations between the Reachmen living in peace with the Nords haven't gotten better in the past 22 years. They are still treated as second-class citizens and most are living in poverty. The Silver-Blood clan as ruled the Reach since Thongvor became Jarl in 4E 202. Many people resent the Silver-Blood because they would do anything for money, and they have a history with forcing people to sell land to them. However the Jarl is a usually a part of family business and leaves most of that to his cousins in Granite Hall. He is more worried about his hold than his family's business, as he knew it was only a matter of time until the Forsworn resurfaced. He was one of the few that knew the attacks were by bandits. He feared what was to come.

Garbhan and the Forsworn continued to terrorize the Reach, they captured two mines from the Silver-Blood family and attack almost all the caravans that head to Markarth. The Chieftain of the Forsworn has tried to unite the Reachmen clans that left the Forsworn after his uncle, Madanach, was killed. he was able to get one after he left the Reach and attacked a giant's camp. There he killed the giants and reanimated them as his thralls, with the help of the Hagravens in his faction. At the camp he also came into contact with Naerion Nelthar, who offered him an alliance, which Garbhan refused, and then attacked the Forsworn. Naerion then attacked one of their camps and after that went on an expedition into a dwemer ruin where he and the Nelthars that serve him found a control crown for that ruin's dwemer automatons. Naerion sent his subordinates to various factions to try to form an alliance with them, as he needed more troops to besiege Markarth. The Stormcloaks garrison of the Reach, under the command of Cristus Winter-Axe, started fighting back against the Forsworn threat. They attacked Serpent's Leap Redoubt and were able to capture plenty of Forsworn, which they took to Cidna Mine for interrogation. So far they haven't found out anything important. Garbhan, to gain more power, underwent a procedure to turn himself into a Briar-Heart. Now no one could call him weak due to his age. He also had his right hand man set up a heist to steal the Red Eagle's sword from the Dragonborn in Windstad.

Garbhan's right hand man set up the heist to steal the Red Eagle's sword from Windstad, the thief was successful but when he turned the sword in to Garbhan the Briar King, as he was now calling himself, attacked him. The thief left for dead, but was saved by Eignach against his king's wishes. An assassin was sent to kill the Briar King, but he failed. Garbhan traded assassin's life for information on his client. Now knowing him betrayed him Garbhan killed the traitor's son and pretended that he was the assassin, calling all the clan leaders to a meeting. He then showed the true identity of the body to them and had the assassin kill the traitor. The Stormcloaks learned the identity of the leader of the Forsworn, after interrogating the captured Reachmen. Naerion was able to get vampires from the Reach and mercenaries from the Rift to aid him in his scheme. With an army made up of Nelthars, vampires, mercenaries and Dwemer animunculi Naerion marched on Markarth and took the city. There his forces slaughtered most of the guards, only a few having escaped and hidden themselves in the Warrens. He put Jarl Thongvor in Cidhna Mine and began fortifying the city. Word of the city's capture soon reached the Stormcloaks, who readied their forces to march and take it back. In the meantime the Forsworn attacked Amber Guard and burned it to the ground, killing all the inhabitants. This caused Eignach to start questioning his decision of joining the Forsworn. He began to conspire with Tahara and her shaman Ulen. However Garbhan picked up on this and thought of a way to keep Eignach loyal. The Forsworn attacked and took Karthwasten, capturing non-Reachmen from the city. Including Eignach's wife, Anja. This guaranteed Eignach's loyalty. The Stormcloaks, after having bolsters their ranks with the garrisons of Haafingar and Hjaalmarch, and having the Dragonborn's son and the Dawnguard join them, set off to reclaim Markarth. They fought tooth and nail with Naerion's forces and suffered heavy casualties, but in the end won the battle. Only after managing to bribe the mercenaries with freedom from the law and getting them to leave the battle. With Markarth back in the hands of Skyrim Naerion headed off, only to be imprisoned by Nelthro. The Jarl was set free and the Stormcloaks garrisoned the city to protect it, since it no longer had any guards.

