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The Dwemer Wars were a series of civil wars that happened in the second century of the Second Era between the capital of the Skyrim Dwemer strongholds, Arkngthand, and most of its subjects.

Reasons for starting

Arkngthand had a terrible aging problem, and every year, they would take the young adults from their subjects in order to bear and create children for the old Dwemer there. Because of this, half of the strongholds rebelled and refused to give their youths to the supreme stronghold. When this happened, many of the strongholds began killing their governors and other officials who supported this awful custom. Civil war soon sparked.



  • Mzinchaleft (Proprietor)
  • Avanchnzel
  • Bthalft
  • Bthardamz
  • Fahlbtharz
  • Irkngthand
  • Kagrumez
  • Mzark
  • Nchand-Zel
  • Nchardak
  • Rkund


  • Arkngthand (Proprietor)
  • Alftand
  • Arkngthamz
  • Blackreach
  • Kagrenzel
  • Mzulft
  • Raldbthar

Major Battles

Bold - War-turning battle

  • 'Battle of Mzinchaleft (2E 245) - Mzinchaleft frees itself from Arkngthand and the war begins
  • Battle of Solstheim (2E 246) - Solstheim is taken by the rebels
  • Battle of Raldbthar (2E 247) - Raldbthar is taken by the rebels
  • Battle of Rkund (2E 247) - Rkund is taken back by Arkngthand
  • Battle of Blackreach (2E 248) - Supplies were cut off for the strongholds allied with Arkngthand
  • Battle of Alftand (2E 248) - Alftand is taken by the rebels
  • Battle of Arkngthand  (2E 249) - Arkngthand is defeated and the strongholds win their independence.