On The Elder Scrolls Sandbox Wiki, disambiguation is a tool for resolving conflicts with similar page names. Disambiguation helps readers and editors find the page they're looking for, without causing confusion.


There are three fundamental principles that disambiguation is founded upon

  • Titling articles so that each name is different. For instance Rowan Autumn-Arrow (Legend of Nirn) versus Rowan Autumn-Arrow (Brave New World). Make sure to put the article's canon in the parenthesis.
  • Linking to the proper page is key to avoiding ambiguity conflicts. For instance, a link to Rowan Autumn-Arrow points to a disambiguation, when perhaps the original creator of the page intended for the article to contain only Rowan in Legend of Nirn.
  • Allowing readers to find the information they're looking for in either this wiki's search engine, or search engines such as Google or Yahoo!. For instance, a reader might type Rowan Autumn-Arrow into the search engine, not knowing that multiple articles have a similar name. The reader will be directed toward Rowan Autumn-Arrow, where they can select from a list of articles containing that name.

When to use disambiguation

Disambiguation should be used to differentiate articles and make it easier for new users not to get confused while looking through them. It should be used in the following situations:

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