The Resistance, sometimes called the Cause, is one of the major factions of Tamriel during the Age of Industry. It aims to remove the tyranny of the Empire, and bring about a free world.


Age of Oppression

The Resistance was formed during the reign of Kamodus X, known as Kamodus the Terrible, who's tyrannical reforms and enormous taxing led to riches for himself and the noble families of the Empire, while the common folk could barely afford their daily bread.

Dick Turpin

In 5E 431 the farmer Dick Turpin left his life of toil and poverty in order to make enough money to support his family. He lived a life of banditry, as a highwayman robbing travelling nobles. He used the stolen money to support his family, and later his entire village. He turned others to his cause, eventually formed a group of men and women who wanted to end the reign of Kamodus X, and would fight for their freedom. This was the start of the Resistance, with Dick as its leader.

The Resistance to Kamodus

They started out by liberating small villages and towns by removing the agents of Kamodus, and taking the law into their own hands. Over time, as the group gathered numbers and influence, they took on larger targets. In 5E 435, they made a clandestine attack on the palace, and managed to kill Kamodus. The Resistance had succeeded in their job, and the tyranny was over. Though there has never been another Age of Oppression since Kamodus X, the Resistance has still continued in their quest to liberate the Empire. This has led to them being hunted as outlaws by many Emperors, and are still considered criminals by many.


After Samarkand split away from the Empire in 5E 566, the Resistance there was swiftly stamped out. There has never been an organised Resistance since in the Kingdom of Samarkand, due to there not being such a need for it, as well as it not being tolerated.


The Resistance believes that as long as the Empire exists, injustice will still be present. They aim to displace the power of the nobles and the royal family, and believe that the land must be returned to its old ways of smaller provinces and regions governing themselves. Though their motives are questioned by some, and their methods questioned by many, there are many sympathisers to the Cause.



  • Dick Turpin - The legendary highwayman who originally formed the Resistance in 5E 431.
  • Sofia - The current leader as of 6E 184, who is also a member of the Senate, the governing body of the Empire.


  • Meledran - Bosmer scout. He left the Resistance in early 6E 184 when he started his life of skypiracy, but still fights for the Cause.
  • Cyrus - Redguard.
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