For other strains of Vampirism, see Vampirism.

The Voniron Disease is a disease unique to the Voniron family. It can only be conferred by a bite from a Voniron and only if the Voniron is willing and actually intends to change the victim. It is an enhanced version of the normal vampirism.


Vampire Lord 2.0 Form - The afflicted can utilize Vampire Lord form and can also transform into a half Vampire Lord, where they grow wings and have their fangs sharpen, making them stronger while not making their body bigger.

Blur - Blur is a form of moving at advanced speeds. The afflicted moves so fast that they "blur" hence the name.

Unique Power - Each Voniron whether changed or born gets their own unique power. No other person can have the exact same power.


Hunger - Vonirons are naturally hungrier than other vampires. They must feed every couple days or they start to die. The older the vampire the longer they can go without blood.The hunger can get so powerful that an afflicted may kill loved ones and/or go into a homicidal murder spree. Voniron are very sensitive to blood and that also gets better with age.

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