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November 4th 2013 - November 9th 2013

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The Legend of Nirn RP is the second part of an ongoing roleplaying thread on the Elder Scrolls Wiki. It centers around several adventurers who are bought together and forced to face several threats throughout tamriel. The next chapter in the Legend of Nirn story is The Legend of Nirn RP III which is an immediate continuation of the plot.

It was created after the first chapter had exceeded 800 posts, the RP was too big and thus it was split up into chapters to keep lag to a minimum.

It currently has 20 chapters.


Plot synopsis

This chapter begins with Englorn and Arnthur, who are south of Windhelm and are heading to the small settlement of Kynesgrove. They debate their next course of action as Englorn is currently vengful and wishes to track down Cleingle and kill him. Arnthur dissagrees and believes that they should continue to the Red Mountain. Unable to decide, the two of them part ways, both chasing their own goals.

After the giant has been slain, Eilonwyn extracts its toe, a rare ingredient of great value. However, the celibration is short lived as Nish quickly discovers that Tobias has been crushed by the giant's corpse. The two of them work together to retrieve Tobias who was almost killed by the weight of the giant.

Meanwhile, Garvut was rather upset that he was forgotten about for the second time. When he woke up at the camp at which the group had killed the Orc, everyone was gone. He went back to Whiterun, knowing Nish would be there, but he had already collected the bounty and left. Garvut had decided to surround himself with the taste of mead and the sounds of joyful singing yet again, and stayed for a few nights. Planning to leave today, Garvut stopped by the general goods store and bought a few health potions.

After Nish and Eilonwyn have moved Tobias to a place of safety, they decide that he'll need a healer and that they need to recooperate. They return to Whiterun for a second time as they plan their next move and get to know eachother along the way. Tension quickly breaks out as Ukawi insults Eilonwyn, because of her race, it is revieled that he has a hatred for dunmer that comes from being enslaved by them. This causes a division in the group as many rush to defend her but she calmly tells them that she doesn't need 'defending' and that she doesn't want this to escelate. After the issue is resolved the group return to Whiterun but Nish lags behind uppon hearing crows in the distance.

The bandit raid of Whiterun

The group return to the bannered mare and Ukawi and C'laro discuss Ukawi's recent outbursts, Ukawi is baffled by C'laro's eagerness to defend Eilonwyn and teases him about 'liking her.' C'laro confesses his feelings, which he soon regrets. They decide to drop it and go back to discussing the scrolls, asking Nish to help them again.

Z'shal is introduced and after finishing up the potion he was working on, Z'shal decided to take a break and went to the Bannered Mare for a bit. When he came in, he saw that some other Khajiit took his favorite seat. He sighed, sat somewhere else, and ordered some mead.

Meanwhile in the North West area of Skyrim an unknown redguard belives that someone he once knew has fallen. Back at the Mare, the tension between Ukawi and C'laro reaches boiling point and a bar brawl breaks out between them. Z'shal, Eilonwyn and Nish attempt to break up the fight but their words fall on deaf ears, eventually Z'shal loses his patience and paralyses both of them. Just as he does, Tobias returns, fully healed but is sadenned by the lack of attention this brings him. The affect of the paralysis spell quickly wears off and Ukawi attempts to go for round two, however, C'laro snaps at him and tells him to cut it out and mature before storming out of the tavern. Meanwhile Amdzel Bagarn enters the tavern and meets an old friend J'dharjo who quickly (and agressively) demands skooma from Hulda. Ukawi and Saak have a discussion and try to decide if it's a good idea to go after C'laro. Eventually Ukawi decides to go after him and finds him covered in blood, some of which is his own, it is then revealed that C'laro was ambushed by bandits on his way out of Whiterun. As Ukawi leaves J'dharjo introduces himself to the group with the help of Amdzel, however, the introduction is cut short as they hear the fighting outside, between Ukawi and nearby bandits.

Eilonwyn is quick to go out and save C'laro, even though she doesn't know his name and Tobias attempts to rally the group. Eventually everyone realises that the situation outside is getting desperate and everyone goes out to help fend off the bandits. It is during this fight that the group reunite with Keerava who has just made her way back from Riften and is eager to tell Nish about her encounter with Manja. She is unable, however, due to the struggle of the battle. Garvut catches up to the group and is enraged that they started the battle without him, thankfully he takes his anger out on the invaders. During this time, Nish tells Eilonwyn that this 'raid' is most likely being conducted by opportunists, he believes that they wouldn't be brave enough to follow them inside, should he close the gates. Uppon deciding this as the plan, they call for everyone to return but Garvut goes deeper and deeper into the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Cleingle flees into the market square and steals a Orcish sword, he manages to escape Riften's guards by diving in the canal and swimming to freedom. He is eventually confronted by a guard, who underestimates him as Cleingle is able to take him down fairly easily. He then flees into the woods to the south.