The Stormcloaks took over as the guards of Markarth, Lieli Beaufort became Jarl Thongvor's temporary housecarl as his previous one had been killed by Naerion's forces. The garrisons from Haafingar and Hjaalmarch returned to their respective holds, leaving only the garrison of the Reach left in the city. The Jarl and the Stormcloaks started to rebuild and bring order back to the capital of the hold. Elsewhere the Forsworn had captured Fort Sungard and were now gathering their forces to attack the already weakened Markarth. A Stormcloak messenger, which was sent to inform the garrison of the fort of the success of the battle for Markarth, was killed by the Forsworn and his message given to their King. With the information Garbha felt more confident and soon they marched on Markarth. They attacked with their full might, their warriors, shamans, archers, Briar-Hearts, Hagravens and Giant Thralls. The Stormcloaks put up a valiant defense but their were outnumbered and that caused them to slowly lose ground. Two giants remained out of the four and were able to destroy the gates. It was then that the Stormcloaks stormed the city and dealt a final blow to the soldiers defending it. The commanding officer of the Reach, Cristus, fell during the battle. Fox, an Ice-Veins, had his apprentice teleport out of the city before it fell and she was able to inform the wife of the Jarl of Hjaalmarch of the incident, who then sent word to the High King. The Forsworn broke into the Keep and confronted the Jarl, it was during this that Thongvor met Eignach, whom he recognized as his son. This caused the Briar King to turn of Eignach and soon a fight broke out. Only the Jarl, his son and two Stormcloaks, Lieli and Fox, were able to escape through the ruins and out of the city. Thongvor's brother and Lieli's brother died during the clash. The group then headed to Granite Hall where they met up with Thane Balfring Silver-Blood, the Jarl's cousin. They sought refuge there and thought of a plan to take back the Reach. Garbhan sent his new right hand to Rorikstead to hire Kastus to kill the escapees before they became a problem. He found them exiting Granite Hall as they had come up with a plan to get the Imperial Legion to aid them in fighting the Forsworn. The Briar King had also sent his forces to take the town so he could hold the whole Reach.

Important Plot Points

  • Jarl Thongvor is dead. His son, Eignach is crowned the new Jarl.
  • Cristus, a Winter-Axe in the Stormcloaks, is dead.
  • Eignach is married to Tahara, a Reachmen Chief.
  • The Forsworn have been disbanded.
  • Garbhan, the last Forsworn King, is dead.
  • Kastus is dead.
  • Fox is Jarl Eignach's Housecarl.
  • Ulen is Jarl Eignach's Court Wizard.

Pre-A Game of Thrones(4E 224-227)

The large pirate group, led by the now infamous pirate captain Basil, raided a sizable village on the coast of Hammerfell. Basil has two other ships under his command.

Balgruuf the Greater dies.

Jarl Eignach has used the money at his disposal to refurbish the Warren into a decent place to live for the Reachmen in the city of Markarth.

The village of Amber Guard was rebuilt. The lands were innitially given to the Reachmen to occupy but the families of the original citizens, who died at the hands of the Forsworn, were angered and asked that the lands be given to their rightful owners. This almost caused trouble between the Nords and Reachmen, but the Jarl decided to have them both coexist in the village. The lands unclaimed by the families were given to the Reachmen, while the rest were given back to the original owners.

Jarl Eignach and his wife, Tahara, had a child.

Basil's ships continued to terrorize western Tamriel, raiding coastal villages and any vessel dumb enough to travel alone.

With the help of his wife, Fox successfully creates a prototype "Spellcrafter's Table" in 4E 226, where mages could create customized spells with the proper knowledge and know-how. Tests with the table proved to be of great success. Later, Elyna proposed to have a copy of the manual sent to Serana at Hjaalmarch as a gift of gratitude for the latter's help two years earlier, to which Fox agrees and delivered to the latter in person.

Events of A Game of Thrones(4E 227-229)

The year is 4E 227, 12 years after Daric Lariat was crowned Emperor Darius Septim I. When he became the emperor he he passed the throne of High King to his cousin, Garth Lariat. High King Garth has ruled for the past 12 years and married Abelle La Rouche the daughter of the new King of Daggerfall. While he was not as charismatic a ruler as Daric he was able to keep the province is relative peace. The kingdoms of High Rock have refrained from acting on their rivalries and ambitions while Garth sat on the Breton throne. Yet in the 11th of Sun's Dawn the High King died. He left no heir other than the child in his wife's belly, who is 6 months pregnant. The funeral is being held on the 14th of the same month, nobility from all over the province will come to attend.

It has been almost two weeks since the funeral of High King Garth. Tension in High Rock is rising as many plots are underway. The King Perien La Rouche's and his ally's, Emeric Auld, plot was put to a halt when the King Edgar Stentor was named Regent of High Rock by the deceased High King and later received his wife's nomination. The King Julien Tyne sent some of his men into Farrun and Jehanna to act as bandits and cause unrest in the sourthern regions of those kingdoms. So far only the Duke of Raven Spring has sent men after the bandits. King Edgar found out that the High King was murdered, but did not know the poison that caused his heart to fail. So he sent one of his Knights back to Jehanna to fetch him his Magister. The vampire Morgan has been travelling through the western region of High Rock and secretly turning many citizens into vampires. The Crows sent a search party, consisting of Sir Lyon and two others, to find the hostile Orc stronghold that has been mounting raids against the kingdoms of Northpoint, Shornhelm and Camlorn the past month. Recently there was an incident with werewolves appearing in the capital. The guards fought them, but they got away after killing a few guards. Knight-Captain Albecius locked the area down and ordered the guards to investigate the situation.

