The Elder Scrolls Sandbox
The Elder Scrolls Sandbox

Below is a Guide for the new features of The Elder Scrolls Sandbox Wiki Chat. Please take note that currently, the features are in beta stage and require further testing and work. The guide is a work in progress.

Ping Notifications


The only feature that is stable as of now is the "Pings" system, which allows the user to be able to receive visual and sound notifications whenever their username or a specific set phrase is mentioned in the chat room.

Ping Menu.jpg

Click on "Pings" button (located in text imput field) to bring up the Ping menu, where you can customize the notifications and set ping phrases. For the system to work properly follow these steps:

  • Set "Mode" to "All";
  • Paste one the available following links in "Audio" (this step is important if you want to have an audio notification, otherwise the Ping system will play an unpleasant sound) - [1] [2]
  • Set "Color" to any color of your preference.
  • Type the ping phrase into Messages - List and Alerts - List (as shown in the screenshot).
  • Click "Update".

User Ping Phrases

Below is a list of ping phrases used by various users of the Sandbox, which can be used as a helping tool for the newcomers (the list is in progress and is being updated regularly):