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The Regulators
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The People of Skyrim


Sebastian De Rochefort

Nadira Sans

Key Members

Sebastian De Rochefort: Founder/Leader

Nadira Sans: Possible co-founder and right hand of Sebastian De Rochefort.

Put in charge of investigating Damasus: post two month timeskip.

Kuj-En (Deceased): Sebastian's left hand and possibly the third person to join the organization.

Jane De Lis: Loyal member, possibly the third longest serving member of the organization.

Serves as Sebastian's partner, post 2 month timeskip.

Horace Defon: Loyal member, possibly the fourth longest serving member of the organization.

Serves as Nadira's partner, post two month timeskip.

Julian Harris: Lieutenant.

Lielle: Lieutenant.

Ascien Joslin: Recruit and Lielle's partner.

Arild: Regulator.


Bandit Syndicate

Azarath Goris




Bandit leaders of Hjaalmarch.


Fighter's Guild

The Village of Koras

The People of Skyrim


Sebastian De Rochefort

Foundation year

4E 204

This article is part of Brave New World

The Regulators are a Vigilante guild that appear in Brave New World, House of Troubles and Their own RP (The Regulators of Skyrim). They were founded in 4E 204 by Sebastian De Rochefort, with a lot of help from his lieutenant Nadira Sans.


The Regulators were founded by Sebastian De Rochefort in 4E 204, as he felt that not enough was being done about the bandit's rise to power in Skyrim. It isn't known if he knew Nadira before or after he founded the order or met her at this point in time but she seems to be the second most seasoned veteran.

By 4E 205, the Regulators had, at least, three members in their organisation as an Argonian, known as Kuj-En joined their ranks. Sebastian, Nadira and Kuj-En seemed to be good at clearing out individual ruins, single handedly but not very good at keeping on top of the bandits and their newly founded Syndicate.

Sebastian explains to the Fighter's Guild, that the Syndicate seems to be too slippery and that the Stormcloak's lack of interest is only helping them become a bigger and bigger threat to the people of Skyrim.

In 4E 207, Sebastian had decided that the only way that he was going to be able to take these bandits down was to recruit on mass, with Kuj-En dead, he and Nadira were the only Regulators and two of them wasn't enough to take on a whole army.

Sebastian decided to ask every able body possible to sign up and takes the fight to the bandits.


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