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Ulfric Stormcloak
Ulfric Stormcloak.png
Ulfric in 4E 215
Race Nord
Gender Male
Age 74
Status Deceased
Titles High King of Skyrim, Jarl of Eastmarch
Factions Skyrim, Imperial Legion (Formerly), Stormcloaks, Eastmarch Hold, Talos Pact (Formerly), Stormcrown Alliance (Formerly)
Birthplace Windhelm, Skyrim
Family Mera Stormcloak (Ancestor - Deceased)
Skegglund Stormcloak (Ancestor - Deceased)
Hoag the Great Bear (Father - Deceased)
Aldi Stormcloak (Wife)
Ursine Stormcloak (Daughter)
Addvar Stormcloak (Son)
I fight for the men I've held in my arms, dying on foreign soil. I fight for their wives and children, whose names I heard whispered in their last breaths. I fight for we few who did come home, only to find our country full of strangers wearing familiar faces. I fight for my people impoverished to pay the debts of an Empire too weak to rule them, yet brands them criminals for wanting to rule themselves! I fight so that all the fighting I've already done hasn't been for nothing. I fight... because I must.
— Ulfric's speech to Galmar

Ulfric Stormcloak was a Nord warrior, he was the High King of Skyrim and leader of the Stormcloak Army. Ulfric acquired his throne for the first time after a rebellion against the Empire in which he killed the former High King, after which he was crowned the new High King by a Moot. After the Empire reconquered Skyrim when Ulfric, because of a plea from the Dragonborn, he lost his throne. However when Daric Lariat proclaimed himself the rightful Emperor the Nords rallied behind Ulfric once more as he slew the Imperial Governor of Skyrim, became the High King once again and joined Daric in his rebellion.

Pre-Events of Return of the Septim Dynasty

High King Ulfric sitting on his throne, wearing the Jagged Crown

In 4E 202 Ulfric married Aldi and soon after, in 4E 203, Ursine was born. Ulfric's second child, Ulfgar, was born in 4E 208. Harold Burned-Mane became one of Ulfric's most trusted advisors, and he helped the latter clean up his public image which many hated. One of the first things that Harold had advised Ulfric to do was renovate the Argonian Assemblage and the Gray Quarter, as that would make the Dunmer and the Argonians of the city resent him less. It worked and the tension in Windhelm diminished. Ulfric also made the Stormcloaks the official standing army of Skyrim, and because of that he was able to get better equipment for them as they were no longer just a militia.

In 4E 205 Erikur, who had since married Jarl Elisif, accomplished a coup in Solitude after getting most of the guards on his payroll. He locked Elisif up and effectively became the Jarl of Haafingar. However he didn't account for Thane Bryling's interference. She, who was a close friend of Elisif, was able to tell Jordis the Sword-Maiden about the coup before she was captured. Jordis went straight to Harold, who then went to Ulfric. Ulfric gathered some Stormcloaks and, with Harold, went to Solitude to free Elisif. A skirmish broke out between the Stormcloaks and the guards loyal to Erikur. While the battle was going on Harold and Ulfric freed Elisif, who was angry at herself for falling for Erikur's lies. Erikur cornered them, Harold and Ulfric were ready to fight but it was Elisif who took Ulfric's axe and charged at her husband. She killed him, which gained her Ulfric's respect. After that Erikur's loyal guards were imprisoned and Elisif was reinstated as Jarl. Elisif threw a feast to thank her saviors, but despite Ulfric having come to rescue her from the Erikur she still hated him for killing Torygg. After a short stay in the Blue Palace, the High King returned to his city. Jarl Elisif still holding the eternal grudge against him, though now Ulfric had new found respect for her. She was no longer just a puppet in his eyes.

Shortly after the Stormcloaks won the Skyrim Civil War against the 4th Legion and became an independent province a Moot was called and the Jarls elected Ulfric Stormcloak as the new High King. As the new High King Ulfric formed the Talos Pact with the Redguards of Hammerfell and went to war against the Aldmeri Dominion. When Emperor Augustus Mede acknowledged Skyrim as an independent kingdom and revoked the Empire's claim on the province, Ulfric and Augustus agreed on an alliance, and the Empire joined the Talos Pact. Ulfric sent forces into Cyrodiil to aid the Imperials, who were trying to stop the Dominion's advance towards the Imperial City. With the help of the Dragonborn, Ulfric was able to form an alliance with the Dunmer, as Ysmir was a member of House Telvanni and on good relations with House Redoran. With Morrowind as part of the Talos Pact they were able to push back the Aldmeri from Cyrodiil and attacked them on their own territory. Ulfric was in the front lines along with his most trusted friend, Galmar, when they led the Nords into the Aldmeri Dominion. The Talos Pact was able to swiftly deal with the Dominion on Elsweyr and Valenwood thanks to local rebels, that had started to fight against the Thalmor. When the Dominion was finally defeated in 4E 207, in Alinor, Ulfric agreed with the Emperor that all the Thalmor should be dealt with, however he didn't agree that their families needed to die as well.

