Blood on my hands? Never. Only on my arrows.
— The Huntsmer responding to accusations of murder by his brother.

The Huntsmer is an Altmer ranger/rogue.


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The Huntsmer in the Forest of the Eternal Hunt.

The Huntsmer grew up alongside his brother, Ferrin Spell-True. His original name was Nesros, although he disliked it and preferred to not be named.

One day while hunting near the Mijae Court, The Huntsmer saw a beautiful white stag. He quickly pulled back his bow and shot. As soon as the arrow hit, The Huntsmer heard a voice in his head. It commanded him to skin the animal and wrap the skin around the nearest tree. He did so and Hircine appeared to him. The Huntsmer pledged his service to Hircine, and was thus spared. After this, he became known as the Huntsmer.

Years later, after his older brother had inherited the throne, The Huntsmer found out Ferrin was using a stone known as the Kraalniik to control the votes of the Altmer in the Mijae Court. He stole the Kraalniik from his brother and forced him to kill his wife and children. The Huntsmer then banished Ferrin from the Mijae Court, vowing to kill him if he ever returned. The Huntsmer took control of the Altmer at the Mijae Court and bound them to Hircine's service using the Kraalniik.

After ruling for two hundred years, the Huntsmer felt an odd disturbance. He traced it to his brother Ferrin. Shocked that Ferrin had survived this long, he killed the remaining Altmer in his court for power. He the tracked down Eldris, the vampiric side of his brother, and killed him after a long battle. 

He teleported Ferrin to the ruins of the Mijae Court and attempted to kill him. Ferrin proved to be stronger and slew the Huntsmer. For ten years, he lived half dead in the Ethereal, kept alive by Hircine. He returned to slay Ferrin, but once again failed, this time being fully killed by Ferrin. 

The Huntsman was not buried, but his body was reduced to ash and is kept in a pouch on Ferrin's person.

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