Order of Harmony
General Information
Founder(s) The First Ebonheart

The First Ebonheart (1E 28 - Unknown)

Notable members

Auron Ebonheart

Amzinas "Terra" Ebonheart

Eriana "Erys" Ebonheart

Ciel Highwind

Historical Information
Formed From House Ebonheart
Founding 1E 28
Other Information


Headquarters Skyrim
We keep the chains of destiny intact. It is our duty as servants of the Et'Ada.
— Motto of the Order of Harmony

The Order of Harmony is a highly secretive organization dedicated to serving the Et'Ada directly, whom the members refer to as the "Fathers and Mothers of Understanding". Few of their members are rumored to be 'fragments' of the Et'Ada themselves, created to serve them directly.


According to the old records of House Ebonheart, The First Ebonheart was summoned by the Et'Ada themselves and was given an offer to him and his family that he could not ignore: Godhood and eternal salvation in exchange of undying servitude. Thus, the Order of Harmony was born.


Little is known of the specific purpose of the Order of Harmony itself. Every member is only said to be tasked to 'keeping the chains of destiny intact'.

But it is stated in theories that the Order of Harmony is tasked in keeping an eye on the events that unfold in Tamriel and making sure that 'everything goes as the gods wanted it to be'. It can also be assumed that the Order is tasked in eliminating any threats that may hinder the Et'Ada's desires.

One record from documents dating back 4 years after the Order of Harmony is found states that every member of the Order are meant to 'feed' the power of the Et'Ada through their soul's 'purification' until they eventually expire and 'reunite' with their origin: the Et'Ada.


Not much is known about the strength of the Order of Harmony, but they are known to be greatly feared by Daedric Worshippers and Necromancers and well respected by priests and followers of the Divines. Even though they have strength rivaling the Daedra themselves, they rarely use their powers at all.

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