Ok Suleyk fen drun mii wah orkiindah!
— The main 'motto' of the Cult
The Cult of Vulcan
The Mark of Vulcan


Large, Hidden


Adawulf Sea-Born


Direnni, The Isle of Balfiera


Vendil Dagoth

Ragnar the Cursed

Socratius Junius


Vorwith Forlen

Abbard Pin-Leg (deceased)


The Cult of Vulcan is a strange cult focused on the worship of the Ash God, Vulcan. It was founded in 4E 211 by Adawulf Sea-Born, the man who is Vulcan's mouth and reincarnation.

When a initiate joins the cult, their souls are taken from their bodies and made into Ash Legionnaires who serve the cult. When Vulcan 'returned' to the world, the Ash Legionnaires were reborn into a newly created race.

The Kagrenan

When Adawulf gained the god hood he craved, he reincarnated the entire cult excluding his generals into Kagrenan. They were reborn with only faint memories of the past, and the belief that Vulcan is the true god.

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