After the end of the Second Great War, Ulfric thought that all was going well for Skyrim; They had lost many men during the 5 years of fighting, but now he could focus on rebuilding Skyrim to its deserved glory. However, it seemed that the Emperor had other plans. Only a year after the Second Great War ended the Empire attacked Hammerfell and Morrowind, and because of the alliances Augustus had made with local factions it didn't take long for them to be conquered by the Empire. After they fell the Emperor turned his attention to Skyrim and the Nords. They fought valiantly but they were clearly outnumbered. Ulfric wanted to fight till the last man; He would never surrender Skyrim to the Empire. However, Harold was able to convince the High King to surrender, making him think about his people's lives before his own ego. Ulfric reluctantly agreed and gave up his throne to an Imperial Governor so his people wouldn't suffer from another war. When Daric Lariat claimed to be the rightful Emperor, being a descendant of Tiber Septim. Ulfric knew that this is what the Nords needed to rally them against Augustus Mede. Ulfric killed the Imperial Governor of Skyrim and then took back his throne of High King. He publicly allied himself with Daric and joined his rebellion against the Empire.


Character Form

  • Class: Warrior
  • Skills: Master Speech, Expert One-Handed/Heavy Armor/Block
  • Powers: Battle Cry, The Thu'um, Charisma
  • Shouts: Unrelenting Force and Disarm
  • Equipment: Ulfric's Clothes, Jagged Crown, Amulet of Talos, Stormking Armor, Strunfaas.

Return of the Septim Dynasty I

Ulfric in his Stormking Armor

Ulfric was busy dealing with the Legions that were attacking from Morrowind and Cyrodiil. The Empire had managed to capture Falkreath from the Nords. But when Daric requested their assistance on the siege of Daggerfall Ulfric did not hesitate to send the Nordic Navy to aid them. He even led them himself. The Nord Navy arrived in Daggerfall shortly before the siege began. They landed troops onto the battlefield to aid the Breton King in taking the city. Once the siege began Ulfric led a force of Nords inside and helped Daric's men deal with the soldiers garrisoning Daggerfall. Ulfric met in the city with Daric and fought alongside him. They headed towards the palace to fight the king. When the Imperial Navy was spotted approaching Daggerfall the Nord ships changed their focus to fighting the Imperial ships. The Nord soldiers that had disembarked charged towards the Legionnaires that disembarked from their ships. Galmar had led the Nords against the Legion, which was, led by the Emperor himself. When they made it to the palace Ulfric shouted the doors open and went with Daric to the throne room, fighting the guards along the way. There they confronted High King Arnand, who was murdered by an rogue employed by Daric after refusing to surrender. They then fought the remaining guards until Daric was able to get them to surrender. Afterwards they received word of the battle outside, between the Legion and the Stormcrown Alliance's forces. While Daric remained at the walls Ulfric joined the battle alongside his men and fought against the Legion. After Ulfric and the other soldiers from inside the city joined the battle it wasn't long before the Emperor ordered the retreat and the Alliance forces claimed victory. After the siege was over the Nords got back on their ships and returned to Skyrim.

By the time they returned to Windhelm the Stormcloaks were attacked by an invading army from Morrowind. While they were busy fighting that Legion another from Falkreath invaded Whiterun Hold. The Stormcloaks weren't able to aid Whiterun, as they were held up with the Dunmer. The Nords had to request assistance from Daric to lift the siege. A few days later a small Breton army arrived to break the siege. By then the Stormcloaks had pushed back the Legion in Eastmarch and were on their way to Whiterun. When they arrived the siege had already been broken and the Legion had retreated into Falkreath. Ulfric had the Stormcloaks turn their attention to recapturing Falkreath. It took some time but they were able to free it from the Imperial occupation.

Return of the Septim Dynasty II

The 12th Legion entered the Rift from Morrowind. They marched towards Riften. When Ulfric received word of the army he ordered the Stormcloaks to gather in Eastmarch then move south to intercept the Imperial army before they reached Riften. The Nord Army had arrived in the Rift a few days later to fight the advancing 12th Legion. The High King himself led the assault alongside his friend, Stormblade Galmar. The Stormcloaks were able to mount a counter attack to retake the Rift from the Empire. Riften never fell but the Legion had been able to capture villages and other holdings in the Rift. The Legion retreated from Skyrim and headed back to Morrowind.

Return of the Septim Dynasty III

The 12th Legion heads back into Skyrim from Morrowind to confront High King Ulfric's army at Riften. The Nords fought the 12th Legion in the Rift. The fight was pretty even until the High King started to use the Thu'um. Ulfric, who was now in his 50's and who's hair was beginning to become gray, shouted with Unrelenting Force at the Imperial Legion. The Nords pushed back the 12th legion slowly out of Skyrim again. The Stormcloaks pushed the Legion back towards Stendarr's Beacon. The 12 legion, now half its original size, retreated to Morrowind. The Nords celebrate their victory in the battle once more. After having recaptured the Rift from the Empire then holding it from a second attack, Ulfric returned to his seat at Windhelm.

