The Covenant
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The Covenant's mission is to forge a vessel with the powers that once belonged to the Amulet of Kings and, in doing so, banish Daedric influence from Nirn.
General Information
Races Diverse
Alignment The Moth Priests
Key Members Lysilde, Nyasia, Alvoran, Clodagh, Kashya, Emile, Mozu, Midnight
Leaders Brother Sophius, Lysilde (as guide)
Adversaries The Daedric Princes, Kismet, Alrithos, Way of the Rat, Sanguine's sect, pirates, slavers
Historical Information
Founder(s) Brother Sophius
Founding 1st of Last Seed, 5E 8
Other Information
System Heroic Group
Years Active 5E 8-
Demonym "Heroes"
The Covenant is a group of individuals prophesied by the Elder Scrolls to put an end to the so-called "Daedra Wars" ongoing in Tamriel.  Assembled by Lysilde, a priestess with knowledge of the Scrolls' prophecy, it includes various knights, adventurers, Daedric champions, peasant cooks, royalty, and assassins.

At the Covenant's core are the ten individuals prophecized by the Elder Scrolls to save Tamriel from the Daedric incursions through so forging a vessel with the power of the Amulet of Kings.


The Prophecized Ten

  • Nyasia al Din: The Queen of Taneth and a wielder of the Shehai.
  • Helian: A young commoner Imperial cook who lived in the town of Bruma with his mother
  • Alvoran Heljarchen: Experienced Nord adventurer and former noble champion who fate had deemed vital to once again help safe the world.
  • Shrava the Wraith: A Khajiit fire mage with a fiery temper to match and former comrade-in-arms of Alvoran.
  • Garran gro-Olugrub: Ostracized half-Breton half-Orc hunter who's cynical and very handy with a bow.
  • Kashya: Quiet, emotionless Khajiit assassin with a dark past.
  • Clodagh: A quiet Nord warrior wracked by guilt.
  • Emile Sauvinet: Paranoid, trauma-stricken Breton veteran knight of the brutal wars ravaging his native land, sadly for him, fate would not let him rest just yet.
  • Mozu: Naive and hopeful young Nord girl that wants to see the world and now given that chance.
  • Midnight: A mysterious shadow mage with dubious morals that fate had deemed vital to their quest


  • Brother Sophius: The blind mentor of Lysilde and moth priest who has read the Elder Scroll that prophecized the creation of the covenant which would set forth on a most vital quest to safe the world.
  • Lysilde: young aspirant moth priest tasked with guiding the covenant along on their quest. She holds the entire group together as their gentle leader.

Additional Members

  • Runaviel: A mysterious Altmer Warden who belongs to the Way of the Indrik, an order that uses the magic of art to protect the mythical Indriks.
  • Rosalia de Ferre: A mage and Cassian's sister.
  • Shaltaire: Life-loving Alfiq Khajiit. Often mistaken for a regular cat.
  • Vyrine Releth: A Dunmer Ordinator that takes her duty seriously. A challenge for her is her need to compartmentalise her duty to the temple and her love for Reina.
  • Reina: A Nord warrior that goes where the wind takes her, lately that wind has taken the form of Vyrine Releth.
  • Borathal: A drowned elf who's a fish out of water.
  • Gram: A nord fisherman and blademaster without a blade. He joins the covenant after they have gone public.
  • Cornelius Lux: Imperial legate of the 12th Imperial Legion under General Drusus Vici, a strict but well versed battle strategist that brought his skills and legionnaires with him to the covenant.
  • Pip Pegolas: A Bosmer bard and bon vivant who is almost always chipper. His manic personality can occasionally get the better of him.
  • Celata: An Imperial member of the Fighter's Guild that fell in with the Covenant after her companions perished on a joint quest.

Former Members

  • Sir Nohaden'Cade, the Augur of Justice: A massive idiot both in stature and in intellect, Nohaden'Cade is a kind-hearted knight but easily fooled.
  • Nemicus: An experienced Imperial seafarer and captain of the mercantile trading vessel: the 'Flashing Blade'. Older brother of the gladiator Graicus.
  • Dancer: A gryphon that has bonded with Helian.
  • Cassian de Ferre: A young Breton mage and noble on the run seeking refuge with the covenant. Prone to act rashly on occasion. His heart is in the right place but he can sometimes say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Deceased Members

  • Sir Baldr Olafsin †: A strong and highly disciplined Nord knight who was assigned to protect Queen Nyasia, Baldr was slain by Kismet.
  • Scaldor †: A longevitous Altmer who served Nyasia al Din as her bodyguard, Scaldor died alongside his hated enemy, the Mother.
  • Krem †: Dunmer guide and former smuggler that knew south-east Morrowind like the back of his hand, Krem was killed by Laumer when escaping Tear.



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