Thu'um guide me
— Thor

Thor (also known as Ysmir or the Last Dragonborn) is a Nord warrior from Skyrim, and the Dragonborn of legend. He is considered by most to be the Savior of Skyrim for almost single handedly dealing with the Dragon Crisis as well as stopping Alduin the World Eater. He is less well known for stopping the rogue Dragonborn Miraak in Apocrypha.

Early Life

Thor was born 4 E 170 on the 10th of Evening Star in Falkreath. Ever since he was a child, Thor had been an angry and violent man, cursed with an unquenchable need for domination that never seemed to be satisfied. As he grew older Thor's behavior worsened as he eventually found himself involved with crime and banditry, running with a group of like minded vagabonds who travelled along Skyrim and Cyrodiil's border terrorizing anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path. Life was hard, but enjoyable for Thor during these years.

In 4 E 201, while traveling through the Jerall Mountains, Thor's bandit crew was caught in an Imperial ambush. Thor was captured while his kinsmen all escaped with their own lives, leaving him for dead at the hands of the Empire.


Thor eventually woke up to find himself on a carriage traveling to Helgen with a horse thief, a gagged Ulfric Stormcloak and a soldier named Ralof. After he asked what happened, Ralof explains how he was trying to cross the border but the Imperials captured him along with a horse thief named Lokir. Once the carriage arrives the Imperials take all the prisoners off the carts and line them up to the headsman's block. Despite Thor not being on their list for execution the Imperial Captain insists he should go to the block too. Her subordinate, Hadvar, apologizes to Thor for that, but assures him at least he will die in his homeland, Skyrim.

As Thor is called up by the Captain and almost beheaded, a big black Dragon lands on the nearby tower before giving a loud, causing meteors to start falling from the sky and sending Helgen into chaos. Thor is disoriented by the ordeal but Ralof helps him up and the two escape in the confusion, making it to a keep that seems secure from the Dragon attack. Ralof cuts Thor's bindings off and they both work together to kill the Captain who ordered their executions, afterwards escaping Helgen through a series of tunnels underneath the town. Just before making it out to Skyrim Thor finds a horned Iron Helmet on the ground, which he takes for good measure.

Before the Storm

After they escape, Ralof explains that his sister, Gerdur, in Riverwood will be able to help them and thanks Thor for saving him back there, insisting he wouldn't have made it without him.

Once the two of them make it Riverwood and Ralof explains everything to Gerder, she along her husband Hod offer Thor their home as well as a clean pair of clothes and a bed for the night. The only thing they ask in return is for Thor to get word to Jarl Balgruuf in Whiterun about the Dragon attack, since Riverwood is defenseless. Thor though has no interest in protecting Riverwood and instead has a drink at the Sleeping Giant Inn, talking to the local Bard Sven who tells him about the Riverwood Trader and how he's in competition with Faendal to win the heart of Camilla Valerius, the owner Lucan's sister, for marriage. Sven then confesses he's even going as far as to spread lies about Faendal to try and encourage her to choose him instead.

The discussion gives Thor an idea to check out the Riverwood Trader, where he steals the owner Lucan's priceless Golden Claw artifact which he then sells to a bandit named Arvel the Swift outside the town for a thousand Septims. Thor then goes to sleep in Gerder's house and the next day before he can leave is confronted by Lucan and Camilla who suspect he stole the Claw, Gerdur though surprisingly defends Thor by lying that he was with her the whole night. Thor is so touched by Gerdur's act of kindness that he decides to tell Faendal about Sven's lies and make his way to Whiterun instead of going off on his own.

Thor goes to Whiterun the next day where he manages to come to the city gates. At first guards stop him saying how the city's closed on account of what happened at Helgen, but Thor says how Riverwood needs help with the Dragons and he must talk to the Jarl, which convinces them to let him into Whiterun. After going inside Idolaf Battle-Born asks Thor which side he is on in the Gray-Mane-Battle-Born conflict, but he responds saying he doesn't take a side. Thor then makes it to Dragonsreach where the Jarl's Housecarl Irelith stops him and asks his business for seeing the Jarl, he explains how he was sent by Gerdur to get defenses for Riverwood. Thor approaches Jarl Balgruuf and explains their need for help and the Dragon situation and the Jarl agrees to send guards there, gifting Thor with a Steel Sword from his personal armory as reward for his warning. The Jarl then takes Thor to see his Court-Mage, Farengar Secret-Fire, who has been studying Dragons. He explains to Thor about their recent return and says his research would greatly benefit from a Dragon's stone located in Bleak Falls Barrow. Which Thor agrees to get, leaving Whiterun for Riverwood again.

