Race Breton
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Titles None
Factions None
Place of Birth Unknown
Family None
Brave New World Cannon

Wynonna is a powerful witch, of unknown motive in Brave New World. She is mentioned by Covin numerous times, who was her last victim.


Little is known of Wynonna's background, other than the fact that she is a witch and was eventually arrested for an unknown crime. She ended up as Covin's cell mate and the two of them bonded over a long period of time, eventually the two of them planned to escape and even slept together in their cell, after Wynonna placed a powerful spell on him, which later turned out to be a curse.

By the time that Covin awoke, Wynonna had been taken to the gallows, where she was beheaded. She died, leaving Covin with the power to escape but his curse bound him, by his own life to his cell, making him more of a prisoner than ever.


Nothing has been established about what kind of person Wynonna was but she was believed to be evil and manipulative. She often schemed and plotted, tricking people into doing her bidding before cursing them.

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