Vendil Dagoth
Race Chimer
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Undead (Vampire Lord)
Factions House Dagoth (Fallen)
Adawulf's Cult
Titles Heir of the Sixth House and The Last One
Place of Birth Mournhold, Morrowind
Family Dagoth Ur (Father)
Almalexia (Mother)
Grena Sea-Born (Descendant)
Adawulf Sea-Born (Adoptive Son and Descendant)
Genseric Sea-Born (Descendant)
Suranne Sea-Born (Descendant
Syinter Seastar (Descendant)
Vigarde Sea-Born (Descendant)
Lucina Sea-Born (Descendant)
+Kagrenan Angels (Descendants)
For the Vendil from the Burned-Mane Canon, see Vendil Moran.
If you can teach these skills, or pass them over to our God, he will reward you. Imagine having a body of flesh again. You would still serve us, but you would no longer be hurt as much as you are.
— Vendil Dagoth, Heir of the Sixth House

Vendil's Past

Nothing is really known about his past, except that he is the only son of Dagoth Ur and Amalexia. He spent most of his live hidden in Coldharbour, where Molag Bal made him into a Vampiric Lord in exchange for eternal servitude. He is the last Chimer on Nirn, because of Azura and the creation of the Dunmer people. In his time in Coldharbour, he learned many skills only vampires who have spent centuries in Coldharbour could learn.

Meeting Adawulf

When he left Coldharbour, Vendil traveled to Skyrim. On a road near Ivaarstead, he found some bandits ransoming a boy. Normally, he would've let them be, but he sensed magical ability in the boy. He then killed the bandits, and raised the boy as his own. He named the boy Adawulf, because the boy refused to use the name he was given by his parents. Strangely enough, the boy did allow his surname, Sea-Born, to be used. He raised Adawulf for four years, and then let him go after he figured out he wished to study at the College. He wasn't heard from for a long time afterwards.

Adawulf's Cult

When Vendil heard the Magister-Lord had disappeared, he looked for him in the Dwarven cities of Skyrim. He eventually found him in Blackreach, where Adawulf convinced him to join his cult. After 15 years of recruiting for and helping Adawulf, Vendil left with Tarrov and an army to fight Darklings in Markarth. They were successful.

Soon after, he found Jarl Ragnar of Whiterun lying down in a cave near Rorikstead. Seeing the advantages of having a Jarl in his pocket, Vendil took him to Blackreach and replaced his heart with a heartstone. Ragnar awoke believing he had been saved, and pledged his allegiance to Adawulf's Cult.


  • He is the last Chimer, but since he is a vampire, he isn't the last "living" Chimer.
  • Like Raydin Steelfang, he has a daedric letter on his hand. Except Vendil's is on his is right hand, and is "Vehk" not "Oht".
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