The Voniron Bloodline is a line of vampires created a very long time ago. The Voniron family are the only ones who can give Voniron Disease. This is considered a great honor and none have been deemed worthy of it. Each member of the bloodline is gifted a unique power.


Dredon Voniron - One of the later members of the family and older brother to Leloni Voniron. Currently alive. Power is Push.

Leloni Voniron - Younger brother of Dredon Voniron. Currently dead. Power is mental shielding.

Sebastian Voniron - Son of Dredon and Silorne Galerion, daughter of Vanus Galerion and possessor of the Coldlight strand of Vampirism. 2 yrs old.


The only cure is hidden in Dredon's home with magic.


Once a person with Voniron blood (direct family or turned by family) dies, they are stored in the Amulet of Voniron and the wearer of the amulet can summon them in times of need.

Family Exclusive Powers

Ghost Raising - Voniron family members can bring back ghostsof almost anyone or anything. Not all the ghosts will fight ut are very useful.

Power Sharing - Voniron family members can share their lpowers with anyone as long as the Voniron sending the powers is willing.

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