It has been over a month since the funeral of High King Garth. Tension in High Rock are comming to a boiling point as King Edgar's investigation has led him to some major revalations. King Perien and Castallen Emeric's plot to overthrown the Regent, King Edgar, and stop him from learning about their involvement in Garth's death is underway. They have put doubts on the High Queen Dowager's mind about the Regent. King Julien Tyne waits for the right time to strike against his northern neighbours, while his Knight-Captain continues to cause trouble for them. The Duke of Raven Spring has been trying to stop the bandits pillaging his lands but so far has been unsuccessful. The vampire Morgan's ploy to turn citizens into vampires and cause trouble in the Kingdoms of Camlorn and Northpoint has worked and now the region is having to deal with the new vampire presence. The Crows learned of the hostile Orc Stronghold's plan to reclaim the lost lands of the Orcs in the region of Wrothgaria. They asked for assistance from the capital but so far have received none. The King of Camlorn has subcome to his illness and his son was crowned the new King of Camlorn. The King and Prince of Farrun attended the funeral and have been staying in the city for the past week.

All out war in High Rock seems inevitable, as the Kings of the East are outraged by the execution of King Edgar. The former Regent was captured by the High Queen Dowager, after her father and his accomplises framed Edgar for the murder of Garth Lariat. Weeks after being imprisoned he finally agreed to confess to the false accusation in order to save his daughter, whom he believed was in Queen Abelle's custody. When he was captured, his son Roberto started gathering the forces of Jehanna in order to save his father. However he was too late to save him. Now the new King of Jehanna, Rob, marches towards Shornhelm with his allies for vengeance. Fort Iceblade's soldiers join the King in his march. King Perien is made the new Regent of High Rock, he and his family then move back to Daggerfall. He leaves Emeric Auld in charge of Shornhelm and makes Daggerfall the new capital of High Rock. King Julien readies his forces to strike on his neighbours, now that they are rebels fighting against the crown. The Crows marched to Gar Aglakh and are going to besiege the Orc Stronghold to end the raids against High Rock. Jovron is put in charge of half of the Crow's forces, angering many of the veteran Knights. King Elyas has been sending emissaries to the various Kingdoms in order to get an ally to fight against King Damian of Northpoint. Princess Arielle Stentor joins the Dark Brotherhood and begins training as an assassin.

King Roberto's army reaches Fort Storig and is able to convince Knight-Commander Doraleous Toreau, the younger brother of King Tormund Toreau, to join their Rebel Army. When they were camping outside Fort Storig a message arrived that informed Roberto that his uncle had gone to Fort Dorell and gone missing. Roberto leads his army to the Fort and after learning that they are hostile they prepare to attack. Dowager Queen Abelle gives birth to a stillborn boy and falls into a depression. With the last of the Lariats dead, King Perien claims the throne of High Rock and eventually crowns himself High King of High Rock. After the news of the baby's death reaches Emeric he claims the throne of Shornhelm and is crowned King of Shornhelm. King Julien marches north to Farrun and attacks Dunkarn Haven and captures the village, beginning his war with Farrun and Jehanna. The Crows are defeated during the siege of Gar Aglakh, losing almost have their force. Around 20 Crows are captured by the Orcs and the other 50 are led by Knight-Commander Gerrick to the castle of the Moth King. Jovron escapes with Medora and she heals his wounds in a cave. Camlorn's ambassadors finish their journey around High Rock to see if any of the Kings would join King Elyas' cause against King Damian of Northpoint. Arielle trains with the Dark Brotherhood and is then sent to Ykalon on her final test, to kill the Castallen of the village using the skills she learned.

When they arrived at Fort Dorell, the rebel army was met with hostility. They built ladders and a battering ram to help them besiege the fort while other soldiers enacted a plan to try to trick the defending garrison. Their plan failed thanks to the spy, Sylch, that has infiltrated the rebels. Nevertheless, the rebels defeated the local garrison and took the fort, freeing King Rob's uncle. They traveled farther into Northpoint and were met with another obstacle, an Adamantine Order camp in their path. High King Perien starts trying to secure his reign by making marriage alliances with other Kings, reaching out to King Elyas of Camlorn and King Marcel of Wayrest. He is in the middle of the negotiations. King Emeric continues focusing on defending the city of Shornhelm. King Julien marches his army east towards Karthgran Vale and prepares to attack the village. He left Lord Roderic Ashfield in charge of Dunkarn Haven. At the castle of the Moth King, a group of ex-criminal Crows mutiny and kill Knight-Commander Gerrick. Afterwards the Crows head back to the Black Fortress to regroup and decide their next course of action. Jovron and Medora return to the Fortress and rejoin their comrades. King Elyas is with part of his courtiers in Daggerfall discussing the proposed betrothal between himself and Abelle La Rouche. After killing the Castallen of Ykalon, Arielle completed her first assignment for the Dark Brotherhood.