Sometime later, Ulfric received a letter from House Redoran. They were requesting help in defending Blacklight from the 12th Legion. He knew he couldn't send all his army into Morrowind or else Skyrim would be defenceless. So he sent just enough troops for the Redoran Guard to match the 12th Legion in numbers.

One day a Khajiit entered the Palace of Kings. He was talking with Jorleif when Ulfric walked in. The Khajiit said that he had important information stolen from the Empire. However when he requested an audience with Ulfric he called him Jarl Ulfric, which pissed off the High King. Ulfric corrected him then sat on his throne. He was using his usual clothes and wearing the Jagged Crown. He asked the Khajiit what the information he had was. He apologized and handed the Nord King a sealed letter. The letter detailed many valuable information. Secret trade routes, location of hidden stashes, and certain contacts allied with the Empire that allowed a so called Morgan's assassins to smuggle anything they wanted without any interference. Ulfric asked the Khajiit if he knew anything about this smuggler that had been helping the Imperials. The Khajiit told the High King how Morgan had killed his family many years ago, how it was to steal their small fortune. He also told Ulfric that he joined Daric in order to help himself in tracking down the smuggler and seeing justice exacted. The High King said that the Khajiit would have the support of his soldiers to take down Morgan's smuggling operations, for they were helping the Empire. He told the Khajiit to take down his operation. He nodded and said he would do everything in his power to accomplish the task. He then took his leave from the Palace.

Some days later the Nords that Ulfric had sent into Morrowind to aid House Redoran returned, after having crushed the 12 Legion and maintained the Dunmer's hold on Blacklight.

Return of the Septim Dynasty V

Ulfric Stormcloak and his Nordic Army received the message from Daric and marched their armies south through the Jerral Mountains and to Bruma. Just like the Dunmer they faced heavy resistance from the 9th and the 10th Legions. The Nords crossed the Jerral Mountains and made their way to Bruma. Their scouts reported heavy imperial presence in the North. The Nords had engaged the 9th Legion near Bruma. Ulfric's Thu'um and his Bear Berserkers could easily break the Legion's ranks, they had in fact lots of experience fighting the Imperial Legions. Though the battle was harsh and far from over. The 9th Legion wasn't able to hold the invading Nords for long and they had to retreat into Bruma. The Nords followed them to the city. The 10th Legion heard that the Dunmer captured Cheydinhal and marched south, leaving the 9th legion alone with the Nords.

The Nords had followed the 9th Legion to the city. They had fired on the Nords while they fought their way to the gates. Ulfric was at the frontlines using Unrelenting Force against the Legionnaires. The Nords had fought their way to the gates. Ulfric used his Thu'um to break open the gates to the city. The Legion and the Nords engaged in a heated battle for the city. The Nords continued fighting the 9th Legion. With Ulfric's Thu'um and his Bear Berserkers the Legion was having a tough time. The Nord Army had begun driving out the Legionnaires from the city as they made their way into it. The Nords had completely captured the city and pushed the 9th Legion out of the North. The remaining Legionnaires rendezvous with their comrades in Chorrol. The Nords stayed in the city for now to rest and resupply. The Nords finished resupplying and followed the road south. They made camp halfway to the Imperial City and awaited for a response from Daric and the others.

The Nords had set up camp in the intersection between the Silver Road and the Orange Road. The sent a scout with a letter asking Daric if they should take Chorrol, since if the Stormcrown Alliance let them be they could flank them later. The Nordic scout had returned to Ulfric's camp and told him that Dunmer forces would soon arrive to help him take Chorrol. Ulfric and his Nords awaited at their camp for the Dunmer to arrive. The Dunmer finally arrived at Ulfric's camp. Kirid entered Ulfric's tent, ignoring the guard's protests. He greeted Ulfric and said that he had been sent to aid in the capture of the city. Ulfric looked at the Dunmer. He had received Daric's letter and assumed that he was one of Joran Nerevar's men. He let Galmar bring him up to speed. He turned to the Nord wearing the Bear Armor. Galmar said that the 9th Legion was guarding it, they had set up a perimeter about half a mile from the gates. The problem wouldn't be opening the gates, Ulfric's Thu'um could take care of that. The issue was the large platoons of undead that were guarding the perimeter. They didn't want to say anything over a letter but that was what they were going to have to deal with. Kirid said that their conjurer could summon Daedra and skeletons to fight them. He asked what happened to the city guard or the Legion. Ulfric said that the Legion was mostly inside the gates of the city. They hadn't left much of the 9th Legion left when they took most of the north. Galmar said that the Nords had little experience fighting these kinds of undead, just the Draugr back home. But in Chorrol their scouts had reported skeletons and zombies mostly. He heard that silver was good against them but that was as far as they knew about fighting those fiends. Ulfric said that he thought the elves might know how to best proceed. Kirid scoffed and said that in a fight between Daedra and Undead, the Daedra won. Galmar laughed and patted the Dunmer in the back pretty hard, saying that he liked his style of brute strength. Ulfric said that they would march soon. He told the Dunmer to ready his men and they would do the same. Kirid left the tent and told his men to prepare to attack.

