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Veleth Ancestral Tomb
Veleth Ancestral Tomb.jpg
Type Ancestral Tomb
Location Ashlands
Sublocations Velar's Tower
Jamanni Chamber
Characters Urjorahn
Velar Veleth
Llether Veleth
Enemies Zombies
Soul Servants
This article is part of Padomaic Canon

Veleth Ancestral Tomb is a large Ancestral Tomb, a Dunmer burial crypt, in the Ashlands region of Morrowind. The tomb is located west of the Ghostfence, and is guarded by Daedra and the resurrected and desecrated corpses of Veleth family members.

The tomb itself is composed of typical hallways adjacent to small chambers as well as passages leading to large ones. A coridor leads from one of the large chambers to a sealed door, beyond which is a collapsed main chamber with a tower at the center. The tower itself acts as living quarters, with a study, library, and bedchambers. Velar Veleth, an insane undead wizard, used the Ancestral Tomb as his hideout on Vvardenfell in the late Third Era. The tomb was later discovered by Urjorahn and Yen, and the main chamber was refurbished into their base of operations after the mage retreated.

Veleth Ancestral Tomb was most likely destroyed during the Red Mountain's eruption or the Argonian invasion.

Family Members

A list of known members of Veleth family:

  • Prophet Angaredhel, a Dunmer savant who predicted the Red Mountain's eruptions.
  • Tirvel Veleth, a Dunmer battlemage that lived in the Second Era, during the Interregnum. Was later resurrected by Velar, his grandson, and transported to Archagruhn by 4E 201. Deceased.
  • Velar Veleth, an insane mage who practiced Daedric Magic and resided in the tomb in the Third Era. Deceased, but not cremated and buried in the Ancestral Tomb.
  • Athanden Veleth, a Dunmer warrior and Velar's son who died at the hands of J'darza, a Khajiit member of the family. Deceased.
  • Llether Veleth, a Dunmer shadowmage and Velar's nephew, who lived on th border of Skyrim and Hammerfell, and later moved to Vvardenfell. Deceased, but not buried in the tomb.
  • Eddves Veleth, a Dunmer acrobat who was a retainer of House Hlaalu, unlike those before him, who most commonly were of House Telvanni. He was killed in Elsweyr, in his villa, along with his wife Zahraji. Deceased.
  • Modyn Veleth, captain of the Redoran Guard in Raven Rock. Alive.
  • Zahraji, a Khajiit healer and Eddves Veleth's wife. Initially, Zahraji belonged to Jamanni clan in Elsweyr. Deceased.
  • J'darza, a Khajiit assassin and Zahraji's uncle, who murdered Athanden Veleth. Deceased.
  • Urjorahn, a Khajiit nightblade who resided on Vvardenfell and Solstheim in the Third and Fourth Eras. Deceased.



  • Veleth family, starting with Eddves Veleth, had ties to Jamanni clan in Elsweyr, and some of the Khajiiti members of the family in Morrowind are buried in a separate chamber.
  • Captain Veleth is the only member of the family who is not part of Padomaic Canon. He is also, most notably, the only member of House Redoran.


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