Valens Fire-Eye
Race Nord
Gender Male
Age Late 20s-Early 30s
Status Alive
Titles None
Factions None
Place of Birth Dawnstar
Family Haema (wife)

Mother (deceased)

Father (unknown)

Brave New World Cannon

Valens Fire-Eye is a Nord who was born in Dawnstar, living there all his life. He appears in Brave New World.

He has recently ran away after he was accused for murder on his wife. It is unknown whether she is dead or not.


Born in Dawnstar, raised by his mother. His father ran away a few days before his birth because he 'couldn't take the pressure'. But his mother brought him up very well. He was intelligent and strong, but also very polite and all the kids in the city loved him. So when his mother died of Rattles, he was very upset. He was depressed for a while, but he got over that. Instead, he gets angry a lot more easily than he used to, as shown when he punches his wife. For that, he is now hiking the roads of Skyrim, never to return to Dawnstar.


Valens is a very strong and intelligent Nord. He used to be well respected as well, but probably not after what he had done. He is also very short tempered, which his enemies take advantage of in battle.


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