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Penitus Oculatus
Penitus Oculatus Insignia.png
"The Inner Eye"


Imperial Empire


Temple District, Imperial City

Head of the Penitus Oculatus


Head of Intelligence


Head of Special Operations


Head of Imperial Guard



- Mages

- Adamantine Empire

- Domestic Criminals

-The M.O.R.A.G. T.O.N.G

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For the Penitus Oculatus from the Burned-Mane Canon, see The Penitus Oculatus (Burned-Mane Canon).

What is the Penitus Oculatus?

The Penitus Oculatus is an Imperial organization serving as a personal security and espionage force for the Emperor. It gained great duties and prestige following the official dissolution of the blades. Its agents perform infiltrations and counter-espionage against enemies of the Empire, and have been known to carry out assassinations as necessary for the Empire's security.

Founding and goal

Originally founded as a fill in for the blades, since they were prohibited and hunted by the Thalmor, Emperor Mede established the Penitus Oculatus, which is old Cyrodiilic for "Inner Eye". First, they were nothing but ordinary guards with fancy armour but soon the focus shifted less on the Emperor and more on espionage. With the philosophy of "Melius paenitet tutius", the Penitus Oculatus shifted it's focus less on protecting the empire and it's interests when there was most definetly an attack. Instead trying to 'prevention' them as a whole, by means of espionage and counter espionage. Eventually the agency grew so able in the art of lying and decieving they became feared and respected throughout the empire. 

The Penitus Oculatus has grown to become a rival organisation to the Imperial Inquisition, which has been fulfilling the Empire's counter-espionage and infiltration tasks since the beginning of the Third Era.