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We are a fanon and roleplaying community centered around Bethesda Softworks' hit franchise, The Elder Scrolls, known for classic games such as Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. The TES Sandbox is the number one wiki to store all your Elder Scrolls related fanmade content, including fan fiction, characters, stories, adventures, roleplay related articles, and more.

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Lars Sun-Laud

An Atmoran necromancer and a Tongue. He rose to prominence in the Dragon Cult, before spending over a century in the Soul Cairn. He participated in the Second Atmoran-Falmer War, where he met and befriended Arch-Mage Gauldur, later joining his College as a Master Wizard.


A Khajiit Dark Brotherhood assassin from Elsweyr. Nicknamed "Mockingbird" for her uncanny talent to imitate people.

Areanae Rosemire

A hunter of Valenwood and a member of clan Rosemire. She was one of the Chosen of Y'ffre selected by the Silvenar to meet with Y'ffre in the Heart of the Valenwood.

Albert Pennick

A Breton thief, Nightingale, and the current Grandmaster of the Skyrim Thieves Guild. He is the Vice-Curator and Chief of Acquisitions the Dragonborn Gallery. Before becoming a career thief, Albert taught archaeological studies at the University of Wayrest in High Rock.

Active Forum RPs

Elder Scrolls:

  • Legend of Nirn: The Daedra Wars - Set in the 9th year of the 5th Era. Nirn has been invaded by the Daedric Princes, who now fight for dominance over the continent. Only the 9 Divine Artifacts can stop them and once more shut the gates of Oblivion, but first they must be found.
  • The Green Pact - Set in the closing months of the Merethic Era. Y'ffre, God of the Forest and Song, has gathered together a group to track down and collect his Earth Bones to restore his power, allowing him to forge a pact that will secure Valenwood's future and the prosperity of the Bosmer race.
  • The Firmament Rebirth: Sin of the Ancestor - Set in the 204th year of the Fourth Era. As inevitable conflict grows between the races of Men and the Aldmeri Dominion, troubles within the other provinces continue to rise, among the provinces plagued by strife being Skyrim, the land of the Nords.
  • Walking Winter's Woe - Set in the year 1E 140. Harald of the line of Ysgramor has declared himself the first High King of Skyrim. His proclamation is contested by the other Jarls and the peace that has existed between the Holds since the Dragon War is seemingly at an end.


  • Dawn of a New Era - October 23rd, 2326. The Commonwealth, already suffering from numerous plagues that scourged the land, is now locked in a bitter conflict never before seen since the Resource Wars. The resurgent Minutemen, once a group attributed to charity, now practices equitable exchange under their own terms. The Gunners, a group of notorious mercenaries lacking moral fiber, continues to war against it's greatest adversary yet. With the War of the Commonwealth having no end in sight...War seemingly became routine.
  • Roads Less Travelled - Welcome to the Four Corners region. Formed by the bordering areas of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, its home to a vast diversity of people. Caesar's Legion, local tribes, the Desert Rangers and the Brotherhood of Steel all vie for control of the region. What you do and how you proceed from will decide the fate of the Four Corners.

Star Wars:

  • Galactic Legends: Bad Blood - Set in the year 1004 ABY. Mandalorian Space, while officially united under one ruler is far from being a single faction. Most worlds are under the control of different clans and while all of them nominally pledge allegiance to the reigning Mandalore, conflict and disagreements among them are not uncommon. Only the Journeyman Protectors are able to keep the peace among the Clans and Mandalorian Space as a whole and so it now falls to them to bring stability back to the region by any means necessary.
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