The New Kingdoms
Released January 11, 2015
Recorded 2014-2015
Genre Soundtrack
Length N/A
Producer Kool Khajiit, Karonor Pinewood (exec.)

The New Kingdoms is the second orchestrated score by Kool Khajiit, recorded for the eponymous canon.

Background and release

The first two tracks, "Before Battle Begins" and "Shor's Stone" were released on January 2, 2015 without prior announcement. The album itself is a spiritual successor to Kool Khajiit's Daedric Music Box.

The third track "Vulcan Rising" was released on January 3, 2015 and touches upon the metalcore genre. "We Feast Till Dawn" and "The Second Oblivion Crisis" were released the same day.

Tracks "Corrupted Lineage" and "Tranquil" were released on January 11, 2015 after a short hiatus.


The cover features a symbol of The New Kingdoms canon - a Red Diamond emblem broken in pieces on a white background.

Track listing

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Before Battle Begins" Kool Khajiit 1:41
2. "Shor's Stone" Kool Khajiit 2:09
3. "Vulcan Rising" Kool Khajiit 2:04
4. "We Feast Till Dawn" Kool Khajiit 1:27
5. "The Second Oblivion Crisis" Kool Khajiit 3:12
6. "Corrupted Lineage" Kool Khajiit 2:52
7. "Tranquil" Kool Khajiit 2:24
Total length: N/A
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