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It is more difficult to fight against faith than knowledge.
— Xaauroth

Xaauroth, also known as Cynar to the Ayleids is a Powerful Daedra Lord formerly of Mehrunes Dagon, he is also the leader of the Order of the Tick. He poses as an advisor to the high king of Alinor.



Xaauroth was a Daedroth, created alongside the princes and many other lesser Daedra. Xaauroth would fall into the ranks of Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric lord of destruction, but he would later seek out higher power to become a Daedric prince himself and set his sights on Mundus. During the first era he would begin to gather powerful mortals beneath him, he has a particular interest in skilled conjurers and often has quite a few of them in his ranks. Although they are far from the only mortals that find themselves in his service, through promises of tremendous power and wealth he gathers pawns from among the mortals only keeping a few of his most loyal servants close. Among this inner circle, he always keeps a master conjurer, should he be killed and sent back to Oblivion, the conjurer would be able to summon him once more as an unbound Daedra.


Xaauroth is an ambitious Daedra, he is cunning and persuasive as well as extremely patient as he has been waiting for the right time to strike since the early years of the first era.


Xaauroth's true form is that of a grey-skinned humanoid with two large horns protruding upwards from his skull, he has glowing white eyes, his hair is black and spikes upwards with a prominent widow's peak.

as Cynar he chooses to appear as an Ayleid with greying skin and yellow eyes with black sclera to most his followers but he often takes on an even more convincing form when out among other Ayleids.

Cynar wears a customized Daedric armour made to more closely resemble Ebony, he also has a hood.

Powers and Abilities

Xaauroth is not only a Xivilai, but a Daedra Lord who maintains great power and hierarchy over Oblivion, he also maintains his own demi-plane of oblivion.

Xaauroth has unnatural power compared to a mortal. Armed with magic and blade he is a terrifying opponent. As a Xivilai, he primarily utilize fireballs and summon Clannfear to his aid. His origin as a Xivilai grants him a relatively strong spell absorption bonus

Xaauroth can both speak and read the ancient language Ehlnofex and thus has a basic understanding of most other languages, he is fluent in Ayleidoon and Nedic.


  • Attributes: Personality, Willpower
  • Major Skills: Master Illusion, Master Speechcraft, Expert one-handed, Expert Destruction, Adept Heavy-Armor
  • Minor Skills: Conjuration, Block, Athletics
  • Spells: Demoralize, Clairvoyance, Frenzy, Invisibility, Mayhem, Fireball, Chain Lightning, Thunderbolt, Conjure Clannfear
  • Powers: Retroactive Immortality(Racial), Spell Absorption(Racial)
  • Equipment: Customized Daedric Armour(Full Set), Daedric Sword


  • Xaauroth was planned for multiple months before he was published.
  • The name Xaauroth was created through the Fantasy Name Generator
  • The name "Order of the Tick" was made by Lazarus Grimm after Nelthro requested it.