King Rob and his rebels defeated the Adamantine Order camp and then headed to the nearby village of Thorkhan Park to rest. The young king had to make a deal with Lord Ancois in order to be welcome into the village. Once they were fully rested, the rebels journeyed to Northpoint, where King Rob and his advisors went to form an alliance with King Damian. High King Perien was able to make both betrothals that he wanted, but neither marriage had happened yet. Having travelled to Daggerfall to deal with Perien, Elyas was now preparing to return home with his new fiancé. King Emeric readied his forces for the inevitable battle with the rebels once they finally cross into Shornhelm. King Julien took Karthgran Vale and after leaving Lady Colette in charge of the village and taking the Lord's son hostage, he headed to Fort Iceblade to deal with the rebel soldiers there. However, he was surprised to learn that the soldiers had already been defeated by loyalists. He made a deal with Knight-Commander Gaston to join forces and attack the rebel city of Jehanna. The Crows mourned their dead Commander and reached out for help, receiving assistance from Balfiera and Wayrest. With renewed hope the Crows try to reorganize their crippled order. Princess Arielle and Lady Shannon leave for their mission to kill a nobleman in the Kingdom of Wayrest.

The rebels made a stop at Old Gate, for Rob to reunite with his mother and uncle. While they were there Duke Horstle, Rob's grandfather, passed away. His uncle Eduard became the new Duke and joined Old Gate's forces to the rebels. News of King Julien's capture of Jehanna reached them and they learned of Prince Relien's apparent death. With those news Rob decided to decree his bastard brother Jovron as his heir. The rebel army then headed south, where it was ambushed by an Adamantine Order army led by Knight-General Noleon. While the rebels won, Rob was greatly injured. The army stayed in Thorkan Park before splinting in two, one group staying in the village with the injured king while the rest left with King Tormund to Shornhelm. Prince Crendal La Rouche began leading the Daggerfall army to Shornhelm to reinforce them. The Imperial Legion asked the Emperor what they should do, after receiving Darius' reply they set off. King Elyas, pressured by his vassals, organized and began his wedding with Abelle La Rouche. Julien searched for Relien but could not find him. The southern king then received a letter from Lord Mandaloon so he sent Knight-Captain Matthias to deal with the Lord. Matthias attacked the Lord's village, but his forces were attacked by the vampires that were freed from the Draluc Family's prison. In the chaos, Mandaloon was defeated, but Evermore's forces were forced to retreat. Sir Matthias disappeared along with his most trusted knights. After receiving unexpected help from the Balfiera Battlemages, the Crows defeated the Orcs and saved their fortress. Following the battle, Jovron was voted the new Knight-Commander of the Order. Knights of the Roses soon arrived and joined up with the Crows. With the Battlemages and Knights at their side, the Crows set off to fight the Orcs once more. They arrived at Gar Aglakh and began enacting their plan to win the siege. Arielle left the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to try to meet up with her brother in Northpoint.

In Thorkan Park, Rob had an affiar with a soldier named Jeanne Nathans. Princess Bellisa comfronted him and Rob promised to break off his relationship with the girl, however two days later Rob eloped with Jeanne. This broke the alliance between Roberto and Damian, which was formed from the young king's betrothal to Bellisa. Rob tried to fix his relationship with Damian. It seemed like he had succeeded, but Damian tricked him and allied with High King Perien and Duke Roland. In the wedding of Bellisa and Duke Eduard, Damian and his allies struck and caused the deaths of King Rob, Dowager Queen Callie, Lord Wilhelm, Lady Marthe, Sir Ormax and numerous other rebels. Prince Crendal La Rouche rendezvoused with the Imperial Legion in Meir Darguard and headed to Shornhelm to help it against the rebel force that was preparing to besiege it. After getting married to Abelle, Elyas gathered his army and travelled to Northpoint to bring King Damian to justice for the murder of his father. King Julien returned to Evermore and began raising a militia to reinforce his damanged army, and to deal with his marital problems. Knight-Commander Jovron and his allies defeated the Orcs of Gar Aglakh and finally put their raids on the surrounding kingdoms. The Balfiera Battlemages took the remaining Orcs with them towards Orsinium to make sure they would no longer bother High Rock. Arielle ran into Wolfida and he helped her reach Thorkan Park safely, however they got there after Damian had betrayed Rob. She saw her brother's corpse being paraded through the city. She is then moved into an alley by two mysterious people.

