Thrungvor Snow-Strider is a powerful nordic Knight of Skyrim, said by some to be born of a giant. He was born in Windhelm to the Nordic couple Jervsmar Snow-Strider and Gretse Asendottir. He is a descendant of Skorm Snow-Strider.


Thrungvor is a massive Nord clad in steel plate armour, his hair is long and blonde, and his eyes are blue, he has a single braid on the right side of his head and a short beard, he has an x shaped scar on his forehead and another over his mouth, he insists that he got them in battle with the Uderfrykte.

As a werewolf Thrungvor takes on the form of a monstrous bipedal black timber wolf, his scars remain even in this form; his eyes, however, take on a bright yellow hue.

Powers and Abilities

Thrungvor is a mighty knight, his skills are focused on combat, but he has some skill in speechcraft and can even cast a few illusion spells. Thrungvor can cast Rally, Calm and Clairvoyance.

His robust body grants him resistance to both physical and magical attacks, further complemented by his use of the Lord Stone's power. If the situation calls for it then he can take on the form of a werewolf become many times more fierce than normal.


Thrungvor wears a Steel plate set, although without the helmet and his boots are bound in fur to protect from the snow, he also wears a bear pelt over his shoulders. On his back, he carries his massive sword, Klinge.


Thrungvor was born in 4E 175 at the end of the Great War to Jervsmar Snow-Strider and Gretse Asendottir. Siegfried Snow-Strider would be born 5 years later. He belongs to an age-old clan dating all the way back to the first age, and his forefathers were instrumental in driving the Falmer to the brink of extinction.

As a boy, Thrungvor was already taller than the other children and quite a bit stronger as well, as a child Thrungvor was timid despite his gifts. Adults would regularly ask him to move things, be it at the harbour or someone just throwing out their old furniture, something he would rarely refuse.

But realising that he could carry such things, that no other boy his age could, helped him gain some courage and when he became a teenager he took up work at the Candlehearth hall, Thrungvor would break up brawls between drunk citizens and even soldiers.

He'd get paid to do it, through such work Thrungvor would work up quite a bit of money and eventually leave Windhelm and travel to Whiterun. Finally, he joined the companions, even though many underestimated him, he quickly finished every mission they could give him. Be it intimidate some poor fellow or delve into old nordic ruins to retrieve an item, he never failed, and in the end, he made it into the circle, undergoing the ritual, Skjor was his forebear granting him the beast-blood.

He was the shield-brother of Malik Sahan when he was to prove his honour, Thrungvor was at first reluctant to Malik's brutal methods but gave him the benefit of the doubt and allowed him to join the companions after he defeated Helvir Wolfbane and brought Thrungvor back to Whiterun.

A few days later, Thrungvor would join Vilkas' dragon hunt with Skjor, Farkas, Malik, Buronak gro-Motok and Uthgerd where they met Nathyn Starkun. While Skjor, Vilkas, Farkas, Malik, Buronak and Nathyn took down the Dragon, Thrungvor and Uthgerd took on the Dragon Priest Krosis.


Thrungvor was timid as a child, having little confidence in his own power. But as a teenager, he gained confidence, enough to work at Candlehearth Hall as a bouncer.

Now as an adult he is shown to be proud of his power and of his station. He is also quite courageous and brave, always diving headfirst into danger. Thrungvor is quite stubborn and never wavers once he has set his mind on something, he is quite protective of his junior companions.

Thrungvor has a rather interesting naming sense as he named his horse "Bloodhoof",


  • Thrungvor Snow-Strider and Malik Sahan vs. Helvir Wolfbane
  • Thrungvor Snow-Strider, Malik Sahan, Buronak gro-Motok, Nathyn Starkun, Skjor, Farkas and Vilkas vs. Drogshaanfaas
  • Thrungvor Snow-Strider and Uthgerd the Unbroken vs. Krosis


  • Attributes: Strength and Personality
  • Major Skills: Master Two-Handed(Blade), Master Block(Parry), Expert Hand-to-Hand, Expert Heavy Armour, Adept Illusion
  • Spells: Rally, Calm, Clairvoyance
  • Powers: Rugged(Racial), The Lord Stone, Lycanthrope
  • Equipment: Steel Plate Set, Klinge(Skyforge Steel Greatsword)


  • Thrungvor's article was created before the RP he appears in for Nelthro to check if the Templates worked right(which they did).
  • Nelthro originally forgot that the name Snow-Strider had been used in the lore already.
  • Nelthro frequenlty misspells Thrungovr as Thungvor, forgetting the first 'R'
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