Whilst J'dharjo and Amdzel fend off the bandits, Keerava and Tobias make their way back to the city as Nish covers them. After a while, they manage to get everybody inside the walls but Nish notices that Garvut is still outside, ploughing through the bandits. Nish's good nature gets the better of him and he insists on going back for him. Garvut then notices that the gate is closing and begins to panick, forgetting that he is currently in a fight, he is struck hard and knocked to the floor.

Nish ignores Keerava's protests and goes out for Garvut, Eilonwyn climbs onto the wall to cover him with her bow and a potion of true shot. It then turns out that Garvut isn't the only one trapped outside of the walls, J'dharjo and Amzdel are also trapped and quickly get overwhelmed. When Amzdel is badly wounded, J'dharjo quickly loses hope.

Nish makes it just in time to stop the six bandits from beating Garvut to death. He manages to take down three bandits with his bow and arrows but his progress is slow and he is soon to be attacked by reinforcements. His progress grinds to a halt, when J'dharjo grab's Nish's knife hand and tries to stab himself on it. Eilonwyn calls from the gate and tries to reason with J'dharjo but Nish realises that with reinforcments raining down upon them, they are likely to perish before they can convince the khajit to let go of his arm. Nish quickly turns his dagger around and rams the pommel end of it into the Khajit's ribs, causing him to kneel down in pain, Nish then punches him to knock him out and carries him back to the gate.

Nish carries J'dharjo half way up the hill before remembering that they need to get C'laro as well. Nish gives J'dharjo to Eilonwyn (much to her frustration) and goes back for C'laro. Nish is doubtful that he'll make the trip but to his surprise, he does. He places C'laro by the gate and calls for Eilonwyn to come back but notably almost calls her 'Manja' before he does. Garvut recovers from his beating and is igored by the bandits as a corpse, he gets up and immediately wastes his tactical advantage and element of surprise by shouting and running in with his hammer. J'dharjo gains the confidence to contribute to the battle and summons some creatures to aid them and casts some spells.

Amzdel is strangely captured after falling and wakes up in a cell, he immediately demands to be released.

Back in Whiterun, the group are begining to feel as if they are holding back the tide of bandits. However, their efforts is jeopardised when the Whiterun guard show up and attempt to arrest everyone. They immediately grab Nish and hit his head against the wall. Nish is quick to insult them, which earns him another beating from the guards until they notice that this bandit raid is a lot bigger than they thought.

C'laro eventually fights his way to an injured Ukawi and saves him from getting hurt or killed in the confusion. As he is revived, Ukawi is confused by Keerava's appearance, believing that he is the only argonian in the group. Saak is outraged by the guard's judgement and throws an axe at them in order to help Nish and get revenge on them. Eilonwyn also notices that guards and stealthily takes them down, she then frees Nish from his bonds and the two decide that they could easily walk away from this and let the guards and bandits destroy eachother.

Ukawi, is momentarily distracted by Saak's outbursts and is hit on the head, after being knocked out in the struggle he sees an apparition that embodies "the Hist." The Hist tells him that his homeland of Black Marsh is in mortal danger and that he needs to return to it immediately, however, doing this would likely condemn his group and so he refuses. The Hist sees this as the ultimate betrayal and promises that he will die if he continues to disobey it, Ukawi stands his ground and refuses to betray the people who he has come to know as friends. He wakes up badly wounded as the Hist continues to taunt him. Ukawi believes that he will surely perish and accepts this, before taking up his sword and continuing the fight.

Saak continues to throw tomahawks at the guards, distracting him from the battle going on behind him. The guards quickly grab and arrest C'laro, despite his protests. Nish suggests that now is the best time to leave, as it will look  like a regular battle would have caused the death of the bandits and guards and Ukawi's group wouldn't be implicated.