Following the events of the Red Wedding, Damian and the newly crowned King Roland allied with the High King, leaving only Farrun as a rebel kingdom. However King Tormund marched his army back home. Roland was given control of the Kingdom of Jehanna, but Julien wasn't going to give it up without a fight. He brought his militia into the kingdom and fought against Sir Gaston's host, defeating him and capturing the Knight. Prince Rallaume took Dunlain Falls from Evermore's control and Roland began solidifying his rule. Perien sent a fake-Arielle to marry Rallaume to help with this. Roland sent his son to gather men in Cloud Spring and attack the occupied lands in the south of the Kingdom. Due to Julien's defiance, Prince Crendal brought the Daggerfall army down upon Evermore to put down the rebel king. However, Queen Jannia heads to make a deal with the Prince. As part of their deal for the Red Wedding, Bellisa married High King Perien in Daggerfall. Now the High Queen of High Rock she began playing the game of thrones, while her brother schemed with the Vampress Lisbeth against Perien. Sir Cirges, having been captured during the Red Wedding, was tortured by Rallaume, but he eventually was freed and sent to the Order of the Crows. There he met with Jovron and told him of Rob's Will and Arielle's marriage with Rallaume. Jovron agreed to fight for his family and deserted the Crows along with Carrik and Cyrus. They were also joined by Cassander Auld. They travelled with the Adamantine Renegades for a time, whom had come to the Black Fortress seeking aid for the Commander, before splitting off and reaching Jehanna. There they planted the seeds of rebellion. Arielle, done with her training under Jakben, performed the Black Sacrament and made a contract on the persons she wanted to kill to avenge her family. She first killed Lord Ancois and freed her Uncle Eduard. Now she heads to Camlorn.

Pre-The Oldest Ghost(4E 229-230)

The small fleet of pirate ships under the command of Captain Basil become the scurge of the western sea. Villages and small towns fear raids from the now infamous pirate admiral. They've gotten the attention of the Imperial Navy, whom has put out a large bounty on them.

Tolfdir dies of old age. Drevis Neloren becomes the new Arch-Mage.

Events of The Oldest Ghost(4E 230-231)

Some of the stars have mysteriously disappeared, and many scholars fear of an event mentioned in "The Firmament". The people of Tamriel also wonder what the disappearing of the four of thirteen constellations meant, and hoped that the stars would eventually be restored back to it's original state.

In the region of Craglorn, a crisis has befallen the region. A mysterious towering structure in the center of the region has caused a hole in Akatosh's seal, causing Daedra to appear in the region. Two orders, the Star-Gazers and the Vigilants of Stendarr, find ways in attempt to contain the incident despite irreconcilable hostilities.

As the chaos ensues, a mysterious organization prepares to make it's move amist the smoke-screen brought forth by the battles that now plague the once-proud region of Hammerfell. As the two groups begin their first steps in crippling the Serpent's forces, the Scaled Court continues to move forward with their greatest ambition.

Pre-A Song of Snow (4E 231-232)

Since her departure, Anna Georence had not been heard from since, but it is presumed that she continued traveling with her companion, Elric Theranys. The whereabouts of both individuals continue to remain unknown. Refia Heart-Fire also vanished in a similar manner, and is presumed to have followed Anna and Elric, or went off on her own to find her own adventures.

Meanwhile, back in Craglorn, Nirncrux mining begins with assistance from the Star-Gazers for the government of Hammerfell, with some of the Undaunted occasionally hired to serve as mercenaries to protect the efforts of mining the precious minerals and keep others from stealing from any of the veins. The Undaunted also aid in hunting down the remaining remnants of the Scaled Court, their biggest success so far being a raid on the ancient Skyreach Citadel, where a very large force of Scaled Court members were found and eliminated.

At the age of 8, Cristus Lynielle of Markarth receives a letter from the College of Winterhold, offering him a treasure trove of knowledge in exchange for knowledge itself. After some persuasion from his parents, Cristus accepts, and his bodyguard, a Breton woman named Brynhildr, set out for a journey to the College of Winterhold.

Argaeus Sildor assumes the mantle of the Lord of Sorrow after his predecessor and father passes away, and continues the ancient hidden struggle against the Lord of Torment and his diabolical goals.

A mysterious mercenary group that holds the largest secret Nirncrux vein in Craglorn begin offering their services to those whom knew how to contact them. Meanwhile, Freyja Dragon-Heart and her apprentice Altera leave their Order's sanctuary and begin exploring Tamriel on their own terms, alongside a few like-minded students ot their faction.

Pirate Captain Basil becomes known as 'the Golden Eye', due to him replacing his damaged right eye with a gold one following an injury from his most infamous attack in the fortified town of Stros M'Kai. Now with many other pirate ships under his command his fleet is strong enough to go up against that of many Breton and Redguard kingdoms.

Events of A Song of Snow(4E 232-233)

Skyrim has enjoyed peace for the last few years. Ever since the last big war, the Stormcrown Rebellion ended over 17 years ago, the Province has been able to focus on rebuilding from its past conflicts and turning itself into a prosperous nation. There have been minor hick-ups following the Rebellion, the incident in Riften and the war with the Reachmen, but nothing that threatned the safety of the entire province. That, however, is about to change.