The Nords and the Dunmer departed from the makeshift camp the Nords had set up in the intersection between the Silver Road and the Orange Road. he Nord and Dunmer forces were near the city. Between them an the city was the undead army that Ulfric and Galmar had talked about. The archers fired at the undead, while Kirid shouted for the Indoril and Redoran forces to form a phalanx. The Indoril and Redoran foot soldiers formed into 50 soldier phalanxes, with Indoril Spears bristling over Redoran shields. The Telvanni mages fired destruction magic, and the Sadras conjurers summoned as many Dremora as possible. This time, the Daedra and the Phalanxes worked together, the Daedra forming their own phalanxes to fight in. The Nords followed the Dunmer, Ulfric had ordered the archers to fire at will on the undead. Galmar and his Bear Berserkers had broken rank and circled from the north to attack the undead soldiers from the northern flank. Ulfric was at the head of the Nord Army, on foot, wielding his axe and shouting at the enemy. Kirid led the first few phalanxes, driving a wedge into the undead as the Dremora and Indoril and Redoran troops followed him, attacking any who got past him. The undead fought back, but they were no match for the Mer and Daedra army bearing down on them. Galmar, wielding his Battleaxe, lead the Berserkers from the North, slashing their way through the undead. Ulfric slashed the enemy with his Waraxe. The Nords yelled their battle cries. Kirid did the same and continued to slash his way towards the gates. The Daedra and the Dunmeri army were demolishing the Undead, as if they were demons. Actually, some of them were. The Nords and the Dunmer had almost made their way to the wall. The Imperials on them started firing down on the invaders. They were careless and even hit some of the undead, however quite a few of the Nords and Dunmer fell to their arrows and artillery rounds.

The Dunmer quickly set up ladders on the wall, and the Daedra and Hlaalu began to scale them. The Indoril and Redoran would follow through the gates, when they opened. Ulfric sliced a undead's head off, then he turned and saw Galmar a little ways north of him. He ordered Galmar to clear the way to the gates. The Daedra clambered over the walls, killing everything in their path. Kirid joined Galmar and Ulfric. The Nords hacked their way to the gates. When they were close enough Ulfric looked at them and shouted with Unrelenting Force shattering the gates opened with his voice. Kirid sprinted through the gates, followed by a squad of the best warriors he had. They slashed, hacked, and stabbed their way through the Imperial Guards. He complimented Ulfric on his shout. The High King said that the Thu'um was not meant to be nice. It was a weapon, one to be used just like a sword or an axe. He beckoned Galmar to come with him, the city was almost theirs. The Stormblade ordered the Stormcloaks to charge. The Nords charged in after Ulfric and Galmar. Kirid followed them, killing every Legionnaire in his path. Ulfric told Galmar to have the men surround the city, so no Imperial tried to escape. The old Nord nodded and rallied the men. He went out of the city and to the rest of the army to relay the orders. Kirid fought through the city, attacking the Legionnaires and Undead that still patrolled. Within minutes, he, the Daedra, and the Dunmeri army had cleared out the left side of the city. The Nords surrounded the city and stopped the Imperials that were trying to escape from the other gates. Inside Ulfric lead the others in combat, using the power of his voice to get the upper hand.

Kirid's soldiers began to clear out all remnants of Legion filth in the left side of the city, either killing or capturing. Ulfric told Galmar to help him find the enemy General. They were making their way through the city when they spotted the General on the eastern wall. Galmar pointed him out, saying that the coward was trying to hide. Ulfric said that it would not work. They slashed their way up the nearest stairs to the wall. The general saw them coming at him. He had tried to escape but saw that the whole city was surrounded. He drew his sword to fight Ulfric and Galmar. Ulfric just looked him in the eye. Then charged at him. Ulfric clashed steel with the General. The general said that Ulfric was too old, he could not defeat him. The Nord said that he was stronger and he had one thing that the General did not. He asked him what it was as he slashed Ulfric. Ulfric grunted in pain from the slash, but he composed himself. He said that it was his voice, then shouted with Unrelenting Force at the General sending him flying off the wall. The imperial died from the fall. Kirid lounged on the throne of the former Count, and watched as Ulfric walked in, bloody. Kirid stood up and gave an exaggerated bow, welcoming him. Galmar told him to show some respect to the High King and pointed out that the throne of Count didn't belong to him. Ulfric cleaned his axe and told the old Stormblade to calm down, formalities didn't matter to him. Kirid grinned and looked at Ulfric, saying that he liked him. He asked Ulfric to make his men stop calling him by his race. Ulfric said that Kirid was a Dunmer and he was a Nord. The dead soldier there was an Imperial. These were truths. Galmar grunted. He said that they weren't insulting them. Kirid wasn't too pleased and said that people usually preferred to be called by their names. He told the Nords to call him Kirid Sadras. Ulfric decided to humor the Dunmer, grabbed his hand really firmly and shook it just as firm. Galmar complained that Dunmer were too melodramatic.

