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Yanxiro Shirak (1E 2676-2758) was an Akaviri dragonslayer, martial artist and member of Reman's Dragonguard. He is the ancestor of the Shirak family, an Imperial noble family. He was born as the middle child of the dragonslayer Xhajin-Visha, and his wife, Yura. Alongside his older and younger brothers, Shin-Torak and Jixhen-Zir, he was trained by his father in the Tsaesci art of dragonslaying. In 1E 2703, he participated in the First Akaviri Invasion of Tamriel, where he would later settle after Tsaesci forces surrendered to Reman I. Shortly after the Akaviri surrender, he was recruited into the Dragonguard.

In 1E 2709, he married the Imperial alchemist, Aula Sallustius. Yanxiro and Aula would have two children: a son, named Kai-Sura, and a daughter, named Kira-Visi, born in 1E 2711 and 1E 2714, respectively. He is known to be a master of the Kiai, and to have posessed the daedric artifact Goldbrand.


Early life

Yanxiro was born in the Tsaesci Empire on the 5th of Sun's Dawn, 1E 2676. His father was Xhajin-Visha, a prominent dragonhunter who was known for slaying the dragon Raiyuzhen. As a child, Yanxiro was known to be inquisitive, adventurous, and headstrong, which would sometimes get him into trouble. He began training with a sword at the age of 7 and would often spar with his older brother, Shin-Torak. When he was 9, he and Shin-Torak went exploring in a local forest. This led to the brothers geting lost for several hours. While lost in the forest, Shin-Torak was beset upon by a wolf, but was quickly saved by the younger Yanxiro, who slashed one of the wolf's eyes with his sword. The two were soon rescued by their father. The duo were subsequently harshly berated by their father for their reckless actions, altough he later reacted with pride after learning that Yanxiro had saved his brother from a wolf attack, praising the boy for his courage. In 1E 2691, the 15-year-old Yanxiro assisted his father and older brother in defending the village when it was attacked by bandits.

By the time he was 17, he had gained a reputation for his martial and athletic prowess, and was considered skilled enough to accompany his father when hunting dragons. A group led by Xhajin-Visha, which included Yanxiro and Shin-Torak, amongst others, was responsible for slaying a dragon that had dwelled in the mountains to the north of his village. As he gained combat experience from defending his village from bandit raids, hunting animals, and helping his father kill dragons, he would typically assist in training his younger brother, Jixhen-Zir.

Servitude to Tsen-Yiae

Yanxiro was hired as a retainer to the powerful nobleman Tsen-Yiae in 1E 2697. A few months later, Yanxiro thwarted an attempt to assassinate Tsen-Yiae. Taking note of his combat proficiency, Tsen-Yiae promoted him and assigned the renowned sword-misstress Jira-Haruk to train him. Under Jira-Haruk, Yanxiro's martial abilities flourished, and he saw vast improvement to his skill with a sword and in hand-to-hand combat. During this period, Jira-Haruk also taught him how use the Kiai, an Akaviri ability noted to be similar to the Nordic Thu'um.[1]