Zenoroth Kanir
Race Breton
Gender Male
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Status Deceased
Titles N/A
Factions Worshippers of Hermaeus Mora
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Family Nelthro Kanir (Formerly adoptive brother)

Zenoroth Kanir was the adoptive brother of Ultima Nelthar,and one of the few who came close to killing him.


Zenoroth was a psychotic Breton man. He lacked any conscience and didn't hesitate to take a life to get his way.


Zenoroth Kanir, like his adoptive brother, was orphaned, and just like him he was from a family of devout followers of Hermaeus Mora. Zenoroth was found by Nelthro Kanir, who took him to Hermaeus due to the knowledge Nelthro once brought him. Hermaeus believed that also Zenoroth could work in his favor.

Nelthro then left Zenoroth in Hermaeus' service. He grew up in Apocrypha and learned vile abilities, his most notable one was a power where he could twist a living body in unimaginable ways.

When Zenoroth came of age Hermaeus sent him to Nirn to hunt down his adoptive brother Nelthro and his famliy, who had left Hermaeus's service and betrayed him. Zenoroth searched for many years and the found Nelthro traveling Elsweyr with a group. He caught up with the group fighting off a group of giant snakes. Zenoroth twisted the snakes as he approached, intestines being flung all over the place. Nelthro immediately sensed the danger and signaled for the others to run.

A fight between Nelthro and Zenoroth erupted across southern Tamriel. Fortunately for Nelthro, he moved faster than Zenoroth could use his abilities, and just as they entered Hammerfell, Nelthro was able to lose Zenoroth for what he believes was forever.


Zenoroth possesses a unique power, as long as someone remains within his range of vision he has the ability to kill them, usually by twisting their bodies in unimaginable ways, and squeezing them until they quite literaly explode in a pool of blood and gore. It is currently unknown how he achieved this power. But there are various theories within the ranks of the Nelthar Organization.

Nait has dscribed it as an advanced form of alteration with certain elements of restoration and destruction mixed in.

Nelthro describes it as a highly rare form of Alteration and Destruction, often leading the power to be called simply "Destruction"

Naritin believes that this power is similiar to his own death magic. But with a twist, namely the explosion of the bodies.


  • In Nelthar canon, Zenoroth managed to kill Nelthro. However he returned to life later on.
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