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For other strains of Vampirism, see Vampirism.

Forlen Strain of vampirism is only seen in members of the Forlen Coven, the group of vampires closely associated with Vorwith Forlen. Much like the Steelfang Strain, it is extremely different than every other strain. Some of the unique powers associated with Vorwith are actually from this specific strain.

Contracting Vampirism (Forlen Strain)

The only way to become a Forlen vampire is to be turned by Vorwith himself, using a spell that cannot be taught to another, even if Vorwith wanted to. No other method could possibly work. Turning takes approximately 20 seconds, and the only cure is another spell unique to Vorwith.

It is unknown if Forlen vampires have retained the ability to bear children, but it is implied that they cannot, due to no Forwith young vampires being known to exist. After having the strain for three days, it is not curable. Vorwith had these limitations in place so that if needed, he could change his mind.

Powers and Abilities

  • Extremely enhanced speed and strength
  • Blood Magics
  • Mistwalking (turning to mist at will)
  • Complete resistance to frost
  • 85% resistance to shock
  • 15% resistance to fire
  • Cyrokinesis
  • Illusion
  • Major resistance to physical attacks
  • Extremely rapid regeneration of injuries
  • Umbrakinesis (manipulating shadows and darkness)
  • Immortality

Known Vampires with Forlen Strain

Though they are technically under Vorwith's control, most of these vampires are nowhere near Vorwith at most times, living in other provinces and living their own lives. They are often undercover operatives for Vorwith, only used when needed.