World B, also known as Axios, is an hand-crafted realm of Oblivion that serves as the alternate version of the world in Mundus of the same name. It was only accessible by going through mysterious magical rips of the fabric of reality dubbed as the 'Gate to the Rift'.


Little is known about how World B came to be, aside evidence stated by the journals of the creator of World B: A very powerful mage who created his own version of Nirn in Oblivion a millennia ago. The mage expened the last of his strength to stabilize World B and successfully maintain it.

Much of the history of World B is the same as Mundus's, from the beginning up to 4E 203.

One of the most intriguing changes in World B was the total defeat of the Thalmor at the hands of the Trabian Republic, an nation originating in Cyrodiil. The Trabian Republic's home can be found in the middle of the Imperial Reserve, west of Cyrodiil, making them the equivalent of the Empire in this alternate world.

Other kingdoms, such as Alexandria, also rose into power.

Airships were also common in this world and was a means of both transportation and warfare. Dwemer technology was also common thanks to brilliant minds who managed to reverse-engineer the machines, although they never succeeded in creating dwarven metal at all.

One other feature of World B was the recovered lands of Yokuda, which was originally sunk by the Redguards thousands of years ago.


World B had it's own kingdoms as well, but Cyrodiil was the center of commerce and power. The nations were peaceful with one another, and will unite together should a great threat endanger their ways of life.

Well-known Kingdoms


The culture of World B was almost equal to that of an utopia. As every race, regardless of heritage, has always welcomed and helped one another to become better. Technology is at it's peak, resulting into airships and even steam-powered boats of dwemer-inspired design. Religion and Science/Logic had an mutual respect with one another thanks to an code that prevents them from making hostile contact with one another.

However, all races in Axios resent and alienate the Altmer due to their history and involvement in the mass slaughter of non-Altmer in the past years, especially during the Great War and the sacking of the Imperial City.

With the Trabian Republic utterly destroying the Thalmor and the Aldmeri Dominion and even all known history relating to the latter destroyed and rewritten, the Altmer in Axios quickly face the threat of extinction due to the lack of selective breeding.

Due to the power and system of the former, it can be speculated that the Trabian Republic can be considered the new 'human' equivalent of the Aldmeri Dominion.

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