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Padomaic Canon icon

If you intend on making a Canon on Sandbox wiki, be sure to check this Quick Guide regarding Canon formalization. Additional information can be found here.

Icon Guide

  • You can visit this page for a full list of Canons. Most Canons have their own icon that is visible on the articles belonging to it, on the top right corner of an article. Mousing over the icon will reveal the name of the Canon, and clicking on the icon will lead to the Canon's category page. This is done mainly to prevent confusion and for greater convenience.
  • You can use just about any image as your icon, or you can make an icon yourself. To do this, you must follow these steps, given that you have some experience with image editing tools:

Padomaic Canon icon on the top right corner of the infobox

  • The icon should have a transparent background unless it's rectangular. Transparency is supported by .png images.
  • The icon should have a color that does not blend with the Sandbox' color theme or the Canon's infobox.
  • The icon should be of high resolution (generally, the higher, the better).
  • Once you're done with the icon, upload the icon to the wiki and notify one of the administrators. Your icon will be installed shortly thereafter.
  • It is preferential if a Canon has an icon, for ease of identification.

If you have questions and/or requests, contact the Sandbox' administrators.

Canon Icon Templates

Icon List