Nish runs back to the main gate and opens it again, calling back for everyone to follow him. Saak grabs Ukawi and makes a break for it as Eilowyn tries to call  anyone who may not have heard them back. Tobias and Keerava ended up in some trouble, when a whiterun guard hit Tobias with his shield (rendering him unconscious) and tried to Arrest Keerava. Keerava was too quick for them and took them down with a sweeping kick and a sword to the chest, she then dragged Tobias to safety. They then retreat back to the Bannered Mare, Nish is eager to finish off his pint and half jokes that he'd throw any patrons who touched his pint, whilst he was away over the wall. As they sit down with a shattered Keerava, they discuss the recent fight. Eilonwyn remembers Nish almost calling her Manja and is still thinking about what it could mean.

Outside of the tavern, Ukawi confesses that he plans to go home and figh the battle that the Hist instructed him to. C'laro asks him to reconsider but Ukawi's mind is set on this. Ukawi then asks C'laro about his feelings towards Eilonwyn, C'laro explains that nothing could happen, because they are two very different races. A belief that baffles Ukawi somewhat.

Keerava is quick to draw attention to her injured foot, to which Eilonwyn offers to heal it with a potion. Keerava is greatful for the dunmer's help. As Eilonwyn applies the potion, Keerava introduces herself to Ukawi and confesses that she is glad to meet another argonian. As Ukawi leaves, Eilonwyn asks Keerava how she knows Nish, to which Keerava explains that Nish used to visit the tavern that she owned, often. J'dharjo re-enters, revealing that he lost his eye in the fight, though it doesn't bother him that much everyone else appears to be disgusted by it. Eilonwyn is concerned and offers to try and numb the pain with potions, Nish suddenly awakened by the comotion goes to get the khajit another ale. It is obvious to Eilonwyn that something seems to be troubling him, when she asks him about it he jokes that it is "withdrawl," she believes that it is Skooma withdrawl that he suffers from, which he is quick to correct her. Nish then hears the crows again, he now believes that they must be in his head, because there were no crows in the tavern. Eilonwyn suggests that he gets some rest as she gets up to take a walk around the city, she invites Nish to come along but he remembers that Keerava wanted to discuss something and chooses to stay behind.

Meanwhile Englorn and Arnthur stand arguing outside the gates of Riften, arguing about their goal and how Englorn hopes to abandon it in pursuit of revenge. Arnthur makes his disgust for Englorn's lack of responsibility clear and heads to Morrowind on his own. Back in Whiterun, Eilonwyn decides that she needs to stock up on supplies and get herself some more gold, so she breaks into Arcadia's shop and steals them from there. Though she is regretful, she promises to return the stolen items later, which makes her feel somewhat better. As she goes back to the inn and to sleep, she thinks about the day's events. The giant, Ukawi's group and Nish who she believes is her first friend in her new life.

J'dharjo had finished cleaning up his wound and was greatful for everyone's assistance, upon seeing Eilonwyn go to sleep he passes out and goes to sleep on the floor. Nish finds this somewhat amusing and calls him a 'drunk bastard.' Meanwhile, C'laro is sat on his bed, thinking. His trail of thought is interrupted when Ukawi appears, much to his surprise and tells him that he doesn't wish to leave the group. Ukawi doesn't believe that the group want him there and he knows that he will be more useful elsewhere but he's too attatched to the group to leave it behind.

C'laro is angered by Ukawi's attitude and leaves, still thinking about his feelings for Eilonwyn. Downstairs, Z'shal reveals that he has been sat next to Nish and keerava for some time, invisible using a potion. Nish then reveals that he was just humouring him and he knew that he was there, because his outline shows when he's sat next to any source of light. Z'shal and J'dharjo suddenly remember a previous meeting they had (referencing Skyrim RP 1-3.0), all of this talk makes Z'shal somewhat depressed as he remembers Zarn and Yargon, his previous companions. Nish reveals that he has never been to Morrowind but he remembers tales of the weather being 'crap.'

While the rest of the group talk, downstairs Eilonwyn is the first to suffer Night Terrors, she dreams of being in a field with Nish. While asking him about the odd location and her attire, he turns into some sort of fire beast and gives her a warning. He warns her that everyone will die if the group does not stay together (possibly forshadowing Nish and J'dharjo's fates after the group split up). Consiquently, she wakes up, screaming.

