Race Dwarven Centurion
Gender None
Age 3000+
Status Destroyed
Titles Guardian of Markarth
Factions Nelthars
Birthplace Unknown
Family Yagrenac II(Successor)
Yagrenac is a Dwemer Centurion Master and a creation of the Nelthar Organization.


Yagrenac, being a dwemer automaton, is usually idle unless ordered to attack. When ordered to do so however, Yagrenac is quick to use every skill at his disposal.


Yagrenac is a collosal and heavily modified black Dwemer Centurion Master, created out of Dwemer Metal and plated with ebony. Like all other Dwarven Centurions, it has a hammer and a blade. On top of it's head is a crystal fixed in place with a gyro. One arm is equipped with a Dwarven ballista.

Plight of the Reachmen

Yagrenac was acquired from Liar's Retreat and taken to Markarth, where it together with the Blackguards, Vampires, a portion of the Nelthar Organization under Naerion Nelthar and a number of other Dwarven automatons. After the Nelthar Organization defeated Markarth, Yagrenac was equipped with ebony plating before receiving an excess of new weapons.


Yagrenac is easily among the most powerful memebrs of the Nelthar Organization. Yagrenac holds every ability of the old Dwemer automatons, not only the Centurion. Yagrenac has a shock shield acquired from a Morrowindic Centurion Sphere, the ability of breathing hot steam on it's enemies, and finally the same electrical shock ability that many dwemer spiders have. This is due to a crystal on top of it's head


  • Yagrenac's name is made up of various Dwemer names, such as Kagrenac and Yagrum Bagarn.
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