The Vanguard Contract Board is where members of the Felsaad Vanguard select their next target. It lists any available information on the targets. A full list of available contracts can be found here. A Vanguard member will inform Kodlak that they have chosen a target, and he can usually provide extra advice not listed on the notice.


Utag Gra-Borosh

Orc. Male. Around 60. Black, short hair. Steel plate armor.

Leader of a bandit clan.

Last known location: Bronze Water Cave.

Job Specifications: Eliminate the target without killing any of his subordinates.


Dunmer. Male. Age unknown. Appearance unknown. Full Heavy Chitin Armor.

Mass murderer. Raids towns and slaughters anyone he finds.

Last known location: Karthwasten

Job Specifications: Kill the target.


Argonian/vampire. Male. Age unknown. Dark grey scales and red eyes. Black robes.

Murders entire families in their sleep, draining their blood.

Last known location: Stros M'kai

Job Specifications: Kill the target.

"Slackjaw Ripper"

Imperial. Male. Age unknown. Blonde beard, other hair unknown. Large, thick coat with a hood.

Tears people apart with two jagged axes, leaving a bloody, terrible mess behind.

Last known location: Sentinel

Job Specifications: Capture the target and bring him alive to Victor, the Sentinel guardsman.

"Red Reaper of Rorik"

Nord. Female. Around 40. Red, long curly hair. Red robes with red hood.

Kidnaps women and girls from Rorikstead.

Last known location: Rorikstead.

Job Specifications: Capture her and return her to the leader of Rorikstead alive.

Derkirvar "Shade of Sithis" (Eliminated)

Nord. Male. Around 30. Blond, long hair and a beard. Black hooded robes.

Rides through towns decapitating pedestrians with a scythe.

Last known location: Falkreath.

Job Specifications: Eliminate the target via decapitation.

Jeren "The Cutthroat King" (Eliminated)

Breton. Male. Around 35. Brown, short hair and a trimmed mustache. Leather armor, with jade and silver circlet.

Slits the throats of people in the night.

Last known location: Solitude.

Job Specifications: Eliminate the target.

"The Bosmeri Cannibal" (Eliminated)

Bosmer. Male. Age unknown. Yellow, long hair. Tattered fur cloak.

Kidnaps and kills all kinds of mer and eats them.

Last known location: Greywinter Watch

Job Specifications: Eliminate the target.

"The Child Killer of Cheydinhal" (Eliminated)

Race unknown. Female. Age unknown. Appearance unknown. Leather armor and cloak, with hood.

Lures children with song and promises of treats, and then kills them, dumping their bodies outside of the city.

Last known location: Cheydinhal

Job Specifications: Eliminate the target.

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