For other strains of Vampirism, see Vampirism.

Coldlight Vampirism is a form of Vampirism created by Ion Coldlight early in the first Era. It offers many benefits to the infected including large increases in photokinetic and umbrakinetic powers, extremely high magicka pools, no effect from sunlight or silver, 25% more resistant to shock, and extremely potent mental magic. It also comes with negatives, such as 1% of an ordinary human' stamina and health regeneration, 50% weakness to frost magicks, inability to learn or use Conjuration or Illusion spells, the inability to use all warrior skills except one handed, and the inability to learn Thief skills bar light armour and speech. The only known people with the disease are Valius, Triacus, and Silorne.


  • It is a completely unique strand, and benefits the infected mostly with mage-helping stats
  • Almost none know of it's existence
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