Eilonwyn's scream attracts a lot of attention, J'dharjo breaks into her room and Nish follows behind. Eilonwyn is quite embarrassed over the comotion caused by her dream. She tries to put their concerns to rest, by telling them that it was just a dream and that there is nothing to worry about but somehow, they aren't convinced. She explains her dream, albeit evasively, the simple discription puzzles Nish but he doesn't appear to think that it's anything serious. J'dharjo attempts to make her feel better by giving her a gift and Nish offers his help if it is needed (as he is only one door away).

Nish then turns in for the night and allows Eilonwyn to go back to sleep, J'dharjo walks away, hoping that she is fond of his gift. That night, Nish is taken back to his dreams with Manja as children, similar to before the dream shows the influence that Manja has had on his life and his beliefs. Nish's dream, however, quickly becomes a nightmare as it is invaded by crows. Nish tries to defend himself from the crows but the crows scratch his arms and face to ribbons. He awakes in a panic, sweat rolling off of his face and torso. He immediately runs over the wash basin to cool himself down, he then sees his own reflectoin and is horrified to see that the scratches left by the birds on his arms and face still remained.

Day 3

The redguard appeared from the shadows hiding behind a collum, he decided not to attack the vampire as he would be at a disadvantage having Vidron around the corner aswell, so he waited for them to go, he then started to seach Vidron's hall for things that might tell him what his plan is. He found a map of tamreil laid out on a ebony table, it looked like Vidron had decided to take over the Northen areas of tamreil first starting with Blacklight and then heading into Skyrim.

The Redguard could not stop Vidron by himself, he needed help. He tried to remember friends he knew in the past who could help. He then remembered a Khajit he knew long ago.

He then ripped a back page out of an old book on a table and started to write a letter.

Be ready my friend, they attack from the East, i need your help.

Be ready to fight.

                             From an old friend ...........   Y

He then folded the letter in half and wrote the name Z'shal on it, he then walked out of the mountain, he saw nothing but barren land no true signs of nature. He then started to whistle loudly and waited, he then saw a hawk appear from the south, slowly approaching, it swooped down and landed on the Redguards arm, he then rolled the letter up into a small size and attached it to the hawks small legs.

Redguard *whispering to the hawk*: To Whiterun my friend, flow with the wind and let nothing stop you.

The hawk then flew of into the sky, squaking and traveling with speed heading for Whiterun.

Meanwhile C'laro sits outside of the Bannered Mare, packing his things to head back home. Ukawi notices and goes out to try and talk him down but C'laro is insistent, explaining that his feelings for Eilonwyn would only get in the way. He parts by leaving Ukawi an amulet for him to give to Eilonwyn, he explains that good fortune has always come to the wearer.

Nish comes down stairs to pour himself a stiff drink in the hope of getting himself out of his current state of shock. J'dharjo also wakes up and begins to contemplate his past actions, still anxious about his gift to Eilonwyn but relieved about his eye healing up. Z'shal also wakes up and notices, right away, that something is wrong with Nish, the breton dismisses his concerns, saying that he probably did it to himself in his sleep.

As Nish goes to further lengths to dismiss their concern, he begins to stammer and tremor some more. He's given several calming techniques (such as spells and potions). After helping his nerves calm down, J'dharjo then asks about Eilonwyn, revealing that he constantly has her on his mind. Eventually, Amdzel arrives at the Bannered maire, looking no worse for wear.

Eilonwyn eventually wakes and makes her way down stairs, quite panicked from oversleeping. Upon arriving down stairs, she notices Nish in his state of shock, again, Nish dismisses her concern and states that he did it in his sleep. He then attempts to change the topic of conversation and asks about their plan of action, Eilonwyn explains that she remembers Saak mentioning Elder Scrolls, however, Nish has no clue where the scrolls could be. Amzdel interrupts the conversation when he offers Nish two ebony daggers that were originally meant for his friend, Neldammu.

J'dharjo nervously gives Eilonwyn another gift, which she graciously accepts as well as C'laro's amulet, which she no longer has room for around her neck so she ties it to her wrist. When she asks where he is, Ukawi tells her that he has gone to Boethia's shrine in order to sacrifice himself.

Keerava dreams about her training with Wud-Ne, it is revealed that he was somewhat of a harsh teacher, who often scolded his wife for failure. Keerava also reveals that she is a skilled person who is able to learn things easily, so long as they are introduced by a good teacher or she's given the right conditions.

