Xefhedle's Locket
Xefhedle's Locket
Base Armor 0
Weight 0.25
Base Value 700
Additional Effects Conjures a powerful Dremora that can be bound to the wearer.
Class Jewelry, Amulet
Upgrade Material None

Xefhedle's Locket is a unique enchanted amulet.


The amulet was enchanted by Molag Bal to contain Xefhedle, a Dremora who once served him but betrayed the Daedric Prince to pledge allegiance to Mehrunes Dagon. Molag Bal stole the Dremora's amulet and placed a curse upon it, trapping the traitor's soul, so that he'd be summoned to serve anyone who comes to possess and wear the locket. However, Xefhedle's curse can spread to the wearer, corrupting him.


Xefhedle's Locket is worn by Acolyte Callonia.


  • Blood Binding: allows the wearer to summon Xefhedle via a conjuration spell added upon equipping the amulet. Unlike the common summoned creatures, Xefhedle can be used to carry one's excess items as well as be bound to a particular place, guarding it while the amulet is worn. If not guarding, Xefhedle's presence is usually limited to a minute, but duration varies every time the spell is cast.


  • The amulet's design features Mehrunes Dagon's face with an "Oht" adorning the forehead.


Songs of Cinder, Tome One

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