The Falmer whom had been taken in by the Dwemer in their time of need after their defeat at the hands of the Atmorans, were betrayed and turned into slaves for their elven cousins. These Betrayed were physically changed, turned blind by the Dwemer's alchemy and magic, to make them easier to control. They were stripped of their former culture, their entire identity as a species was lost to them. However, the Dwemer disappeared misteriously and left the Betrayed to their own devices. The former slaves became tribal creatures, with a strong hatred for the surface world. For the past few millenia, the Falmer have been living secluded in their underground caverns, their numbers growing and their new tribal society growing ever more violent towards those that dared to venture into their domain.

Only on few occasions did the Falmer ever leave their underground territory, due to their changed physiology as well as their divided tribal culture. Though Tamrielic scholars noted that it was only a matter to time before the Falmer gained some level of organization and put their aggression fully towards the surface world. Well, that time has come. A Falmer Chieftain has managed to unite most of the numerous tribes dotting the underground network under Skyrim into one. This new Falmer King has turned his people's sight on the surface, to purge it of inhabitants and reclaim the land that was said to once belong to them.

Skyrim suffered a terrible event that would become known as the Bloody Night. Numerous settlements with little protection were attacked simultaniously by the Falmer. Hundreds of people were killed, painting the snowy province of the north with blood. During the night Helarchen Creek's keep was attacked and the Thane and his family killed, but the Falmer were stopped by Rigvar Burned-Mane, Erich Fair-Wolf and Argaeus Sildor. Pagran Village nearly met a terrible fate too, if not for the intervention of Freyja Dragon-Heart, Altera and her mages.

Following the terrible event, the High Queen organized a party to investigate the cause of the sudden Falmer attack. Her Court Wizard, Edwin Tanet, is leading the party with Rigvar, Erich, Argaeus, Rodrik Winterhorn and two Redguards from Hammerfell. They head to Raldbathar, to try to get to Blackreach and discover the reason for the Falmer activity.

Meanwhile, the Blackhearts hunt down Cristus Lynielle and his guardian, Brynhildr. They stopped by Windhelm where they saw a prisoner by the name of Hulgarth Seven-Swords fight his way to freedom in the Pit and were impressed by his magic. They hired him on and also hired Elaine Theranys, whom had ran into the Blackhearts and Vigilants that were looking for the duo. With their new allies, the two headed off to Winterhold, only to be attacked along the way by Blackheart assassins. They fough them off and took refuge in Fort Kastav, where another attack took place. They defeated the 2nd group of attackers and left the fort, continuing to the College.

Court Wizard Edwin Tanet's party arrived at Raldbathar and began to traverse the Dwarven ruin, running into bandits, chaurus and dwarven animunculi as well as some traps. Now they are at the finish line of their trip, right at the lift to Blackreach, but a Dwarven Centurion blocks their path. They will either need to disable it or somehow manage to beat the monstrous machine.

Cristus Lynielle's party managed to reach Winterhold, where the young boy began his study of magic under the Khajiit wizard, Jo'Khar. The rest of the group waited by in the city, still keeping an eye over the boy while he studied. Jo'Khar also showed them an interesting stone table of ancient origins that was tied to an ancient spirit as old as Mundus. The knowledge of the spirit tempted Brynhildr.

During a night at the inn with Elaine Theranys, the boy was attacked by a large band of thugs. They managed to fight them off and defeat the criminals, whom were then thrown into the city jail. Jo'Khar decided to help the investigation of the incident along. That night at the inn also caused the escape of the Countess, the criminal that was being transported to Windhelm by a guard form Markarth. The guard, Brun, was now forced to ask for help from the local guards to catch her again.

The Raldbthar expedition managed to defeat the Centurion and headed down to Blackreach, finding out that nearly all the Falmer in the province had gathered there together, thousands of them. They hurried to Windhelm with the information but upon arrival learned that the High Queen had departed for Helgen. They used the ancient wayshrine in Windhelm to teleport, but ended up being sent to Winterhold instead, where danger awaited them.

The Blackhearts attacked Winterhold, sending in dozens of vampires and mercenaries to assault the town under the cover of a magical fog. The guards did their best to protect the city but it still caused the deaths of hundreds of people, including Jarl Korir and Captain Kraldar. The College was also a target for the vampires and despite the Mages' gallant defense, they still lost three masters in the fighting: Jo'Khar, Phinis and Sergius. After both Jo'Khar and Jarl Korir were defeated, the Blackhearts retreated, their mission complete.

Following the attack, Arch-Mage Drevis used his own Wayshrine to send the group to Riverwood so they could continue on their mission to find the High Queen, but upon arriving in Helgen they found it under assault by Falmer forces.

Cristus' group headed to Markarth after the Winterhold attack, having Arch-Mage Drevis teleport near Old Hroldan Inn. Brun managed to capture the Countess by himself after the vampire attack and departed Winterhold to bring her to Windhelm.

The group fought against the Falmer forces attacking Helgen and were able to help the Stormcloaks push them back into a retreat, defeating the Dwarven Centurion that was aiding the elven creatures. However, after the battle they discovered that the High Queen had been kidnapped by the Falmer and the group quickly gathered with 185 Stormcloaks, under the command of Stormblade Ralof of Riverwood and chased the creatures back to their lair in Blackreach.