Eilonwyn is quick to protest against C'laro's sacrifice and asks where he is, so that she can save him. Ukawi explains that he has gone to a shrine, south of Windhelm in order to do the deed. As they run out the door, Nish is confused by their sudden rush to leave but shrugs it off, he decides to catch up with Keerava and find out what she wanted before.

Boethia's shrine

C'laro stands at the shrine, eager to sacrifice himself to the daedra as he has lost the will to live. Just as he is about to make the deal, Eilonwyn and Ukawi arrive to which he bitterly questions their intervention. As Ukawi and Eilonwyn try to talk him down, Ukawi sees no other way to convince him to stop than telling Eilonwyn how he feels about her, to which she is oblivious. Before the argonian can tell her that the khajit is infatuated with her, Boethia summons several guardians to stop them from saving him, they also get attacked by several cultists who have been watching them for some time. It is at this moment that a warrior, of seemingly great skill interveins and reveals that he is here to kill Boethia. Eilonwyn shakes off the daedra's threat, drawing her bow and shooting the cultists with it in order to help Ukawi and the Warrior save C'laro.

Keeping to her traitorous nature, Boethia saves Ukawi the trouble and confesses C'laro's love to Eilonwyn, breaking her promise of secrecy. Eilonwyn is surprised by this, realising that this is the first time that anyone has felt this way about her. To the daedra's surprise, this encourages her to save C'laro and she begins to fight her way through the cultists in an attempt to reach him. Ukawi and warrior arrive first and trick Boethia into revealing her true form, a nord woman who descends from the sky, Ukawi then uses the fact that she has a physical body against her to stun her with a paralysis spell and making her disolve into ash.

The group quickly approach C'laro who was badly injured, during the course of the fight, Ukawi insists that they take him back to Whiterun. However, the calm quickly fades as Molag Bal informs them that Saak sacrificed himself to save them all and banish an unknown evil from the land. This news saddens the whole group as they realise what Saak has done in order to protect the realm. The group eventually head back to Whiterun in order to get C'laro some medical attention and to plan their next move.


Uppon returning to Whiterun, Ukawi invites Eilonwyn to go with him to the temple, where they take C'laro to be healed. The dunmer feels guilty for what had happened to the khajit and decides to go with him as he takes his friend to the healer. Uppon dropping C'laro off at the healers, Ukawi presents Eilonwyn with her own nightingale bow, she is extremely greatful for the replacement bow. She informs the argonian that she's heading back to the bannered mare, before leaving and reuniting with the group members who didn't acompany her on her trip to Boethia's shrine.

When Eilonwyn returns to the tavern, Nish makes note of her scratches and expresses his concern, he then offers to buy the next round.

C'laro awakes in the temple, Ukawi immediately tells him that Eilonwyn's waiting for him in the Bannered Mare, this news unnerves C'laro as he fears a backlash for his actions at Boethia's shrine.

Eilonwyn takes up Nish's offer and begins to examine her bow, wondering how Ukawi aquired it. She is suddenly approached by C'laro who sheepishly asks why she wanted to see him, she explains that she wish to thank him for the Amulet of Arkay. Nish returns with the ales, expressing his concern, believing that hygene standards are incredibly poor in The Bannered Mare. The dunmer uses this to show her new bow to the breton, who begins to examine it, wondering what happened to her old bow. She explains that she broke it on some cultist at Boethia's shrine. Nish offers to fix it and restore it to it's original condition, Eilonwyn agrees and says that he can keep it, if he manages to repair it.

C'laro uses this moment to slip away, feeling that he has damaged his relationship with the group through his rash actions. He has a dream and a vision in which his parents tell him that he must return to his homeland to protect it from a daedric invasion. He is attacked in his sleep by Mehrune's Daegon, who C'laro resists, causing him to wake up with scratches all over his body. Ukawi continues to talk to the warrior as he introduces himself as Asgramor, removing his helmet for the first time. Just as they get aquinted, J'dharjo has an important announcemnt, saying that there are four Elder Scrolls and that Amzdel had the fourth. C'laro wakes up and goes back downstairs, trying to remain unnoticed but fails as everyone notices his scratches. J'dharjo finishes by telling them that the Dwemer was dragged off to Broken Fang Cave.

Eilonwyn, enthusiastically, offers to help out in rescuing him, hoping to test her new bow out. Broken Fang Cave is a location that is pretty close by and therefore it would be a god idea to get there sooner, rather thn later. Nish also agrees to go as he's begining to get bored of living in the tavern, as does Z'shal.

