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The Crescent Trinity (or Trinity for short by those that are aware of much of their origins and existence,) are a group of assassins, founded by the high-ranking members of Eselde's Great House, who come after individuals or groups that serve as an affront to the ideals of their origin.

Background and Lore

According to Eselde, the Trinity were formerly standard members of her Great House who (after their potentials being discovered) were subjected to rigorous training processes, which unknown to her, the Trinity also being subjected to enter a Daedric Pact that renders them near-invincible in a mysterious way.

Before their first assignment, the Trinity suddenly slaughtered a large group of their own family members, claiming that "the strong should always crush the weak." After being committed to 'corrections' by the brightest minds of their Great House, the mages eventually discovered that their Daedric Pact gradually increases their power at the cost of increasing aggression and mental instability.

Under the suggestion of Eselde's father, the mages of the Great House altered them, with the intent of being able to control their aggression towards the enemies of the Great House instead. Although mostly successful, they are still known to harbor lingering violent behavior towards their fellow House members.



Wielding her trusty greatsword and utilizing two of three affinities from Second Era Sorcerers, 'Cassipia' is considered the shocktrooper of the Trinity, charging into battle with the intent of punishing her enemies with extreme prejudice.


The mysterious archer that once appeared to sever Eselde's arm with a specialized arrow from his mystical bow. It is shown during his battle with a few members from the Heroes Guild that he is able to manipulate the trajectory and speed of his arrows.


Considered as the spellcaster of the Trinity, Farseer utilizes various spells at her arsenal to support her group and pressure opponents into the defensive. The true extent of her power currently remains a mystery.