Velegax Athurion

Important Information
Race Nord
Gender Male




Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Exion (Spiritual Father)

Eye Color White
Hair Color Black
Height 6'5
Weight N/A
Other Information
Affiliation N/A
Weapons Justice, Katana
Home Skyrim

Velegax Athurion is a Nord assassin.


Velegax was born into a middle-class family, but had a good childhood. That is, for a time. His parents would do anything for him, and vice versa. One day, though, he was going to his parents' house when a person had kidnapped them. There was a ransom note, and soon Velegax mustered up the large sum demanded. He gave them the money first, and they murdered his parents. He was soon kidnapped, and violated. He was made a slave, tortured, and worked half to death. One day, though, an anti-hero, who was a master assassin by the name of Exion saw the boy on the black market. He "bought" him, and when they delivered him, he killed the slavers mercilessly. Velegax, now a young teenager, was asked, "Where are your parents?" The boy told the Master Assassin they were killed by the group. Exion took pity on the teenager, and welcomed him in his home. There, Velegax asked Exion if he could learn the ways of an assassin. He was accepted with open arms, and from child to man he trained, and Exion became his only father he really knew. Although he was adept at the art of a sword, he was a master in archery. He could fire in a heartbeat, and the bow would become like an extension of his body. Eventually, when the Master Assassin reached the autumn of his life, he gave Velegax his most trusted bow: Justice. The Pupil Assassin left his home at the age of twenty with his "father's" bow, and began working as a mercenary.

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