J'dharjo jumps up to his feet with renewed vigor, he shows off his new 'Dwarven Rocket boots' and flies ahead, planning to meet them at the mouth of the cave. As Nish and Eilonwyn are left alone, the breton takes the time to go and ask her about the crows. The dunmer suggests that the crows could be something to do with Nocturnal as she is often depicted with crows but she admits that she doesn't know. She is overall confused by his curiosity in the birds. He explains that he was attacked in his dream by a murder of crows and when he woke up, he had scratches all over his body. They suddenly note that Eilonwyn, Nish and C'laro have all had nightmares at some point or another. The breton eventually asks her about the shrine, Eilonwyn explained that C'laro tried to kill himself, because he had feelings for her. Nish is amazed by the story and says that he regrets sitting that one out, though secretely he's glad that he didn't go as Keerava told him about Manja. He then asks her if she felt the same way, to which she responds by saying that she doesn't, feeling slighty embarrassed.

J'dharjo faints on his way to the cave, he faints and has a dream in which he reunites with his parents, who tell him that he needs to get back to his people in the Akavari. J'dharjo is reluctant to leave his friends, in the dream, he is attacked by Alduin and wakes up with scratches all over his body. As he awakes, he hears Eilonwyn say that C'laro loved her, which, in turn, breaks his heart. Z'shal rejoins the group and Eilonwyn invites him to join them in their search for Amzdel, the khajit decides to go with them. Nish and Eilonwyn share Nish's horse 'Callus' to Broken Fang Cave, Z'shal takes a potion that increases his speed and he runs alongside them.

Broken Fang Cave

The group eventually pass a nord (Rowan Autumn-Arrow), in a watch tower. They invite him along as he seems lost and stranded, their meeting is pleasant an they begin to get to know eachother until they are interrupted as a dwarven eagle flies down to them, playing a message from j'dharjo.

The group express their annoyance at his message as Ukawi and C'laro catch up. Eilonwyn takes Callus and rides off to Broken Fang Cave, ahead of them.

Eilonwyn eventually arrives at Broken Fang Cave, she dismounts and immediately notes J'dharjo's condition. She sits by him and eventually falls asleep, next to him.

C'laro attempts to run away from the group, only to be attacked by bandits as his horse keeled over, the khajit turns into a werebear to protect himself, killing the bandits by savagely tearing them apart. Ukawi and Asgramor chase after him...

Agramor finally catches up to the khajit and tries to kill him, believing that he can no longer be saved, C'laro reveals that he is posessed, he fights his friends to keep them away. He then flees the scene, leaving Ukawi and Agramor behind as they desperately fight over a health potion.

Nish catches up to Eilonwyn and gives her his old footwraps as suplement bandages, she is greatful for them, even if they are repulsive. Ukawi and Agramor catch up to the group and ask for much needed health potions, Eilonwyn has few to spare. When they ask her about C'laro's recent behaviour she replies that she had no idea what is causing it but suggests that it could possibly be related to Boethia's shrine.

J'dharjo awakes, screaming out Alduin's name as he is quickly calmed by Eilonwyn. J'dharjo is only able to stammer a few words, due to the shock of the dream, leaving everyone else puzzled by their connection. Eventually J'dharjo recovers and tells them about his dream, they note the scratches on his body and begin to grow more and more suspicious of it, while they try and figure it out Ukawi leaves to chase after C'laro to stop him from hurting anyone else. Asgramor catches up with him and asks him about recent events, he believes that it's his feeling for his dunmer friend that caused this to happen, C'laro tries to hide it but eventually shows Agramor that he is posessed and that he considers Molag Bal to be his master.

J'dharjo then stops to ask about Kilea-Ves, wondering if anyone had seen him, Nish breaks the news that he buried him recently. J'dharjo is pretty shaken up by the news but he quickly overcomes his grief as he is more determined than ever to save his last, remaining friend.

The group enter the cave and encounter vampires and bandit, J'dharjo transforms into a werecreature and tears them to pieces. They then compete over the bandits and vampire, as Eilonwyn wants the vampire dust as an alchemical ingredient.

Krosis teleports C'laro and appears from his own portal, C'laro identifies this new enemy as a 'dragon priest' and begins to attack him with the help of Ygnar, they manage to keep Molag Bal and Krosis at bay. Ygnar manages to kill Krosis and causes him to explode into a pile of ash and Molag Bal is forced to flee, leaving C'laro seriously injured. Ukawi and Asgramor take the khajit back to Whiterun on a horse, in order to get him medical attention.