Kirid complained about Galmar's behavior and said that many Dunmer were complaining about the Stormcloaks being racist, but they were loyal to Joran and thus were still helping. Galmar said that the Dunmer treated other races as second class citizens for hundreds of years in Morrowind. They held slaves, like the other elves. They called the Nords barbarians. They called them apes. They thought them lesser than them. Now Kirid complained that some of them returned the favor. Ulfric told him that it was enough. He said that despite his mistrust of the Dunmer, they needed to work with them to bring down the Tyrant Augustus. Daric would bring the Empire back to its former self, strong and just. Not an Empire that let the Thalmor control it, that let its citizens be kidnapped in the night. The High King then looked at Kirid and said that he didn't want to hear any more arguing, from any of them. They argued again anyway, so Ulfric told Galmar to go back to his men. Kirid asked what happened now. The Nord said that they would rest for now then march to the Imperial City to join Daric's army. The Dunmer asked about Skyrim and the man that helped free it from the Empire a few years ago. Ulfric realized that he mean the Dragonborn, Ysmir. He said that Ysmir had gone soft since the Civil War, he no longer used his voice for conquest. Skyrim was united, they had a standing army. War had taken its toll in his province, they had been in better times. But if they remained in Augustus's control they would bleed to death from his iron grip. Kirid mentioned that the Nerevarine had a similar nickname in the ancient prophecies. Ulfric said that Ysmir's case was different. He was a true dragonborn, with the soul of a dragon.

With the city captured, the Nords set off for the Imperial City and joined with the rest of the Stormcrown Alliance. From the camp all could see the White-Gold Tower, now it was more red than white just like the rest of the city. The armies had begun constructing the siege equipment they would need for the coming battle. Many were scared, many were tired, many were anxious. All were determined to fight, for fighting they must to secure their freedom and their future. Soon the Dunmer army arrived at the Stormcrown camp. The Stormcrown Alliance was united. The Bretons, Nords, Redguards, Dunmer and Bosmer were ready to fight as one. They could take the Imperial City. The Catapults were being loaded. The men were in position. It was time. Daric blew on the horn and the Artillery started to fire on the walls. The Men got on the row boats they had made to cross the river. The Undead on the walls fired arrows and spells at the Invaders, the Ballistae installed into the towers of the city fired on the armies bellow. Hlaalu Archers and Telvanni mages got onto silt striders. Ulfric had brought a platoon of Bear Berserkers to the Main Gates, as he was planning to help take it down. The artillery rounds were starting to break off bits of the outer wall, killing some of the undead on the western wall of the city. The Imperial Ballistae had managed to destroy a few boats and catapults. The undead soldiers shot arrows and fired spells at the Silt Striders. The boats had begun landing on the other side. There the soldiers were putting up the ladders to climb the wall. Ulfric and the battering rams were reaching the gates. One of the rams was destroyed by the Ballistae. The other began ramming the gates while Ulfric helped with his Thu'um. Daric was casting fireballs at the wall. The artillery was aimed at the sections of wall where the ladders. Some of the ladders were pushed down by the undead.

With Daric and a few others protecting the battering ram and Ulfric helping to break the gates they were open soon enough. When they were broken open Daric and the Cavalry men charged into the city, with the Redguards right behind them. Some Nords were starting to reach the wall and had begun fighting the undead. The artillery was aimed farther into the city, so they wouldn't hit any friendlies. Daric had to dismount as the streets of the Imperial City were no place for fighting on horseback. With Ulfric and the Bear Berserkers at his back, along with his Calvary men who had dismounted as well, they charged into the Market District. The streets were full of undead soldiers. The Bosmer troops had climbed the wall with the Nords and were assisting from above. The Bretons were trying to take out the Imperial artillery that were still firing on the invading forces. The Redguards were following Daric into the city from the broken gates. The fighting in the streets of the Talos Plaza District was wearing down the Alliance troops in an alarming rate. Everyone of theirs that died would be reanimated and would attack his former friends. The Alliance had discovered that Sloads were responsible for raising the dead. As such they went after them and put them down. With both the Sloads from the Talos Plaza dead Daric and his allies were able to clear out the undead in it after a while.