Bleak Falls Barrow

After getting to Riverwood, Thor purchases an Iron Banded Shield and Studded Armor from the local blacksmith, Alvor. After he buys his supplies, Faendal asks him what he needs the armor and weaponry for and after Thor explains he'll be exploring Bleak Falls Barrow Faendal offers to come with him, and use his archery skills to help his friend. Thor accepts and the two go up the road and into the Barrow. While inside the two sneak through the interior to see a group of bandits talking about how "Arvel" has gone deeper into the ruin with a special Golden Claw key. Thor realizing that must be the same Arvel he sold the Golden Claw to the day before.

They go deeper into the ruin and after fighting through bandits and rabid Frostbite Spiders Thor and Faendal manage to find Arvel ensnared in spider webs, who says he can show them how the Golden Claw works as a key for the main chamber if they let him loose. Thor frees Arvel from the spider webs but he soon double crosses them though, not wanting to share the treasure with anyone. As he runs away though he accidentally sets off a trap and is quickly killed. Thor fights off the draugr that reside deep in the ruin alongside Faendal, until they come across the Hall of Stories and a large door they can't seem to figure out how to open.

Thor, as a Nord, knew the stories of the legendary craftsmanship his ancestors used for the doors in the Dragon Temples, but that there was always a key. Thor then realizes that the Golden Claw must be the key, containing the necessary symbols for opening the door. He puts them in and the door descends, leading them to the main chamber.

Thor suddenly finds himself to be attracted to Dragon Symbols written on the wall, but can't figure out why he understands it despite never studying Dovahzul or what to actually do with the words. Before he and Faendal can contemplate it more a Master Draugr gets out of its coffin and the two fight if off. After Thor defeats it he finds the Dragonstone that Farenger wanted being held by the just defeated Draugr, much to his relief. The two get out of the ruin and that morning Thor thanks Faendal for his help before telling him he has to give the Dragonstone to the Jarl's Court Mage. Faendal decides to stay home, but says if he needs his help he knows where to find him. Just before leaving though, Thor decides to go to the Riverwood Trader and return the Golden Claw he had previously stole from Lucan, refusing any reward for his efforts.

He then goes back to Whiterun and inside Dragonsreach seeks out Farengar Secret-Fire, who is conversing with a mysterious hooded woman about the appearances of Dragons across Skyrim. After Farengar acknowledges Thor he thanks him, while the hooded woman actually praises him for going through that ruin to find the stone, as it was no easy task.

Dragon Rising

Irelith calls Thor and Farengar up to the Jarl after claiming that a Dragon has been spotted. The Dunmer leads them up to where the Jarl is talking to a guard who claims he spotted one near the Western Watchtower. After Jarl Balgruuf tells him to get some rest he instructs Thor to lead the attack with Irelith against the dragon, having more experience than any of them fighting those creatures. Thor and Irelith leave Dragonsreach and meet up with the other guards. There, she gives a motivational speech to them, which does little to calm Thor's nerves, who still can't believe he's going to see a Dragon again.

They all go to the Western Watchtower only to see it almost completely burned down. Irelith instructs everyone to investigate and Thor finds a guard who tells him that the Dragon is coming back. They all start to fight the Dragon and in the middle of the battle Thor starts to let some sort of raw, animalistic instinct take over as he starts to slash away at this Dragon with his Sword and Shield, actually taking down the beast himself before absorbing it's soul.

After that a guard starts to tell Thor he is a "Dragonborn" from the legends, the ancient and ultimate Dragon slayer. A few of the guards are skeptical until one suggests that if Thor can shout without training, that would prove it indisputably. Thor starts to remember the words in Bleak Falls Barrow, the Dovah tongue he could understand, and shortly after lets out a Fus shout, proving that he is indeed Dragonborn.

As Thor walks back to Dragonsreach, he hears a bizarre shout in the sky that screams "Dov-Ah-Kiin!" He ignores it and heads into the castle to explain the situation to Jarl Balgruuf. The Jarl says how the Graybeards of High Hrothgar have summoned Thor to their monastery on the Throat of the World, something they have not done since the time of Tiber Septim. Fjork is encouraged by the Jarl to go and thanked immensely for saving the city from a Dragon, being named a Thane of Whiterun for it.

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