As Ukawi takes C'laro back to Whiterun, Asgramor goes to Broken Fang Cave to draw the others away and bring them back to C'laro. Ukawi is told that C'laro will most likely die from his injuries, both Ukawi and Ygnar are shaken by the news.

J'dharjo stumbles on Amzdel as Asgramor arrives with the news, they release the dwemer, just as Ukawi also joins them to inform them that the Thalmor are heading to Whiterun to arrest C'laro. As Ukawi informs them of this, Nish begins to examine the walls as he hears something suspicious coming from behind them. As Nish examins it, he is grabbed by a vampire, which quickly startles him as he quickly strikes it down, more of them pour out of the walls.

Eilonwyn suggests that they should all go back to Whiterun, taking Callus without Nish's permission (though she was told earlier that he didn't mind) and goes back to Whiterun to save C'laro. Uppon arriving, she sees that he's weak and that he is slowly dying...

The Thalmor invasion of Whiterun

A Thalmor agent, almost immediately, begins to start an inquisition, trying to find C'laro. Ukawi lulls the agent into a false sense of security, before brutally murdering him, commencing the battle with his actions.

C'laro explains to Eilonwyn that Molag bal had posessed him and the dragon priest had come to kill him, Ukawi breaks through to inform them that the Thalmor have arrived and that they're levelling the city. C'laro offers to sacrifice himself by causing a large explosion, inside the temple, destroying the building and himself whilst taking the Thalmor agents with him. Eilonwyn protests, saying that she has no intention of seeing him die today as the Thalmor break the walls down and demand that C'laro and his associates surrender. Eilonwyn raises her bow to protect them as J'dharjo announces that he's going to stay and die with C'laro, as he was going to die of old age eventually, revealing that he was born 1E 202.

A thalmor agent grabs Eilonwyn, before she can fire and binds her wrists and drags her outside along with the rest of her group. C'laro sees the opportunity to save his friends and he causes an explosion inside the temple, it explodes killing all of the thalmor who were in it's immediate blast range and causing the others to flee. Asgramor is the first inside, seeing that C'laro was horrifically burned in the explosion and is immediately grief stricken. Amzdel also finds J'dharjo amongst the wreckage and is equally distraught, along with Eilonwyn who is the last to enter the temple...

C'laro awakens, despite his gruesome injuries, the khajit survived the explosion after using an Elder Scroll to revive himself. The group quickly decide that they will no longer be welcome in Whiterun and that they will need to leave. As they finish talking, J'dharjo's soul leaves his body and he confesses his affections for Eilonwyn before fading away. Amzdel, still grief stricken, suggests that they bury him alongside his friend (Kilea-Ves).

Ukawi and Ygnar try to convince C'laro to propose to Eilonwyn but C'laro rejects their advice, saying that they aren't romantically involved so it would obviously be rejected. C'laro's group then propose that she goes with them to Solitude, Eilonwyn agrees, hoping that Nish can catch up to them...

Lower Broken Fang Cave

Nish was unknowingly left behind as the vampire numbers grew more and more, nearly a hundred of them, soon start to persue him.

The breton attempts to escape but he finds vampires at every turn, he falls back deeper and deeper into the cave, uncovering it's secrets as some sort of dungeon, though he is unable to explore it fully. He finishes up in a grotto of sorts at the mouth of a cave, he finds a way to cut off his pursuers with a large gate that they are unable to get through. Nish's relief is short lived as he is approached by three lurkers, who were hiding in the cave a dunmer, nord and breton, vampire group, all begin to surround him. He makes a break for the big gate and tries to escape, through the mouth of the cave, however, this proves to be impossible as it's too heavy to lift and there doesn't appear to be a mechanism to open it.

Nish has no choice but to face the vampires, due to his lack of combat expertise, he is quickly taken down and the vampires grab him, pin him to the floor and begin to drink his blood. The breton is slowly drained of all life, by the vampires as they drink him dry, however, hope returns in the form of a murder of crows.

A cloud of the black birds fly through the gate and begin to circle the group, one of the vampires expresses fear but he is told to hide these emotions by the dunmer. The crows then flew into the form and exploded into a robed figure, who wore protective gauntlets on their wrists and boots and their face was obscured by their hood (except for their glowing red eyes).

