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The Kamodus Campaign was the military campaign enacted by General Kamodus in 4E 446. It began with a small revolution in Cyrodiil, and ended with the founding of the Empire.

The Campaign

Before Kamodus

Before Kamodus began his revolution the Thalmor had control over all of Tamriel, save for Hammerfell, which had fought them off. The Thalmor had attempted the Akavir Campaign a few years earlier, where Kamodus had been very successful. In 4E 445 the Thalmor made a new law stating that non-elves were no longer allowed to be officers in the army.


Kamodus was angry at the Thalmor's new decision, and in Morning Star of 4E 446 he staged a coup in Cyrodiil, and managed to overthrow the Thalmor in that province. After this, through the months of Sun's Dawn to Mid Year, Kamodus travelled around Skyrim, High Rock, and Hammerfell, gathering support for his army, as well as removing the Thalmor's presence there. By Heartfire he had freed everywhere except for the three provinces of the Aldmeri Dominion.

The months of Frostfall and Sun's Dawn were spent in a slow advance across Valenwood and Elsewyr, where Kamodus lost a great number of his forces. In Evening Star he finally reached Alinor, where he overthrew the Thalmor once and for all. Ironically, the 25th of Evening Star, the New Life Festival, was spent razing the city of Alinor to the ground, and the slaughtering of hundreds of Altmer.

After the Campaign

After Kamodus had destroyed the Thalmor, he established the Empire in memory of the Imperial Empire, with himself as Emperor Kamodus. Thus began the Fifth Era.

During the Fifth and Sixth Eras Kamodus is almost always remembered as a great, courageous hero (except by the Altmer), and is often cited as the greatest hero of Tamriel since Tiber Septim.

The Royal Family of the Empire are all descended from Kamodus.