They sneaked their way into the Blackreach fortress and freed the Queen, but were caught in a trap by the Falmer King. The King could control animunculi and used them to corner the group in the fortress. When it seemed like they would be overwhelmed they were suddenly rescued by a group of Snow Elf Paladins, who carved a path to safety for them. They met up with Ralof once more and the Stormcloaks stayed behind to cover their escape. Ralof and his men giving their lives to protect Ursine and the group.

Now in Helgen, the group and the elves discuss a quest for an ancient relic that could hold the fate of the Falmer in its hands.

Cristus' group arrived in Markarth, after being attacked by a group of Daedric seducers summoned by the Blackhearts. They fought them off and continued to the city. In Markarth, Cristus found a letter from his mother that revealed his true parentage, he was not the son of Fox. Confused and frustrated, the lad tries to find a way to vent his anger.

Brun reached Windhelm with the Countess and is trying to complete his mission.\

Upon hearing of the Snow Elves' mission, Rigvar and the two Redguards decided to join them on their quest to Atmora to get back the Star of Auriel. They travelled to Dawnstar, where they got passage from Rigvar's adoptive brother Alesan on his ship, the Brinehammer, and sailed to Roscrea to get more information on the whereabouts of the artifact.

On Roscrea they headed to a native tribe and fought their way past their guards, then infiltrated the village and interrogated their Shaman, learning about the location of the artifact from him. When they returned to the Roscrean port the town was attacked by the angry natives and the group aided the guards in the defense. Now with their destination set they headed to Atmora.

Along the way they encountered a deadly sea dragon and fought tooth and nail to bring it down, defeating it but costing the Snow Elf Engwe the use of his legs.

They landed on the ruined city of Jylkurfyk and began to follow the Snake-Eye River to reach the mountain refuge of the Dragon Priests, where the artifact laid in wait for them.

Events of Purity of Retribution(4E 233-234)

Ever since the many trials and tribulations set forth against him, Cristus Lynielle knew all too well that he was being hunted down by not only the mysterious Blackheart organization, but also many other special interest groups that wish to see him punished for simply what he is. Determined to defy his foes and destroy them all with extreme prejudice, the young Breton set out to the frontier region of Craglorn, a land of eastern Hammerfell and a virtual no-man's land. There, he began his training alongside his most trusted individuals, with them being very few, and everyone else being potential enemies that sought to destroy him, if not treat him with disdain or disgust. As he and his companions prepared for what was to come, it was uncertain of where their road would take them.

The journey of the boy continued to take a turn for the worst as the Blackhearts dogged his every move and continued to assault his allies from the shadows, with his companions seeking to mount their own counter-offensive to force the enemy back, with the outcome of their actions remaining to be seen.

The group's travels lead them to the province of Hammerfell, towards the region known as Craglorn. During their search for answers, Cristus and his group unknowingly participate in a deadly gauntlet at Dragonstar Arena, which was revealed to be a series of realms created by the Daedric Prince, Boethiah. Despite the surprise, Cristus and his group defeat the ancient Champion of Boethiah after fighting through the gauntlet, with them receiving a generous cache of powerful weapons each, if not also their freedom from the Daedric Prince that created the realm.

After being freed of the mysterious arena, thre group retreat to the mining town of Dragonstar, where they would later receive news of a mysterious ore deposit being discovered but also raided by a large force of mercenaries shortly after it's discovery. Cristus suspects the Blackhearts being the culprits, and so seek out the leader of the town to offer their assistance in dealing with the mercenary group.

Pre-Layers of Torment(4E 234-235)

Events of Layers of Torment(4E 235-235)

Pre-Beneath the Black Flag(4E 235-241)

  • J'Dhannar dies in 4E 238.
  • King Azeez-Nassa dies in 4E 239.
  • The Imperial City is attacked by the infamous pirate Basil Goldeye and his Allied Pirate Fleet. During the attack he manages to steal the Amulet of the Nine from Emperor Darius Septim.
  • Basil becomes the unchallenged King of the Pirates.
  • The Imperial Navy begins a tireless crusade against King Basil's pirate fleet.
  • The Imperial Navy corner Pirate King Basil at Hunging Bay and capture him.
  • Basil Goldeye, King of the Pirates, is executed on 9th of Sun's Height, 4E 240.

Events of Beneath the Black Flag(4E 241-)

Basil, better known as Goldeye, the infamous Pirate King has been executed. None of his accumulated treasure was recovered, not even the Emperor's Amulet. Basil had managed to hide it all from the Imperial Navy and he boldly declared at his execution that he had obtained everything the world had to offer and challenged everyone to try to find it and claim his wealth and infamy for themselves. These last words had the effect of sparking a continent wide surge of piracy. Everyone with the taste for adventure and gold set off to sea to hunt down the late Pirate King's treasure. The Decade of Pirates has begun!