The breton tries to attack the figure but the figure grabs him and drains all life out of him, turning him into a husk. The dunmer tries her luck next but she is stopped by her former friend, who violently decapitates her with his bare hands. The nord flees the area in panic but the robed figure shows no mercy and vaporises him with a powerful destruction spell...

Nish sees the figure looming over him as he passes out and eventually dies.

Jerral Mountains

Cleingle had now been running for a day or two without rest, he was located in the Jerall Mountains on the Northen border of Cyrodiil, he was starting to wonder what he was doing and what his plan is at this point in time. He sat down on a peak of a mountain and started to think.


The group arrive in Solitude, Ygnar immediately announces that he plans to leave the group this causes an argument between him and Asgramor which Ukawi manages to avoid by hiring a room at the inn. Eilonwyn immediately begins to explore the city,taking in the sights and sounds, she immediately goes to buy some leather armour and some new weapons.

She eventually returns to The Winking Skeever, she enjoyed her day at the city as the sounds echo through her head. Ukawi visits her as she starts to unpack and asks her about C'laro's whereabouts, Ygnar and Asgramor inform them that he has left to go back to his homeland.

Eilonwyn's dream is quickly invaded by nightmarish figures as she awakens with scratches all over her body, just like Nish, C'laro and J'dharjo. She begins to worry as this is slowly happening to everyone.

Keerava and Tobias arrive in Solitude, Tobias goes off to play with the children as Keerava goes into the tavern to regroup. As she enters, she sees Eilonwyn, who is covered in scratches, Ukawi instantly takes note of this, saying that it's odd that most of the group have had these scratches inflicted on them. Asgramor recieves a message from C'laro, telling him that the khajit is returning to Skyrim. Ukawi suddenly faints and his heartbeat rappidly decreases as C'laro walks through the door, with several arrows sticking out of him. He warns them that he is coming...

Several guards find C'laro, pronouncing him dead on the scene, they accuse his group (Ygnar, Ukawi and Asgramor) of necromancy and have them arrested. Everyone but Eilonwyn and Keerava are arrested.

Solitude prison

Eilonwyn breaks into the prison to rescue her friends, hoping to prove the guards wrong and making them pay for underestimating her.

After being released, Asgramor informs her that C'laro is alive and that he is being taken to the 'headsman's block,' as they explain their predicament one of the guards attacks another guard and reviels himself as 'Guard Johnson.' He watches over the others as Eilonwyn goes to free C'laro and save him from his own execution. Guard Johnson frees the others and gives them their weapons back, allowing them a shot at saving C'laro themselves.

The guards cut a deal with the Khajit, that the others can live if he gives up and allows himself to be executed, he immediately agrees and begs them to keep their end of the bargain. Eilonwyn saves C'laro by firing an arrow into the executioner's heart, instantly killing him and setting the khajit free.

Temple of the divines

An argonian woman gives birth to a child in the temple of the divines, this child is the reincarnation of J'dharjo, though it's not known at this point. The priest asks for a name and the new mother answers 'Okan-Ru.'

Cast (In order of appearance)






Amdzel Bagarn


Garvut Stone-Hand




Unknown redguard

J'dharjo the Spellsword Dwemereth


Bandits (NPC)

Whiterun guard (NPC)

Agatha Tira (SNPC)

Mysterious Redguard

Cultists (NPC)

Boethia (SNPC)

Molag Bal (SNPC)

Monk (NPC)


C'laro's mother (unnamed/voice only)

C'laro's father (unnamed/voice only)

Mehrune's Dagon (SNPC)

J'dharjo's parents (unnamed)

Kilea-Ves the tsaesci (Dream only)

Alduin (Dream only)

Callus (Horse)

Rowan Autumn-Arrow



Thalmor agents (NPC)

Vampires (NPCs)

Vampire Breton (NPC)

Vampire Dunmer (NPC)

Vampire Nord (NPC)

Solitude guards (NPC)

Solitude guard captain (NPC)

Guard Johnson (SNPC)

Headsman (NPC)

Okan-Ru's mother

Unnamed Priest


Contributers (In order of appearance)

Wind within 707



Cicero is cray cray




Rowan The Explorer


Author's notes

Nish's horse (Callus) is named after Joel and Ellie's horse in 'The Last of Us.' - Pretentious, mad hermit (talk) 15:39, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

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