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The Ring of Voryn

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Grants the wearer the abilities of Red Mountain without the need of Heart Removal.


Adawulf Sea-Born



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Vorynide, or The Ring of Voryn, was enchanted by Adawulf Sea-Born after his ascension to Godhood.


Vorynide was once a simple ring, made as a gift to Lavinia Darian from Erikur Sea-Born. When Lavinia figured out Erikur had another mistress, she threw the ring at the ground and left him. Young Adawulf was around and found the ring, keeping it to himself.

One day, when he first met his half-brother, Corvus Lazarus, he got into a heated argument over who was the owner of abandoned ring, which lead to hatred between them. When Adawulf left his family a year later, Corvus was enraged. He tracked him for years until he finally found him, and attacked. In that battle, Corvus Lazarus died, and his soul was absorbed into the ring. This left Corvus as a Soul-less walking corpse, and gave Adawulf many magical skills.

When Adawulf ascended into godhood, he enchanted the ring further and made it into one of his Sacred Artifacts.