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Elder Scrolls:

  • Ballad of the High King - Set in the year 1E 139. Jarl Harald of Windhelm, 13th in the line of Ysgramor, has declared war against the last bastion of Snow Elves still living on the surface of Skyrim. This is a tale surrounding the first High King of Skyrim before he takes the throne.
  • Legend of Nirn: The Daedra Wars - Set in the 9th year of the 5th Era. Nirn has been invaded by the Daedric Princes, who now fight for dominance over the continent. Only the 9 Divine Artifacts can stop them and once more shut the gates of Oblivion, but first they must be found.
  • The Firmament Rebirth: Sin of the Ancestor - Set in the 204th year of the Fourth Era. As inevitable conflict grows between the races of Men and the Aldmeri Dominion, troubles within the other provinces continue to rise, among the provinces plagued by strife being Skyrim, the land of the Nords.
  • The Green Pact - Set in the closing months of the Merethic Era. Y'ffre, God of the Forest and Song, has gathered together a group to track down and collect his Earth Bones to restore his power, allowing him to forge a pact that will secure Valenwood's future and the prosperity of the Bosmer race.


  • Roads Less Travelled - Welcome to the Four Corners region. Formed by the bordering areas of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, its home to a vast diversity of people. Caesar's Legion, local tribes, the Desert Rangers and the Brotherhood of Steel all vie for control of the region. What you do and how you proceed from will decide the fate of the Four Corners.

Star Wars:

  • Galactic Legends: Smuggler's Moon - Set in the year 1003 ABY. On the moon of Nar Shadda, the criminal syndicates of the Black Suns and the Exchange have entered into open warfare. The Hutt Cartel maintains a guise of neutrality, while backing the Exchange. The Empire, meanwhile, is investigating the Suns' possible harboring of Sith survivors as the awakened Purebloods seek to make new allies in the criminal underworld.


  • Sylphakon: A New Dawn - While the Zodiac Knights continue to spearhead their operation to sow chaos between the locals, Squad Argentum, after an audience with the Queen of Elis, were given a special task concerning the relations between the Dawn Elves and Dusk Elves in the northern nation to prove themselves to the Queen.
  • Today the Martyr Stands - The year of our Lord, 988. The lights of Rome seem ready to fade forever. To the west, the tsars of Bulgaria lay claim to their own imperial title. To the east, the Caliphate makes its inexorable march, preparing to seize definitive control of Asia. But the deities that sit on Mount Olympus might not go so willingly.
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