They regrouped in the center of the Plaza. Daric said that if there were Sloads like the ones they encountered all over the city then they had to hunt them dow. Green Emperor Way was probably too overrun with undead to take before they get rid of their biggest advantage, being able to turn their dead against them. Joran looked at Daric. He said that if there were only two Sloads per district then they should split up. Balyn could lead one of the expeditions, while he offered to lead another. He said that if they kept using the same tactics, they could win the battle. They also had the Bosmer archers to aid them. Daric ordered the Dunmer and the Nords to head tot he Elven Gardens District. The Bretons, Bosmer and the Redguards would go to the Temple District. The fighting was still going on atop the walls and alliance artillery was still firing on the city. The armies had spread into the city and were fighting all over. Joran and Ulfric Stormcloak led the charge of their combined armies. Remembering the Talos Pact they had had before Augustus' terrible reign, the armies fought well together. Dunmer warriors would dart in, slashing at the front ranks of the Undead, taking out a few of them, and when the shields in that part were gone, the Nords would charge in, wailing away at the Undead with their axes and hammers. Meanwhile, Balyn and Galmar searched for one Sload while Joran and Ulfric searched for the other. The Nords and the Dunmer began to make ground as they fought their way through the District. Joran and Ulfric charged at a Sload, who was hiding in a clump of trees. Ulfric shouted at the Sload, and it fell to the ground, stunned. Joran leaped past Ulfric, and landed on top of the Sload. He drove Hopesfire and Trueflame into its stomach, and the magic flame consumed it. Ulfric remarked that the swords were very powerful and Joran nodded, staring at them. The alliance army was now routing the Undead, and, soon enough, the Stormcrown Alliance owned the Elven Gardens.

Joran and Ulfric brought part of their troops to the Temple district. They began to fight the Undead along with the Redguards, Bretons and Bosmer armies. With the Sloads there dead the army dispersed to the other districts. A soldier came running to Daric. The soldier reported that Augustus had brought a platoon of undead to the Elven Gardens, they weren't able to defeat him. Daric turned to the other leaders, he told them to continue going after the other Sloads, he would go after Augustus. Celegorn, Ulfric and Bodean nodded. Daric had rallied his Breton soldiers in the Temple District to head to the Elven Gardens. Bodean and the Redguards went to the Waterfront to continue hunting the Sloads. Ulfric and the Nords headed to the Arboretum. Joran and the Dunmeri army had followed the Nords into the Arboretum, and began to fight the Undead. The Nords fought the undead in the Arboretum. Ulfric told him men not to let the Undead defile the statues of the Divines. Ulfric saw a young Nord woman fighting the undead. She wasn't in uniform so he ran up to her. He asked her what she was doing there. She said that her name was Valinna and that she had decided to join the fighting. She stabbed an Undead soldier. Ulfric let her keep fighting and turned around as a Nord called his name. The Stormcloak told him that they had found the Sload, it was by the statues of Mara and Stendarr. Ulfric acknowledged the news and headed there to join his men in the fight. Valinna followed after him. Ulfric slashed undead by the Statue of Akatosh. He could see the Sload in the distance. Looking at the undead in front of him he shouted with unrelenting force, sending them flying backwards. Valinna cut an Undead's head off. Ulfric could hear a roar. But he was too busy leading the strike against the Sload to do anything. He shouted at the creature, who blocked the shout with a ward. Valinna kicked an Undead away from her. Ulfric charged at the Sload, slashing at his stomach with his axe. He creature shot a lighting bolt at him. He was hit but he kept wailing on the Sload.

Joran and his army fought with the Nords through the Arboretum. Together with the Dunmer the Nords pushed the undead back. Ulfric was hit by another lighting bolt and was sent back a little ways. A red Dragon swoopped down over the city as the roaring grew louder. The remaining Dunmer and Nords that were in the Arboretum cheered. Especially the Nords as they realized that it was Ysmir. After killing the Sload in the Waterfront the Redguards joined up with the Nords and Dunmer in the Arboretum. They had already killed one of the Sloads in the Arboretum. Valinna asked if that was all of them. Ulfric said that it was far from it, but the Arboretum was free from them. The Undead were leaving, which caught Ulfric's attention. He wondered why they were retreating. A woman turned visible and called to him, telling him that the Nelthars had broken into Green Emperor Way, but that the Emperor was approaching them with a large undead host. They wouldn't stand for long without help. Ulfric nodded and rallied his men to march onto the palace district. The Bretons and the Nords entered the Palace District to aid the Nelthars. The Dunmer followed them. The armies clashed. Despite the Allies having greater numbers the Sloads' power to reanimate the fallen soldiers helped keep the battle pretty even on both sides. The Alliance forces were winning but slowly, the Sloads' powers to reanimate dead soldiers were keeping the fight relatively even. During the fighting, Ulfric came face to face with Ysmir, the Dragonborn. He greeted the High King. Ulfric was surprised to see that he was fighting, as he had refused to fight when he had called him to arms at the start of the Cyrodiil invasion. The Dragonborn said that he only joined to protect High Rock from the Orcs, then came to Cyrodiil to help Daric finish what he started. Together Ulfric and Ysmir killed one of the Sloads. With the Sloads all taken care of the undead forces couldn't maintain their numbers by resurrecting dead alliance forces. The Alliance were able to kill the undead with greater ease. It didn't take that long, only a few short hours, to kill all the undead left in the city. Ulfric learned that the Emperor had been defeated by Daric. All over the city the Breton troops put Daric's Septim flag up. They started cleaning up the city. The citizens that were locked in their houses had begun to come out and life slowly came back to the capital. The alliance forces set up camp outside the city, with only a few staying inside to keep order. When all the Legionnaires had returned to Cyrodiil Daric had most of the Alliance soldiers sent back home, to go maintain order in their own provinces.

