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Origin and Effects

Dragonfang vampirism originates from Akavir. It was created when a Tsaesci attempted to eat Juliek Dragonfang, but failed, giving Juliek vampirism instead. Juliek proceeded to kill the Tsaesci. It increases healing rates, gives 25% resistance to fire, immunity to poison and diseases, makes Destruction spells 25% more effective, and makes the infected have sharper, tougher teeth as well as the ability to fly via wings. It also makes the infected have black eyes and when they are not feeding properly, smooth, glowing skin, making them easy to recognize. The infected are disadvantaged by the fact that they cannot learn or use Conjuration or Illusion spells, are approximately 25% worse at sneaking due to their vampiric aura and are 25% weaker to frost magic.


The infected need to feed only when they are injured badly. This is quite different from normal vampirism, as those infected with normal vampirism need to feed to suppress their symptoms and hide their identity. Those who do not feed properly always become insane and slightly weaker.


Appears in TNK: Chapter 12


  • It is based off of Alduin.
  • It is an entirely unique strain.
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