Prince Marcus Septim has taken charge of the Imperial Navy and begun a crusade against piracy. He is making a move to close in on one of Pirate King Basil's four commanders, Captain Uzgakh of the Daggerhearts. For this he has gathered loyal men on a mission to hunt down the Orc pirate, Captain Shelakh, a former subordinate of Uzgakh. He planned a trap to lure Shelakh into an ambush out at sea, which was successful, but now he and his men must fight off the pirate and capture him.

Lhotun, the son of the dragon's orphan Alesan, has turned to a life of piracy. He has made his first steps into his career as a pirate, plundering a trade ship from the East Empire Trade Company and gathering together able-bodied men. He still has a long way to go to become the renowned pirate he wishes to be and has yet to turn his sights onto Basil's ultimate treasure.

Naerion Exul went to Stros M'Kai, where he and his crew managed to procure a large quantity of Jarrin Root from the local lord, Headman Zakhim, after killing his men. Jerod Wolfson was sent to capture Naerion by his superiors, but the exile has thus far eluded him. Naerion headed to the nearby island of N'Gasta to try to capture the ancient tower belonging to an infamous Sload, but the locals proved to be more trouble than he had expected. He began construction of the Dwemer Centurion Yagrenac to try to fight off the local soldiers. Jerod followed Naerion to the island. Despite initially helping the locals, he butted heads with them over who would take custody of the pirates, including the newly captured lieutenant Vander and his men.

The crew of the Maiala fought off the infamous Ebonarm Pirates, killing them and sinking them ship. They were later recruited by Prince Marcus to participate in his mission to hunt the Orc pirates. However, trouble brews among the privateers as the First Mate, Borghul Yarzok, is trying to turn the others against their captain, Jarnus Staggitus.

Roderon Aumcel, a former Imperial turned pirate, continues his career as a pirate in the Sea of Ghosts. He assaulted a Dunmer trade ship headed for Solstheim and managed to escape with some of their goods before House Redoran could pursue him. However, his actions in the sea of ghosts for the past few months seem to have gained him the attention of a dangerous rival, the Flame-Hair Pirates.

The Imperial Centurion Evalana Aumcel, Captain Roderon's sister, continues her job patrolling the Eltheric Ocean for pirates. She intercepted one of the Eniel Pirates' ships, the Deceit and managed to capture its crew. She turned them into Daggerfall so they could face justice at the hands of the Breton High King.

Prince Marcus and his men engaged Captain Shelakh and his new ally, the Orc pirate Brolok. King Cassander's ship was under heavy fire from the Orcs and it sustained major damage before it was boarded by Shelakh and his men. Thankfully, Cassander had a secret up his sleeve that allowed him to come out on top, his lycanthropy. Him and his knights fought off the Orcs while Marcus on the Katariah bombarded the Orcs. In the end, the battle was won and Shelakh was captured.

During the battle, the Malaia underwent a mutiny led by First Mate Borghul and the Old Stag was thrown overboard. The ship then slipped away while the Katariah was busy firing on the Fist, Brolok's ship. Borghul has set his sights on King Basil's treasure, but first he is heading to a pirate hideout north of Farrun for information.

The Imperials then headed to Betony to return Edgard Baelborne to his father, Lord Gaston, and interrogate Shelakh. While initially unsuccessful, they were able to crack the Orc with the help of Gaston's Magister, Gladroon Direnni. Now they knew the location of Uzgakh's hideout and the size of his crew.

Lhotun sold his stolen goods at a pirate cove, before heading off to Solstheim to retrieve a Dwarven Ballista in order to increase the firepower of the Brinehammer. They encountered a Telvanni reseach group and their bodyguards in the ruin and must now fight them in order to obtain their objective.

Naerion Exul tried to send an assassin to kill the leader of Fort Cyrus on the island of N'Gasta, in order to free his captured men. However, the plan backfired and the assassin was killed, with the captured pirates commiting suicide to avoid being interrogated. In response to this, Naerion ordered a full assault on Fort Cyrus to wipe out the Redguard garrison on the island.

Roderon was captured by the Flame-Hair Pirates and forced to join their crew, now answering to Commander Freydis. He spent the last of his gold to fix his ship following a short battle against Freydis' men before his capture so he set his sights on the village of Frostflow for plunder.

Evalana made a mistake when interfering in a sea battle and accidently fired on a Tulune ship that was pursuing two stolen trade ships. She went to Tulune and offered her help to Baron Astien to pay for her mistake. She joined Captain Manis of Tulune as they headed to Dourstone to track down the Corsairs that stole the trade ships.


Return of the Septim Dynasty

Back to Roots

Plight of the Reachmen

A Game of Thrones

The Oldest Ghost

A Song of Snow

Purity of Retribution

Layers of Torment

Beneath the Black Flag