When the Province leaders arrived in the capital with their escorts Daric had them all brought to the Elder Council Chamber. He needed the fighting in Tamriel to stop and the only way to do that is to make a treaty with the other leaders. Daric sat at the middle of the table. Caesar Autrus was standing right behind him. Celegorn Camoran, the Bosmer King, his brother and his son arrived. Bodean Suda sat down next to Daric, to the right of Daric was his cousin, who had replace him as High King of High Rock. Ulfric arrived right after. Bodean asked Ulfric how Galmar was doing, as he had been hurt during the battle. Ulfric said that he was fine, he was just getting too old for that kind of thing. The other leaders arrived and all sat down at the Elder Council Chamber. Daric said for them to get the matter at hand, bringing all the provinces back into the Empire. They needed everyone so they could maintain peace in Tamriel, which was the motive behind this meeting. The Argonian King, Azeez-Nassa, said that they didn't need the Empire. The Argonians would not be ruled by the Empire any longer. Daric said that he was right. This confused many of them. Azeez-Nassa asked what he meant. Daric explained. He said that things were going to be different. Under his rule the Empire would not intervene in matters only concerning one province, unless requested by that province. They would maintain the peace and order between the Imperial Provinces but we would not impose their rule on them. Similar to how Morrowind had it in the 3rd Era. All the Provinces would have self-rule, only some Imperial laws would have to be followed by all, in order to maintain unity within the Empire, like the abolishment of slavery and such. Joran nodded slowly. Elva looked at Daric and asked who would enforce those laws, imperial soldiers. Joran looked at her, and they seemed to have a silent conversation with their eyes. Finally, Joran sighed and looked away. Jina continued to stare at Daric, before Joran patted her shoulder and she looked away

Daric said that each ruler and his people would enforce their own laws including the universal imperial laws. The universal laws wouldn't be anything like forced religion or anything like that, they would do basic things like the adoption of the Septim coin in all provinces. The Legions would maintain order and peace in Tamriel, having a headquarters in each of the provinces, but they would not interfere with the local governments. The Khajiiti Mane asked that even if he maintained this policy how would they know that one of his successors wouldn't turn out a tyrant like Augustus. The Breton said that in the treaty he would declare that if any Emperor broke even one of the terms, he would be unfit to rule and should be relinquished from command by any means necessary. The Empire was not meant to rule all of Tamriel with an iron fist. It was mean to maintain the peace and prosperity of the provinces. Bodean said that that was an admirable then but asked if they were meant to swear fealty to him. Daric nodded, saying that it would guaranty that they would follow the universal laws and his orders should he had to intervene in extreme circumstances. Each province would also have to donate a proportionate amount of troops to the Legions so the Empire could defend its territories. Azeez-Nassa said that they were just fighting the Imperials and now they were just supposed to pretend it didn't happen. Daric said that he didn't, but Augustus was gone. He would rule fairly and the autonomy that each province had would make sure that they didn't feel oppressed. The Orc King, Garzonk, asked what would happen to Orsinium. If he was going to be razed to the ground once again. Daric assured him that Orsinium would still be recognized as an official Imperial Province.

Jina spoke up. She asked what would happen if one of the leaders broke their oath. Jina looked over at Naerion, who was also at the meeting. Daric said that if one of the leaders broke an Imperial Law, by invading another province or committing atrocities, then the Legion would be forced to step in. The Empire's purpose was to maintain peace and order on Tamriel, if one province or its leader threatened that peace the Empire would intervene. Daric then grabbed a scroll and opens it on the table. He said that it was the 2nd White-Gold Concordat. It detailed all the imperial laws and the other terms. Signing this would make them an Imperial Province, as for swearing fealty that was a formality for after his coronation. He handed it over to his cousin, the new High King of High Rock. High King Garth Lariat signed the Concordat. He then passed it over to Ulfric. Ulfric said that the Empire had brought peace and prosperity to Tamriel before, the 3rd Era was evidence of that, but Titus II was a weak ruler, and Augustus was too strong a ruler. He believed that Daric had the right amount of strength. Galmar behind him grunted in agreement. Ulfric signed the Concordat, and then passed it to High King Bodean. The Redguard told Daric to keep his word and bring prosperous trade back to Hammerfell. He signed the Concordat, then passed it to King Celegorn. He signed without a word. His brother, Fargoth, gave him a strange look. Celegorn passed it to Joran.

