Vigarde Sea-Born
Vigarde, wielding Kulaandokii, his Katanna
Race Kagrenan (Nord and Breton blood)
Gender Male
Age 12
Status Undead (Enslaved Spirit)
Factions None
Titles Son of Vulcan
Place of Birth The Ash Pit
Family -----------------------------
  • Adawulf Sea-Born (father)
  • Sybilla Sea-Born (mother)
  • Lucina Sea-Born (sister)
  • Uthurmiel Sea-Born (brother)
  • Syinter Seastar (half-brother)
  • Genseric Sea-Born (uncle)
  • Suranne Sea-Born (aunt)
  • Corvus Lazarus (uncle)
  • Erikur Sea-Born (grandfather)
  • Grena Sea-Born (grandmother)
  • Voryn Dagoth (ancestor)
  • Vendil Dagoth (ancestor)

+Kagrenan Angels (Half-Siblings)

  • Sheor Avryil (nephew)
  • Sylvia Seastar (niece)

Vigarde Sea-Born was the Kagrenan son of Adawulf Sea-Born and Sybilla Sea-Born.


Vigarde looked like he was 15, but he was actually 9. The reason he looked like this was his Kagrenan blood. He was a very smart and calculative character, who seemed to lack a sense of humor. This however was wrong, as Vigarde's sense of humor revolved around insults.

He was a very competitive character, and spent his free time in the barracks or the library so he could learn even more ways to defeat others.


Vigarde was born and raised in the Ash Pit along with his sister, Lucina. His mother always took good care of him, guiding him in the ways of life, and whatever else she could. His father was also always there to take care of him and protect him. Vigarde looked up to his parents very much throughout his entire childhood. When he reached the age of 9, he finally left the Ash Pit with his family and went to Tamriel.

Events later on

Soon after Isis was brought into Tamriel, she and Vigarde slowly took interest in each other. They exchanged many gifts and romantic moments, until Isis was taken as a prisoner by Ulysses De Jehanna. Before Vigarde was even informed of this, he was taken hostage by Corvus Lazarus.

The two were searched for by their parents, and eventually Isis was freed by Virlomi, Horus, and Raydin. She later searched for Vigarde, and found him in Cathnoquey.

There, Corvus killed him in front of her eyes, and mind controlled Vigarde in his last moments, so he could blame Isis for his death.

His Soul never went on to the afterlife of the Ash Pit.


  • Vigarde was named after the Undead King of Grado in Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones.
  • Vigarde's model was exactly the same as Lon'Qu from Fire Emblem: Awakening.
  • Vigarde's earliest model was Morva from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones.
  • Vigarde was never really planned out, as his creator was planning to make Lucina an only child.
  • Unlike his two other siblings, he had no markings on him.



Vigarde from the back


Vigarde observing Kulaandokii

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