Joran took the Concordat. He believed that with Daric's help, Tamriel would be stronger. He signed the Concordat, and passed it to the Altmer King Yanniss Mothril. Elva looked around the room, lingering a little bit on Celegorm and Naerion, and looking between the two. She agreed with her husband, but added that Daric needed the right people beside him to be a strong leader. Elva's eyes lingered on Daric for a split second, before laughing a small bit and whispering something to Joran. Joran glanced at her, stunned. Jina glanced over to the two of them, her eyes bitter and upset at something Elva had said. Jina looked back at the leaders. The Altmer said that this was the best thing for his people. He signed the Concordat, passing it to King Garzonk. Garzonk was impressed that Daric defeated Augustus in single combat and said that he had earned the respect of the Orcs. Since they had pledged to the Empire before and Orsinium was going to remain under Imperial protection, he agreed to sign it. He signs the Concordat, then passed it to Azeez-Nassa. Azeez-Nassa said that they didn't need Imperial rule. Daric said that he had more to lose by not signing than anyone else. Black Marsh was know for being economically stagnant, they would not survive forever as an independent province. Azeez-Nassa was adamant in his position, saying that the Argonians would make do on their own. Daric tried to reason with the Argonian, saying that the Empire would let them have self-rule as well as bring prosperous trade and guarantee peace. Azeez-Nassa looked Daric straight in the eyes. He was about to say something but stopped himself. He accepted, reluctantly. He signed the Concordat. After that he passed it to the Mane. The Khajiit was very grateful that he was freed from the Imperial prison that Augustus had locked him in. His people had been pawns of the Thalmor and Augustus, this was going to help them in more ways that one. He accepted and signed the Concordat. He gave it back to Daric. The Breton was pleased. The Empire was back to its former self. He knew that there was still rebuilding and reestablishing order to take care of, but they are on the right path to secure Tamriel's future. He thanked them all for that. They had one more matter to discuss, the Elder Council. He had decided that each provincial ruler would get to nominate one person to a seat at the council. The Nelthars also had one seat, that meant 11 councilors. They would vote on a Chancellor to lead the Elder Council. But that was for later, for now he requested that you remain in the capital for a while longer. The preparations for his coronation were almost finished.

Ulfric, however, didn't stay for the coronation. He said his goodbyes to Daric and returned to Skyrim. He had duties that he needed to attend to there. Once in Skyrim he re-assumed his responsibilities as High King.

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High King Ulfric had sent a letter to Jarl Laila about the Thieves Guild. He knew, like most of Skyrim now did, that the Thieves Guild had a base in Riften's Ratways. The influence of the Thieves Guild in Skyrim had reached the point that catching thieves that belonged to the guild was almost impossible, only possible when the thief wanted to be caught. Ulfric gave the Jarl one year to find and destroy the Thieves Guild or else he would march his army and tear Riften apart until he found and destroyed the Thieves Guild.

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A few months later, sometime after Laila Law-Giver had been murdered by her son Harrald, Ulfric received a request for an audience with Francois Beaufort, the Rift's Guard Captain and one of the adoptive children of Ysmir. When he was talking with the Imperial two people interrupted, they were also Riften guards. One Nord approached Ulfric and told him of the problem in Riften and asked for help. The High King said that this was a matter that their Jarl needed to deal with. Francois said that the current Jarl, Laila's other son Saerlund, was just a puppet of Maven Black-Briar. Ulfric asked for evidence. Francois shook his head, Maven made it nearly impossible to find evidence on her. She had the city guard, the thieves guild and the Jarl in her pocket. He then asked his friends where Abbard was. The investigator told him of the charges put against Abbard by Tobias the Black, the acting guard captain. He then asked Ulfric for safe stay at the Palace like Francois since they might have assassins after them. Francois revealed that he was staying at his sister's house, not the Palace and suggested they come with him. He asked Ulfric when his sister would arrive from her mission. The High Kind said that Sofia would be arriving soon and told them that he'd send a messenger to inform them of her arrival. Francois bowed to the High King. The female guard tried to copy him, but it didn't turn out as graceful as the Imperial's bow. Ulfric lifted an eyebrow at the sight of Lieli bow. She turned a little red from embarrassment. Francois couldn't help but smile and chuckle a bit. He told them to follow him to Hjerim, his sister's home. The investigator laughed quietly at Lieli's bow. He then gracefully bowed to the High King before turning around and following Francois.


Ulfric Stormcloak died in 4E 231, at 74 years old. With his death his daughter Ursine became the High Queen of Skyrim. She claimed both his armor and axe. Ulfric may not have been liked by all, but he was respected even by his enemies. He obtained the Jagged Crown of Skyrim for his Clan to wear for generations to come. He also made a strong push for more Nordic culture in Skyrim, a revival of old traditions and beliefs that the people of Skyrim had begun to forget. His faction, the Stormcloaks, also remained as the military of Skyrim under his daughter.

After all his accomplishments and wars won, he left a stable and strong Skyrim for his daughter to inherit and great potential for the Province's future under the new Septim Emperors.


  • When he reached his 50s Ulfric's hair started to get much brighter as it started to get white, in 4E 215 his hair looked light blond.